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Thu May 15, 2014, 12:17 PM May 2014

The Harvard Study on Neonicotinoids and CCD

This study was already picked apart by another DU poster, but this is another fair piece. The study made little sense in context of past studies showing many factors are in play, but that doesn't stop many people from buying into it and pushing the usual hyperbole forward. Ugh.


"A recent press release by the prestigious Harvard School of Public Health claims that one of their researchers has found that Colony Collapse Disorder was caused by a common insecticide used on corn. As an informed beekeeper and environmentalist, I feel that this study calls for standard scientific scrutiny to see whether their claims actually have merit.

At first glance, the study indeed appears to support the hypothesis that chronic exposure to field realistic doses of imidacloprid during summer and fall can lead to late winter collapse of the treated colonies. But the devil is in the details…

The study got off to a good start—several colonies were fed different “field realistic” doses of imidacloprid in syrup, and colony populations and brood area were measured. Had the authors stuck to this original design (which has already been performed numerous times in several countries) the results would have been meaningful. Indeed,after a month of feeding such syrup, the investigators did not observe any adverse effects upon the colonies due to the insecticide!

But then, since the lead investigator seemed to be eager to “prove” that CCD is caused by imidacloprid, he dreamed up the fantastic scenario that in the winter of 2006/2007 that for some inexplicable reason the nation’s supply of HFCS was contaminated with high levels of imidacloprid. My reading of the paper suggests that the author knows little about bees, little about pesticides, nothing about HFCS, had no understanding of the distribution of systemic pesticides in plants. This paper is an example of authors so bent on “proving” that imidacloprid is the cause of CCD, that they strain credulity with some of their assumptions and reasoning, and even by changing the experimental protocol midstream!


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I know you SoLeftIAmRight Jul 2014 #5
It's possible, but knowing the toxicity of many organic herbicides, etc... it might not be. HuckleB Jul 2014 #6
What world are you talking about SoLeftIAmRight Jul 2014 #7
Ah, so now you're just going down the usual politics over science road. HuckleB Jul 2014 #8
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2. We should look at all possible causes.
Wed Jul 23, 2014, 08:25 PM
Jul 2014

Right now mites appear to be the one factor that exists in all areas where colony collapse has occurred.



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5. I know you
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 03:29 PM
Jul 2014

You said check everything. Just asking.

I think you have an agenda.

I ask again - - more to the point - do you think bees would be better off living within integrated organic agriculture systems?


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6. It's possible, but knowing the toxicity of many organic herbicides, etc... it might not be.
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 03:31 PM
Jul 2014

Now, you seem to want to discuss this in a way that does not actually address the real world. If you don't actually want to discuss it, why are you wasting my time?




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7. What world are you talking about
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 03:37 PM
Jul 2014

Much of the world outside of the US seem to balance these issues in ways that are less directed toward your bend.

You push ideas that do not seem to be long term solutions.


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8. Ah, so now you're just going down the usual politics over science road.
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 03:39 PM
Jul 2014

That really doesn't add anything to any discussion.


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10. Interesting.
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 03:47 PM
Jul 2014

You've done nothing but offer up preconceived in a manner that is less than honest, and then attack me with that routine?

I'm not the one with an agenda here.



(4,883 posts)
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:00 PM
Jul 2014

you refuse to see anything but your agenda

show you are smart enough to see more than one side and then we might be able to have a real discussion.


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12. Start your own thread.
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:50 PM
Jul 2014

That has nothing to do with the OP. Your agenda has been acknowledged. Thank you.

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