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Fri Dec 4, 2020, 01:36 PM Dec 2020

Litmus Tests Online

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- big snip -

On Aug. 22, a young Jewish group member saw a sign hanging over the heavily trafficked 405 freeway in LA that read, “The Jews want a Race War.” It upset her, and she asked in a GNO (Girls night out FB group) post what others thought about it. A member suggested some Jewish representation was also needed in the group, after noticing some “fishy anti-Semitic stuff.” At first, the comments responding to this suggestion were positive.

Then, on Aug. 29, a member posted: “I feel that the Jewish admin who is appointed must also acknowledge the occupation of Palestine.”

And all hell broke loose.

Within hours, every Jewish member who had tried to explain why a litmus test for a “good Jew” was anti-Semitic was thrown out. Every Jewish member who asked why an American Jew should have an opinion on a foreign matter (however incoherently phrased) was expelled. Anyone who made a comment supporting Israel, explaining the history of Israel, or who “liked” such a comment, disappeared. Said one Jewish member who was not expelled, “It was all over so fast that if I hadn’t personally known one of the girls who was thrown out, I wouldn’t have known anything had happened. And the 29,990 other people have no idea those women have been kicked out.”

One of the members who was severed from the group, a Korean American Jewish woman named Skylar Cutler, was so incensed that she contacted Tablet with her story. “The swiftness with which the Jewish women were kicked out without any explanation,” she wrote, “was shocking and a moment of realization that anti-Semitism is now mainstream. Even though the Jewish women who spoke out were ethnic Korean (not white), Mizrahi (not white), Sephardi (not white), and Ashkenazi (not white), we were collectively dismissed and branded as ‘white racist bad Jews’ who were in support of oppressing the ‘brown and Black’ Palestinians.”


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