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Sun Feb 25, 2024, 12:23 PM Feb 25

Which Black Woman Could Replace VP Harris (AfAm Group)

I'm not sure if it is Russians posing as the Concerned Citizens Brigade - or Political Ignorance -

But I keep reading in the comments at WaPo that Biden needs to dump VP Harris as a running mate.

She adds nothing to the ticket.
People don't like her.
She was never qualified.
She's done nothing since she's been in office.

Okay - let's say all of that is true . . .

Which Black Woman would you want Biden to replace her with?

For me? The only one I could accept is Susan Rice. #KHive4Ever

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Which Black Woman Could Replace VP Harris (AfAm Group) (Original Post) JustAnotherGen Feb 25 OP
None of that is true, so why post the question? Freethinker65 Feb 25 #1
Why not ask the question? JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #3
Here's where DUers Explore JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #5
Because the concern trolls in the press keep amplifying the manufactured concerns. lapucelle Feb 25 #6
And she is just a handmaid to Trump JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #7
Exactly. Why is this here breaking forum rules about bashing Dem public figures? brush Feb 25 #8
Where did i bash VP Harris? JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #9
Why even re-post something that suggests replacing VP Harris? brush Feb 25 #10
Is that rhetorical? JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #11
Not at all. Why give such crap air time? brush Feb 25 #12
Air time? JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #13
Apparently, there's a belief that if we all just ignore it and don't acknowledge or respond to these things * Oopsie Daisy Feb 26 #16
I question the Democratic Party credentials JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #17
You are entirely justified in so doing! Oopsie Daisy Feb 26 #19
If you don't get re-posting someone else's musings about replacing VP Harris... brush Feb 26 #20
I did not solicit help from you JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #21
LOL! Oopsie Daisy Feb 26 #15
Her clone. tazkcmo Feb 25 #2
Amen JustAnotherGen Feb 25 #4
Thank you very much for this post and for giving reasonable people * Oopsie Daisy Feb 26 #14
Nail - meet the hammer! JustAnotherGen Feb 26 #18
here is one DonCoquixote Feb 26 #22
Hmm - i love her JustAnotherGen Feb 27 #23


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3. Why not ask the question?
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 12:35 PM
Feb 25

Perhaps it will give DUers written and verbal ammo to shut this bullshit down?

BTW - I agree with you.

But we had bad actors in 2016, 2020 and I suspect 2024.

One thing you can do to enrage these bad actors? Put down the enemy. Example:

I see that ugly little man Putin has his ugly little country men and woman posting from his sh**hole country again.

The two asterisks gets you past the auto moderator at WaPo.


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6. Because the concern trolls in the press keep amplifying the manufactured concerns.
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 12:49 PM
Feb 25

They are actively creating a clickbait narrative about VP Harris, establishing concern that she might be called upon to step in for Joe Biden, and preemptively damaging her 2028 prospects.

It's all good for business.

They did it in 2000 with Al Gore and in 2016 with Hillary Clinton, and those "concern"-driven narratives helped to give us the Supreme Court that we are currently suffering under.

Hillary Clinton Gets Gored

By Paul Krugman
Sept. 5, 2016

Americans of a certain age who follow politics and policy closely still have vivid memories of the 2000 election — bad memories, and not just because the man who lost the popular vote somehow ended up in office. For the campaign leading up to that end game was nightmarish too.

You see, one candidate, George W. Bush, was dishonest in a way that was unprecedented in U.S. politics. Most notably, he proposed big tax cuts for the rich while insisting, in raw denial of arithmetic, that they were targeted for the middle class. These campaign lies presaged what would happen during his administration — an administration that, let us not forget, took America to war on false pretenses.

Yet throughout the campaign most media coverage gave the impression that Mr. Bush was a bluff, straightforward guy, while portraying Al Gore — whose policy proposals added up, and whose critiques of the Bush plan were completely accurate — as slippery and dishonest. Mr. Gore’s mendacity was supposedly demonstrated by trivial anecdotes, none significant, some of them simply false. No, he never claimed to have invented the internet. But the image stuck.

And right now I and many others have the sick, sinking feeling that it’s happening again.



And now Nikki Haley is stoking the talking point by linking it to Biden's age.

Haley on 2024 election: 'It will either be me or it will be Kamala Harris'



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8. Exactly. Why is this here breaking forum rules about bashing Dem public figures?
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 02:18 PM
Feb 25

Now we're bashing the VP as well as the president. Am I on DU or winger site?


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9. Where did i bash VP Harris?
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 06:21 PM
Feb 25

ETA - Same link I posted in post #5

I'm #KHive4Ever

I'm sharing in the AfAm group what is in my opinion - a smack in the face to the party base.

Of which I'm one.

I even posted a link to another thread where other people are experiencing the same thing.

So tell me - how is someone who thinks its politically ignorant to drop my Soror bashing the VP?

Can you provide me an exact quote anywhere on DU where I've not been supportive of our extremely qualified and deserving of our respect VP Harris?

Oopsie Daisy

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16. Apparently, there's a belief that if we all just ignore it and don't acknowledge or respond to these things *
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 10:23 AM
Feb 26

* then it will just fade away and will be forgotten. --- Pretending not to notice is the typical response when there's a "silent-but-deadly" fart in crowded elevator ride to the top floors. The ride will be over soon enough and after reaching our destination, everyone can just get on with their day.

But, in this type of situation, looking the other way, turning the other cheek (or holding one's nose) it definitely NOT the appropriate response. It's short-sighted and cowardly. It's giving those who attack the upper hand. It's allowing their racist and sexist tropes to go unchallenged and unanswered. Silence = weakness.


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17. I question the Democratic Party credentials
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 10:42 AM
Feb 26

Of anyone in the comments section - who insists she is a weight on Biden's neck.

These are the same people who will blame black folks if Biden doesn't win - and ignore the culpability of white male supremacist adjacent white women who give Trump a vote in swing states.

Oopsie Daisy

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19. You are entirely justified in so doing!
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 11:03 AM
Feb 26

I believe that there are many who parade around drawing attention to themselves (for financial or political reasons) and who have zero sincere interest in actively helping the Democratic party or our candidates. Instead, these folks are actively working against Democrats or are passively ignoring the threats (and/or scolding/harassing those who do speak out and take action to address these threats.)

For many of those in question, it seems that their personal fortunes rest on Democrats performing badly, and Republicans being in charge. There are a few obvious ones that need not be named, but others include Breanna (what's-her-name), Cenk Unger, Michael Moore, Nina Turner, Jill Stein, and anyone with financial ties to the "Our Revolution" political action group. Whether through neglect or by actively working against Democrats and actively working to undermine the Biden agenda, it's clear that these folks are in-it for themselves and they only "thrive" (book deals, speaker fees, fundraising, TV shows, youtube channels, cable-news contracts, etc) when Democrats fail, or when the GOP succeeds.


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20. If you don't get re-posting someone else's musings about replacing VP Harris...
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 06:38 PM
Feb 26

is crap, I can't help you.

Oopsie Daisy

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14. Thank you very much for this post and for giving reasonable people *
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 10:03 AM
Feb 26

* the opportunity to engage in a thoughtful and respectful dialogue on this subject.

I think it's very clear highlighting these attitudes was not to perpetuate or spread them. Indeed, most people with a modicum of intelligence can clearly see that your post encourages awareness, and serves to foster meaningful conversations that can help counteract them. By drawing attention to these racist/sexist "talking points," I believe that you actually help to empower those who admire Vice President Harris with the knowledge and tools to effectively respond to these attacks.

While some argue for ignoring such attacks and sticking their heads in the sand... and pretending that it will "go away" if we just ignore it. That's a foolish belief that is also dangerous, and one that has global consequences. Personally, I share your belief that shining a light on them can be a powerful way to challenge and dismantle harmful stereotypes. By openly discussing and dissecting the subtle jabs and backhanded insults (as well as the blatant sexism and racism) we can collectively expose their ignorance and work towards building a more inclusive and respectful society.

People who question your motivations should strive to remember that our goal here is not (or ought not be) to silence differing viewpoints from loyal Democrats who raise their voices in defense of our party's leaders.


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18. Nail - meet the hammer!
Mon Feb 26, 2024, 10:52 AM
Feb 26

I've had 'good' Democratic Party members make these types of statements to me - as well as the Ageism Biden is experiencing.

You never give up the Incumbent Advantage.

Caveat - here in NJ we've had to dump Menendez.

That said - Neither Harris nor Biden is a crook. I'm still old enough to remember the Jezebel Stereotype/Smears against VP Harris in 2020.


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23. Hmm - i love her
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 07:52 AM
Feb 27

My cousin Gina insists I met her when I visited Spelman. There's a picture. I still don't remember it.

That said and Georgia government voter suppression tactics aside . . . she hasn't won a statewide election.

She also doesn't have the International Profile and training that VP Harris has. Harris is being mentored by the best of the best - the guy who never gives up.

I have tremendous respect for President Biden - and if she fits for him - she fits for me.

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