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This new right wing gun confiscation meme going around… (Original Post) PeteSelman Nov 2013 OP
If the Blaze is the only source, then it's bullshitl. arcane1 Nov 2013 #1
I figured that. PeteSelman Nov 2013 #9
this is what I found. littlewolf Nov 2013 #2
Yeah, that's all I see. PeteSelman Nov 2013 #8
I wish we were confiscating guns...it's time. bowens43 Nov 2013 #3
Just got a nice new brown shirt you want to try out? hack89 Nov 2013 #4
no one ever talks about Duckhunter935 Nov 2013 #6
I hate gun violence. I hate the fact that the person next to me upaloopa Nov 2013 #5
Since you are so enthusiastic, we'll let you go through the door first Lurks Often Nov 2013 #7
"We?" Lizzie Poppet Nov 2013 #10
"we"? What guns will YOU be confiscating? friendly_iconoclast Nov 2013 #12
Which one of your Constitutional Rights are YOU willing to give up in trade for wanting to take away Ghost in the Machine Nov 2013 #13
So I guess you're going to be on one of the teams Ranchemp. Nov 2013 #14
All instances of gun violence have another thing in common. Common Sense Party Nov 2013 #15
The Blaze got it from gejohnston Nov 2013 #11
post script gejohnston Nov 2013 #16


(1,508 posts)
9. I figured that.
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 11:44 PM
Nov 2013

But on the off chance there were more I figured this would be the place to find out.


(1,508 posts)
8. Yeah, that's all I see.
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 11:43 PM
Nov 2013

The fact that they use "reportedly" in the headline is telling as well. It hasn't stopped the idiots from posting though.

Thanks for trying.



(16,064 posts)
3. I wish we were confiscating guns...it's time.
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 10:27 PM
Nov 2013

All instances of gun violence have one thing in common.... a gun.

Ban the sale and manufacture of ALL ammunition and then begin confiscating.....


(39,171 posts)
4. Just got a nice new brown shirt you want to try out?
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 10:59 PM
Nov 2013

Or are you counting on the cops to kick in doors for you?


(11,417 posts)
5. I hate gun violence. I hate the fact that the person next to me
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 11:01 PM
Nov 2013

has a loaded gun in his pants.
I hate the idea that people go to places where other people are trying to do something about gun violence, carrying an
As much as I hate those things I hate the idea that confiscating guns is a reasonable thing to do.
If we are going to reduce gun violence we need the help and support of gun owners.
Talking about confiscation further divides us and is not constructive.


Lurks Often

(5,455 posts)
7. Since you are so enthusiastic, we'll let you go through the door first
Thu Nov 28, 2013, 11:34 PM
Nov 2013

when it comes time for confiscation.



(15,333 posts)
12. "we"? What guns will YOU be confiscating?
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 01:24 AM
Nov 2013

I'm pretty certain your "we" is the same "we" used by the likes of William Loeb, John Wayne,
Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney...

Ghost in the Machine

(14,912 posts)
13. Which one of your Constitutional Rights are YOU willing to give up in trade for wanting to take away
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 06:21 AM
Nov 2013

one of the rights of millions of other Americans??




(1,991 posts)
14. So I guess you're going to be on one of the teams
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 12:27 PM
Nov 2013

that are doing the confiscation, right?
Or are you one of those chickenhawks that let others do the heavy lifting?

Common Sense Party

(14,139 posts)
15. All instances of gun violence have another thing in common.
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 06:40 PM
Nov 2013


Take away the gun, you don't take away the violence.

And many, many people have been killed without guns.


(17,502 posts)
11. The Blaze got it from
Fri Nov 29, 2013, 12:53 AM
Nov 2013

a gun blog called The Truth About Guns.

RZ says:
November 27, 2013 at 23:05

I am the original poster of this letter, which was lifted off of a FaceBook group I posted this on without my knowledge nor expressed permission, as it was received by my friend who chooses to have his name, address, and firearms serial numbers private for his own piece of mind and protection. Trust me when I say that it’s a real letter from the NYPD Pistol/Rifle Licensing Unit in Kew Gardens, Queens accompanied by another letter with the official NYPD seal which I did not include because it’s a typical canned letter stating NYC’s penal codes on firearms ownership.

It appears real, I'm still trying to find the Facebook post.
Why did the right wing media run with it? Simple, it serves their partisan interest. Just look at the rifles on the list. those are not "assault weapons" or "military grade" and most likely have never been used in any crime. They certainly are not the weapons of choice of drug dealers and gangsters. During the summer, the prohibiton lobby tried the divide and conquer tactic. Divide the traditional sportsman aka "Fudds" against everyone else with "we only want those evil black rifles." Some hunters/skeet shooters might buy in like Jim Zumbo or Ed Shultz. Problem is, this is the guns they own. This will not only fire up the base, It will take a lot of independents with them.

Is it real? The address is real. The first red flag is the first sentence "it appears" most official docs I got said "our records indicate" but then, I have never dealt with NYC. The city ordnance cited reads:
b. No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is
designed for use in a rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding
more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun ammunition, unless such person
is exempt from subdivision a of section 10-303.1 pursuant to section
10-305, provided that a dealer in rifles and shotguns may possess such
ammunition feeding devices for the purpose of disposition authorized
pursuant to subdivision a of this section.


So either the letter was sent by an idiot or asshole at NYPD who can't read the ordinance or it's bullshit. OR, no one makes five round magazines for these, that seems to be the case with the AR-7, but I doubt anyone in that department has any level of expertize to know what magazines are available. I doubt that to be the case, since there is a fairly big market for five round rifle magazines in Canada. CZ makes an AK looking rifle specifically for the Canadian commercial market and not sold in the US.
Is it real? I put it at "maybe". Is the Blaze shady? Yeah, but I think all partisan rags are shady.


(17,502 posts)
16. post script
Sat Nov 30, 2013, 04:25 PM
Nov 2013

another one surfaced. This one seems more legit. I noticed the law does not specify detachable box magazines. Sorry I missed that. With that correction in mind, the rifles listed on the latest letter would indeed be banned.

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