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Wed Nov 17, 2021, 09:10 PM Nov 2021

UPDATE: Tofu is now officially Khufu! Today he got to meet two of our three other cats

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It went very well. I locked Lucas, the largest and most aggressive of the cats, in the living room, leaving the rest of the house open for Khufu to explore safely. Sabra, the very overweight black cat, was the first to see him. She came into the room with her tail all puffed up but she settled quickly. Khufu was like, "Great! Another cat!" But he's smart enough to stay back and let the other cat approach him. When Sabra got close enough (about 12-18" away) to almost sniff his nose, she hissed, and Khufu dashed back into the bedroom, which is his safe space.

He came out quickly and pretty much ignored Sabra as he explored the dining room (dining room and kitchen are really one great room, but the kitchen does not have interesting cat furniture and toys like the dining room does). Sabra kind of followed him around for about an hour. Then I put Khufu back into the bedroom for a while, and she traced his paths around the room by his smell. After the first few minutes both cats had been pretty relaxes, so I considered that good.

Later I trapped Lucas out on the screened porch and let Khufu come back out. Again Sabra was in the room and sort of interested in Khufu but he was completely ignoring her since he was bolder about investigating all the neat stuff in the dining room. Then Sabra was about to actually touch noses, but the thing I use to block the cat door was knocked down by Lucas and bother the other cats scattered - Khufu back to the bedroom, Sabra to the living room. So I lured Lucas into the living room with Sabra.

Khufu came back out quickly and while he was exploring, Maya, the little gray cat, came out to see what was going on. She's been very jealous of the time I've spent in the bedroom with Khufu and heard me talking to him. It took her ten minutes to sneak from the library to the dining room, and then she never got very close to Khufu. Khufu was unfazed - he went about his exploring and even entered Maya's sanctum, the library, where she hangs out with me much of the time. I let them have a while in there undisturbed then I went in, both cats went out, and I let them explore alone for a good hour. I heard not noises, so I guess there were no confrontations

Maya came back into the library, very relaxed, and flopped down on the desk where she usually sits. I went to check on Khufu and he was back in the bedroom, very relaxed, asleep on the bed. So I closed him back in and let the two big cats loose.

For a first introduction, I consider this a very big success! No fights, no chases, only a few hisses. Tomorrow I may let Khufu loose with Lucas also loose and see how that goes. Lucas is very interested, but he tends to be aggressive. Since he is the largest at maybe 14 pounds, he could do come damage to little 5 pound Khufu. But we can't put if off forever.

Today's UPDATE in Post #6!

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UPDATE: Tofu is now officially Khufu! Today he got to meet two of our three other cats (Original Post) csziggy Nov 2021 OP
You are off to a great start with them. brer cat Nov 2021 #1
I was very encouraged - especially that Khufu is not at all aggressive csziggy Nov 2021 #4
Khufu it is. Seems like you have your hands full. Polly Hennessey Nov 2021 #2
I love that name Khufu wendyb-NC Nov 2021 #3
His foster mom had called him Tofu csziggy Nov 2021 #5
Khufu has now met all the other cats - with NO fireworks! csziggy Nov 2021 #6

brer cat

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1. You are off to a great start with them.
Wed Nov 17, 2021, 09:15 PM
Nov 2021

I hope it keeps going well when you introduce Khufu to Lucas.


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4. I was very encouraged - especially that Khufu is not at all aggressive
Thu Nov 18, 2021, 01:06 AM
Nov 2021

When the two lady cats were the least bit offended by his presence, he backed off and got out of the way. While Lucas may try to be aggressive, I think Khufu will be fast enough to evade him and considering the size difference, Khufu can hide in places where Lucas can't reach him.

In fact, Maya was very offended today that Khufu had found the places she hides from Lucas.

I'll update tomorrow after Lucas and Khufu meet. I want to get the first intros over with since I will be in surgery on Friday and not able to deal with a lot of conflict for a while afterwards. My next big problem will be keeping Khufu from jumping on me near my incision.


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5. His foster mom had called him Tofu
Thu Nov 18, 2021, 01:09 AM
Nov 2021

But my last lynx point was named Tashi and every time I tried to say a "T" name, it came out Tashi. Khufu sound close enough to Tofu the new kitty has taken to it just fine and I don't have to confuse myself with two "T" names.

And he is a really neat little bitty cat. Very loving and playful - but very skittish with noises and people. He's adjusted to me and my husband but when others are around he hides, just like our other cats, so he fits right in.


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6. Khufu has now met all the other cats - with NO fireworks!
Thu Nov 18, 2021, 09:54 PM
Nov 2021

This is great!. We'll probably leave him in the bedroom tonight, maybe tomorrow since I have to leave at 8 AM for my surgery and have no idea what time my husband will be back. The plan is for me to get out of the hospital Saturday and I will probably leave the bedroom doors open so I can yell for my husband if I need help.

Today, Lucas followed Khufu around but seemed really leary of him. Khufu does not have any desire to confront any of the other cats though he is really curious about them. The two lady cats are wary but fairly tolerant if he gets close.

I'm very pleased with how the cats are handling this. There may be conflicts in the future but so far they are doing great for first introductions.

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