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Here is a picture of my new kitty, Tofu (Original Post) csziggy Nov 2021 OP
Pretty kitties. applegrove Nov 2021 #1
Beautiful cats - both of them! Ocelot II Nov 2021 #2
Gorgeous baby. I also have a lynx point. tblue37 Nov 2021 #3
I really love the lynx points - they are so unique csziggy Nov 2021 #30
They are both beautiful cats. CentralMass Nov 2021 #4
They are both gorgeous SheltieLover Nov 2021 #5
Beautiful kitties. brer cat Nov 2021 #6
Love the markings KT2000 Nov 2021 #7
Wow - show stopper! And I love the powerful paws. n/t Peregrine Took Nov 2021 #8
What beauties! hermetic Nov 2021 #9
Beautiful cats. Diamond_Dog Nov 2021 #10
The top photo was taken with my phone camera csziggy Nov 2021 #31
Looks just like my Pawl Newman. blm Nov 2021 #11
BEAUTIFUL! CousinIT Nov 2021 #12
Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2021 #13
I vote for Khufu. Fits his appearance wnylib Nov 2021 #14
That's what I thought and my confusion between Tofu and Tashi is disturbing csziggy Nov 2021 #32
Anything that is a constant reminder of wnylib Nov 2021 #34
What a gorgeous kitty! femmedem Nov 2021 #15
WooHoo! UpInArms Nov 2021 #19
Thanks! I didn't even notice! femmedem Nov 2021 #29
Both Tashi and Tofu/Khufu were rescues csziggy Nov 2021 #33
Pretty Demovictory9 Nov 2021 #16
Awwwww 💕💕💕💕💕💕 UpInArms Nov 2021 #17
Tofu's markings are beautiful. Polly Hennessey Nov 2021 #18
wow and the striped tail is a show stopper housecat Nov 2021 #20
Tofu looks like my Silver, smartest cat ever! Duppers Nov 2021 #21
Lovely cats. Shrike47 Nov 2021 #22
Gorgeous! Nt spooky3 Nov 2021 #23
Tofu must be part Siamese 🥰 ailsagirl Nov 2021 #24
Lynx points are such beautiful cats. 3catwoman3 Nov 2021 #25
They're both beautiful MustLoveBeagles Nov 2021 #26
Very pretty kitty wendyb-NC Nov 2021 #27
He is a real beauty! Danmel Nov 2021 #28
I love those paws! Phentex Nov 2021 #35


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30. I really love the lynx points - they are so unique
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 10:23 PM
Nov 2021

And while they tend to have the Siamese personality, the mix of ordinary cat added in seems to make them much less temperamental.

Have you posted pictures of your lynx point?


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10. Beautiful cats.
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 07:34 PM
Nov 2021

The top photo looks like a painting. 🙂

My best friend had a cat named Tofu. He was a big fat Garfield cat, tho.


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31. The top photo was taken with my phone camera
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 10:24 PM
Nov 2021

So it is not anywhere near as crisp of the one of Tashi. But it is still pretty cool looking.


(22,230 posts)
14. I vote for Khufu. Fits his appearance
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 07:57 PM
Nov 2021

very well. The markings on his face look to me like an Egyptian scarab.


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32. That's what I thought and my confusion between Tofu and Tashi is disturbing
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 10:29 PM
Nov 2021

Tashi was the first cat I got as a kitten for many years and he was very bonded to me. While we were in the UK he disappeared (he had his own cat door) and the lady cat sitting was just destroyed that he had gone. A few months after we got back I found his skeleton - he looked as though he had just curled up under a tree to take a nap and passed - no signs that a predator had gotten him. He was seventeen and a half and had been showing his age.

So now with the new kitty being called Tofu and me mixing it up and using Tashi sometimes, it tears me up. He's responding to Khufu already since the sounds are so similar, so I think it will be a good name change.


(22,230 posts)
34. Anything that is a constant reminder of
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 10:43 PM
Nov 2021

a previous cat is best avoided.

I was devastated when my previous cat died. He was an orange tabby named Leo. When I got my current cat, Ember, as a 9 week old kitten, the coworker who had the mother also had Ember's older half brother that she offered to me, but he was an orange tabby. Longer hair and not as attractive as Leo had been. I just could not see myself with a reminder of Leo around. Not fair to the new cat, either, because I would have made constant comparisons.

So I took the feisty little kitten instead, whose coloring is tortoiseshell tabby. Ember is 6 years old now, completely different in appearance and personality from Leo. I can appreciate her for who she is.


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15. What a gorgeous kitty!
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 08:04 PM
Nov 2021

One of my cats is a Siamese who showed up as a stray. He was an unneutered hellion, wouldn't leave my yard for two weeks and picked fights with every other cat that came by. But I'd always wanted a Siamese, so when I asked all around but couldn't find his owner I accepted my good fortune. Once he was neutered, he became the love bug I expected--a shoulder kitty, a lap kitty, a snuggle under the covers kitty. And he gets along with the other cats, too. I frequently see him grooming the others.

I hope Tofu/Khufu brings you as much joy as Miko brings me and that you share many happy and healthy years together.


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33. Both Tashi and Tofu/Khufu were rescues
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 10:35 PM
Nov 2021

Tashi was from a litter found under a trailer in a neighboring county. Since they didn't have a good adoption program, they would bring cats and dogs up here if the local animal shelter didn't have too many. I'd been looking for a cat but had not found one that clicked with me and told them if they got a Siamese type to call me. They called me the next week and held Tashi for me. It turned out according to the vet that he was only four weeks old and weighed less than a pound.

Tofu was an owner surrender to the Humane Society but too shy to put in their cat cafe or public area for adoption. He was fostered for the last month. I think if the foster mom had not already had four failed fosters (she couldn't give them up) she might have kept him. She brought him to us, I think so she could make sure we were the 'right' home for him. He's a lover and cuddles with us. Last night he spent most of the night in bed with us for the first time. He already brings me a lot of joy.

We have three other adopted cats and he has yet to meet them face to face. That's our next challenge!


(51,313 posts)
17. Awwwww 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 08:12 PM
Nov 2021

Beautiful babies …. Am so glad they are and have decorated your world


(28,151 posts)
21. Tofu looks like my Silver, smartest cat ever!
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 08:38 PM
Nov 2021

He loved car rides, even with strangers, unfortunately. A phone truck guy brought him home one day before I had even missed him.

He was my 2nd Siamese; my 1st was a beautiful Seal Point female who lived to almost 15. She was my Velcro buddy, slept with me every night, under the covers in cold weather.

Anyway, lucky you, csziggy. Congrats on your new beautiful boy. 😺
Hope you have many, many happy, purring yrs together.


(3,410 posts)
27. Very pretty kitty
Sun Nov 14, 2021, 09:55 PM
Nov 2021

I love those subtle stripes, on his front legs. The markings on his face are striking. Thanks, for sharing those pics, they are very fine.

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