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Mon Jun 1, 2020, 02:26 PM Jun 2020

I hope it's OK to post this here:

Cave Creek, AZ is a horse town and the residents here are being tested. The news of our 2,000+ acre fire two weeks ago didn’t make it beyond the local the news, but 40 horses were evacuate and 60 families. The mandatory evac order lasted 3 days. It is reported (unconfirmed by me) that the fire started because of a spark from a weed whacker. No horses, other pets, lives or structures were lost. Due to circumstances with my animals I did not evacuate.

Around noon on Saturday, May 30th another fire broke out because someone was welding pipe (this is what the cop told me when he came to the house to see if I was going to evacuate for this fire). Saturday was an extreme weather alert day and high wind advisory ---perfect day to weld!!!!

This fire is far more dangerous than the one two weeks ago. My phone battery was dead cuz the power was off from Saturday about 1 pm till 10:30 Sun night. Power poles burned and live wires were on the ground till APS could arrive. Two horses were electrocuted by the live wires before they could be rescued. But the sheriff’s department and a group of horse owners are doing a great job --- that is not a snark comment. I live at the end of town (where the fire was heading) and several trucks and horse trailers stopped to ask if I wanted the horses evacuated. One horse was evacuated, the others stayed here on property with me. Their arthritic issues prevent them from stepping up into a trailer. So I brought out the hoses and was prepared to keep them safe in the arena.

Sat. night I sat on my back porch watching one of the houses on the next street over burn down. I have heard that 14 houses have burned (unconfirmed, it may be more.) In the afternoon, when I saw a plume of black smoke billowing up the road towards my home and animals the shit got real. Then suddenly, like on a conveyor belt, for ten minutes the slurry planes and helicopters carrying water buckets turned and flew incredibly low over my barn to drop their loads on the plume of black smoke heading my way. If they had not gotten this portion under control there was no hope of controlling any part of the fire. Kudos again to the fire crews.
The fire and smoke was pretty much out by Sun night so I was surprised when I saw a huge plume of fresh black smoke in the direction of the town when I took my one dog for a walk this AM (Monday). My phone’s battery had recharged and calls from friends started coming in on my walk – the feed store in town was on fire – arson. This feed store is a building that’s older than the town so it was of historical importance. It is unconfirmed but the news I am hearing is that the dark web was telling people to come to Cave Creek to loot and arson and I heard about an hour ago that they caught two people who started the fire and that they’re connected to Antifa (not confirmed by me.)

Cave Creek residents have a FB page. I think it’s Cave Creek Infamous Blog in case you want to follow. I don’t go on FB.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude to be given the fire and air emergency crews and APS for their work.
Just wanting to let you know what’s going on. I’m off to fix some spaghetti cuz you can eat it hot or cold. I expect there will be more power shortages before this is over and our future holds more extreme heat days. I have set the AC for 74 degrees cuz I want the house to be cooled down in the event of another power shortage. The house has been over 85 degrees without the AC power to cool it. The evac order started Saturday and I hear will remain in effect for another 72 hours from today. People’s businesses are destroyed. One business owner could not pay the insurance due to the lack of business due to COVID and his inventory burned to the ground.

The priority in Cave Creek is our horses and other animals. Cave Creek may be a politically red town but we don’t hunker to anyone or anything threatening our animals.

Send good vibes and keep us in your thoughts.

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2. I'm so sorry you've had to experience these terrible things
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 02:33 PM
Jun 2020

I hope the worst is behind you and only good things will be forthcoming. Good vibes and thoughts from the rain-soaked southern Appalachians - I wish we could share some of our moisture with you.


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7. I've often thought a water pipeline instead of an oil pipeline would be more
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 03:11 PM
Jun 2020

beneficial, taking from rainy states to the desert.


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3. Glad you are all OK
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 02:49 PM
Jun 2020

Sitting with the fam this weekend watching the craziness on TV and having the EAS come on every hour warning people to evacuate Cave Creek. Sort of felt like the end of the world...


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4. oh my
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 02:52 PM
Jun 2020

that is kind of a long way to go from central population areas to cause that kind of trouble, WTF? I know some folks out there, good luck. cleared arenas are probably safe-ish, any way to spray down as well?


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5. I live in Northern California
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 03:00 PM
Jun 2020

and I've been evacuated for fires twice since 2015. Scary feeling not knowing if your house is still there. If you ever want to know what is important to you try leaving your house with five minutes notice grabbing what you can. We made it okay, and I hope things go well for you also. We have lots of horses around here and volunteers did a superb job of evacuating them and caring for them.


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9. I have a nice house but was willing to let it burn to the ground as long as my animals
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 03:16 PM
Jun 2020

are safe. One of the things I did by staying here was walk around and then calling owners to tell them the status of their house. They were much appreciative but I know they'd do it for me if the shoe was on the other foot. The fire department saw me walking around and told me I had to stay on my own property as a condition of no evacuating. When he told me this I thought "tell it to a 68-year old who cares!"


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10. My dogs were the first thing to go in my car.
Mon Jun 1, 2020, 03:24 PM
Jun 2020

I grabbed dog food and left jewelry behind during that five minutes I had to grab what I could, which was not smart because a few miles away I could have gone to the store and bought dog food. But like I said, you find out what is important to you.


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11. Not Antifa but pretending to be.
Tue Jun 2, 2020, 01:18 AM
Jun 2020

That's been the pattern across the country.

Sending vibes for you, the town, & the horses, of course.

Response to in2herbs (Original post)


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13. Sorry, I don't understand the point of your post. Cave Creek is home to PBR semi-finals,
Wed Jun 17, 2020, 10:02 AM
Jun 2020

Last edited Wed Jun 17, 2020, 10:41 AM - Edit history (1)

we have two separate horse town/parade activities each year, we have designated horse trails in and around the town in addition to over 2,500 acres of additional designated horse trails within town boundaries, the restaurant/ bars have stalls or hitching rails to tie your horse to (which are always in use) so that you can ride your horse to the restaurant instead of driving, there's amateur bull riding every week at one of the restaurant bars, and we have a town horse arena for any horse-related shows/activities. Yes, the price of houses are on the high end but that also helps to attract pro ropers as well as cross country competitors.

Forgot to add: we also have two dude ranches for public horseback rides.

Are you saying CC cannot be a horse town because the price of our houses are too high?

Response to in2herbs (Reply #13)

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