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Sun Mar 3, 2024, 10:10 AM Mar 2024

I would like to propose,

A " sub group" here. Frugal Cooking for All.
EmptyNesters,Millennials in a rush, etc.
How do you , not only cook, how do you buy?
I'll start , for an example.
I cook for just me,went shopping for weekly meals. found 4 chicken thighs for 4.50, marinade, 2 bucks, spices from pantry, to make marinade better, 2 dinners for me. Found a small pork sirloin roast for 4.35, 3 meals.
So 5 meals at a cost of 15 bucks.³
Per serving cost 3 dollars. And I'm eating good tasting food, at a cheap cost.
Would you all, read? More importantly,
Would you all share?
After all, we are on DU,

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I would like to propose, (Original Post) kozar Mar 2024 OP
Sides MotownPgh Mar 2024 #1
Try frugal living quaint Mar 2024 #2
Did this help? kozar Mar 2024 #3
me, too quaint Mar 2024 #15
Good idea.... FarPoint Mar 2024 #4
I believe, kozar Mar 2024 #5
1 pre-roasted whole chicken 4 meals mainer Mar 2024 #6
Frugal living and cooking are important to me. chowmama Mar 2024 #7
My vote was yes, but this just made me think of my former favorite cooking show, The Frugal Gourmet. Lunabell Mar 2024 #8
There is a TV station...Tastemade channel... FarPoint Mar 2024 #9
I fllowxFrankie on FB kozar Mar 2024 #11
I'd love to see everyone's soup recipes happybird Mar 2024 #10
The siup i eat, MrsK kozar Mar 2024 #12
Sounds good! happybird Mar 2024 #13
I agree. We eat a lot of soup. Easy to prepare. Delicous comfort food. Trueblue1968 Mar 2024 #14


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3. Did this help?
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 10:50 AM
Mar 2024

To frugal COOKING? Which I simply ,asked a question?
I posted this poll to " cooking and baking" forum.
Why? link ,a totally different forum?
My friend, people need to eat, to survive. That's step 1.
Electric, power, etc, is step 2, yes, we need that as well.
I was just trying, to help people, with step 1, so, they, could get to Step 2.
But, you, decided, to reply.


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15. me, too
Tue Mar 12, 2024, 09:06 AM
Mar 2024

Thought it might offer some help or ideas.
No worries! Never again will I make that mistake, nor rec your posts, nor feel. empathy..

Apologies for offending you.


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4. Good idea....
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 10:53 AM
Mar 2024

With all the stores doing price gouging....this makes good sense to share out recipes and cost savings....like shopping at Aldi's...


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5. I believe,
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 11:02 AM
Mar 2024

We need to cook, to be frugal.
Get in the kitchen, cook as NJCher, Irisblue,MissMillie, does.
They cook, 1 very good meal a day, I just read their posts,
And try to eat 2 good meals a day, cheaply.
I feel, I'm doing ok.


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6. 1 pre-roasted whole chicken 4 meals
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 11:13 AM
Mar 2024

And they're not all that expensive. Already spiced up and ready to use.

Chicken legs -- 2 meals (plus sides like mashed potatoes)
chicken breasts -- 2 meals: filling for tacos or enchiladas, or chicken salad or shredded over Asian noodle soup
carcass: use for soup


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7. Frugal living and cooking are important to me.
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 12:48 PM
Mar 2024

I do the 'stock up when I can and live off stock when I can't' technique all the time.

For example, yesterday I did my two co-op chickens thing. Just got paid, can afford it. The chickens are whole, organic/free range, and weigh, ideally, between 4-5 pounds. These were 4.4# and 5.6#, respectively. I'm cutting them up today.

Wing tips, necks, backs and ribs go in the freezer soup bag. Breasts get cut off the ribs (but skin left on) and frozen individually on a small sheet pan. Breast 'tenders' and any largish chunks of meat off the backs get cut up and put in a separate freezer container for stir-fry or such - it's usually about a pound of meat, so will make a good-sized batch of casserole, stir-fry or chicken noodle soup. Some or all of the thighs and legs may be used right away, but I usually put half of them in the freezer as well. The wings get separated into pieces and go into the wing bucket in the freezer.

The expenditure is not small, but I get at least 18 servings (9 meals, since we are 2 people). At this size chicken, one piece is a meat serving. In the case of the breasts, often 2 servings each. So - 4 breasts (8 servings), 1 pound stir-fry meat (2 servings), 4 legs and 4 thighs (8 servings).

The wings just hang out till I get enough of them. The soup scraps wait for at least 2 gallon bags full, at which point I make a big batch of broth, which I can. Since I ignore the vegetables and energy used, I consider this 'free' and I often get close to 2 gallons of good broth.

The rest of the pay period, I'll only buy any necessary perishables like milk. Tonight, I'm going to keep half of the smaller chicken in one piece and roast it - this will give us a couple good meals and maybe some scraps for soup or saucing it in gravy and serving it over biscuits.

Half of 'Junior' and all o f'Gargantua' are getting cut up as above and going in the freezer.


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8. My vote was yes, but this just made me think of my former favorite cooking show, The Frugal Gourmet.
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 01:34 PM
Mar 2024

Turns out he was a creepy chicken hawk, preying on young men.

But, yes. I think that's a great idea.


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9. There is a TV station...Tastemade channel...
Tue Mar 5, 2024, 08:46 AM
Mar 2024

There is a delightful chef, Frankie Celenza who has a show called, "Struggle Meals" ...he does frugal cost effective cooking with fun....Not sure he is actually a chef...but he does well.


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10. I'd love to see everyone's soup recipes
Tue Mar 5, 2024, 07:43 PM
Mar 2024

That’s what I’ve been making to maximize my groceries. I look at recipes as a guide then adapt with whatever ingredients I have on hand.

Everything has gotten so expensive and I have been relying on a food bank in order to get through the whole month. It has been a fun challenge to figure out how best to use everything they bless me with. Also I am cooking for one so it can be difficult to not waste anything, especially produce.


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12. The siup i eat, MrsK
Wed Mar 6, 2024, 01:23 AM
Mar 2024

Last edited Wed Mar 6, 2024, 02:17 AM - Edit history (2)


1 lb gound beef
1 can Veg All, drained
Can I'd diced tomatos , juice included
Can of tomato sauce

It's not a fast dish, brown th GB , of course. Then , go slow,( new pot) on low, put in VegAlll, the beef, the diced tomatoes, and finally, the can of tomato sauce

Let it all simmer for 1 hour
You, just made beef/ veggie soup!
I've also done this vegan
Leave out the grounds beef keep, the water from VegAll,, and with the canned tomato juice, tofu wmpicks up thr flaves,if, costars with Veg broth, instead of chicken. You will need to stew longer, before,slurry.

Still will be a great soup, or stew, I ve cooked ot both ways,
My point,is you gotta cook, great flavors, no microwave, no 30 second meal, you have 1 hour stew the chicken,
Andxthen, put flavors together.


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13. Sounds good!
Wed Mar 6, 2024, 01:34 AM
Mar 2024

I don’t have any VegAll, but you got me thinking about ground beef, tomato sauce and veggies… and realized I have all the ingredients for an American-style Goulash! Will make that after the Butternut squash soup I made tonight is gone. Will grab some VegAll next time I’m at the store.


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