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Captain Zero

(6,900 posts)
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 02:56 AM Nov 2022

Could TFG have done something so horrible

with the TS Documents at ML, and with one of them being so secret, that it can't be revealed what they were about nor what he did, that he can't be prosecuted for that? Which would mean he can't be stopped from running for president again?. What would it be?
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Could TFG have done something so horrible (Original Post) Captain Zero Nov 2022 OP
Biggest traitor in American history. rubbersole Nov 2022 #1
His very existence is pretty damn horrible. TreasonousBastard Nov 2022 #2
'COULD?' elleng Nov 2022 #3
Trump is a kleptomaniac agingdem Nov 2022 #4
you make this sound so frivolous rampartc Nov 2022 #5
it's not..lives could be lost because agingdem Nov 2022 #6
He probably did roscoeroscoe Nov 2022 #7
I'm confused by this part Effete Snob Nov 2022 #8
DOJ would most likely gab13by13 Nov 2022 #9
It never gets that bad jmowreader Dec 2022 #10


(7,891 posts)
4. Trump is a kleptomaniac
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 03:57 AM
Nov 2022

and possess the mindset of a two year old (MINE!!)..I suspect he/his aides took whatever documents he had hidden in the White House private quarters, boxed them for transport to MAL, to be displayed in his imagined "presidential library"...the dossiers he coveted were those of his perceived enemies and their personal "dirt".. Trump didn't just walk out of the White House with documents, he took gifts/artifacts presented to him by visiting dignitaries, the Sharpie weather map, Kim Jong-un "love letters", and a Lincoln bust..it's been posited he intended to sell them to our adversaries...I disagree..he had no problem sharing top secret info with the Russians during a "friendly chat" in the Oval Office days after firing Jim Comey..he would regularly hold meetings with foreign leaders in the MAL dining room, while club members looked on...

The tops secret documents were never his, they're ours, to be held in the National Archives in perpetuity...that he took them, hid them, lied about it, and refused to give them back..that's the crime


(5,465 posts)
5. you make this sound so frivolous
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 04:22 AM
Nov 2022

trump may have the emotional maturitu of a 2 tear old, but he is a cold blooded business reptile who likely sold america's sources and methods to foreign adversaries.

kashoggi, for example, was very likely an informant for the cia. the capabilities of our spy satellites need to be protected as well.


(7,891 posts)
6. it's not..lives could be lost because
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 04:49 AM
Nov 2022

that narcissistic psychopath is so pathologically self-absorbed he has no problem spewing our deeply held top secrets if someone says nice things about him..I remember reading daily briefings bored him unless, of course, there was a reference to him in the form of high praise..

if you or I walked out of the White House with a napkin, we would be arrested immediately...and yet..


(1,371 posts)
7. He probably did
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 07:27 AM
Nov 2022

Clandestine services publicly noted an unusually large loss of undercover agents during the previous administration


Effete Snob

(8,387 posts)
8. I'm confused by this part
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 08:43 AM
Nov 2022

“ Which would mean he can't be stopped from running for president again?”

He is over 35, he was born a citizen, and he’s lived in the US for 14 years. What, in your mind, is going to change his ability to run?


(21,589 posts)
9. DOJ would most likely
Mon Nov 28, 2022, 08:54 AM
Nov 2022

not be able, or want to, bring to trial the most top secret documents that Trump stole. With that said, indict him for the cover up for crying out loud, obstruction of justice carries a stiff sentence which will be reduced or tossed anyway.


(50,619 posts)
10. It never gets that bad
Tue Dec 27, 2022, 04:44 PM
Dec 2022

There are a lot of people currently in the Tin Cup Brigade who sold REALLY classified documents to the communists. For instance, James Hall III. This guy sold, among other things, the entire National SIGINT Requirements List. This thing is the crown jewel of NSA. How the hell he even got the whole NSRL is an unexplained mystery because under normal circumstances no one working for or with NSA has any more of it than they need…people working North Korean targets don’t need the Iranian part of the book, for instance. (Book is kind of misleading - apparently this thing resides in its own room. It is that big. It has keepers that continually maintain it.) The entire thing is more protected than most of our nuclear secrets, but somehow this asshole was able to finagle the whole thing out of Fort Meade.

The government had NO problem trying Mr. Hall and throwing him in prison for life.

The government will have no problem doing the same thing to Donald Trump.

And the sad part is, his fanboys will still stand behind him.

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