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Mon May 23, 2016, 06:04 PM May 2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 May 2016

[font size=3]STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, 24 May 2016[font color=black][/font]

SMW for 23 May 2016

[center][font color=red]
Dow Jones 17,492.93 -8.01 (-0.05%)
S&P 500 2,048.04 -4.28 (-0.21%)
Nasdaq 4,765.78 -3.78 (-0.08%)

[font color=black]10 Year 1.83% 0.00 (0.00%)
[font color=red]30 Year 2.62% +0.01 (0.38%) [font color=black]


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[font size=2]Market Conditions During Trading Hours[/font]
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Market Updates

[font size=2]Euro, Yen, Loonie, Silver and Gold[center]




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[font color=red]Partial List of Financial Sector Officials Convicted since 1/20/09 [/font][font color=red]
2/2/12 David Higgs and Salmaan Siddiqui, Credit Suisse, plead guilty to conspiracy involving valuation of MBS
3/6/12 Allen Stanford, former Caribbean billionaire and general schmuck, convicted on 13 of 14 counts in $2.2B Ponzi scheme, faces 20+ years in prison
6/4/12 Matthew Kluger, lawyer, sentenced to 12 years in prison, along with co-conspirator stock trader Garrett Bauer (9 years) and co-conspirator Kenneth Robinson (not yet sentenced) for 17 year insider trading scheme.
6/14/12 Allen Stanford sentenced to 110 years without parole.
6/15/12 Rajat Gupta, former Goldman Sachs director, found guilty of insider trading. Could face a decade in prison when sentenced later this year.
6/22/12 Timothy S. Durham, 49, former CEO of Fair Financial Company, convicted of one count conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud, 10 counts of wire fraud, and one count of securities fraud.
6/22/12 James F. Cochran, 56, former chairman of the board of Fair, convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud, one count of securities fraud, and six counts of wire fraud.
6/22/12 Rick D. Snow, 48, former CFO of Fair, convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud, one count of securities fraud, and three counts of wire fraud.
7/13/12 Russell Wassendorf Sr., CEO of collapsed brokerage firm Peregrine Financial Group Inc. arrested and charged with lying to regulators after admitting to authorities he embezzled "millions of dollars" and forged bank statements for "nearly twenty years."
8/22/12 Doug Whitman, Whitman Capital LLC hedge fund founder, convicted of insider trading following a trial in which he spent more than two days on the stand telling jurors he was innocent
10/26/12 UPDATE: Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta sentenced to two years in federal prison. He will, of course, appeal. . .
11/20/12 Hedge fund manager Matthew Martoma charged with insider trading at SAC Capital Advisors, and prosecutors are looking at Martoma's boss, Steven Cohen, for possible involvement.
02/14/13 Gilbert Lopez, former chief accounting officer of Stanford Financial Group, and former controller Mark Kuhrt sentenced to 20 yrs in prison for their roles in Allen Sanford's $7.2 billion Ponzi scheme.
03/29/13 Michael Sternberg, portfolio mgr at SAC Capital, arrested in NYC, charged with conspiracy and securities fraud. Pled not guilty and freed on $3m bail.
04/04/13 Matthew Marshall Taylor,fmr Goldman Sachs trader arrested, charged by CFTC w/defrauding his employer on $8BN futures bet "by intentionally concealing the true huge size, as well as the risk and potential profits or losses associated."
04/04/13 Matthew Taylor admits guilt, makes plea bargain. Sentencing set for 26 June; faces up to 20 years in prison but will likely only see 3-4 years. Says, "I am truly sorry."
04/11/13 Ex-KPMG LLP partner Scott London charged by federal prosecutors w/passing inside tips to a friend in exchange for cash, jewelry, and concert tickets; expected to plead guilty in May.
08/01/13 Fabrice Tourré convicted on six counts of security fraud, including "aiding and abetting" his former employer, Goldman Sachs
08/14/13 Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout charged with wire fraud, falsifying records, and conspiracy in connection with JP Morgan's "London Whale" trade.
08/19/13 Phillip A. Falcone, manager of hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners, agrees to admit to "wrongdoing" in market manipulation. Will banned from securities industry for 5 years and pay $18MM in disgorgement and fines.
09/16/13 Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout officially indicted on charges associated with "London Whale" trade.
02/06/14 Matthew Martoma convicted of insider trading while at hedge fund SAC (Stephen A. Cohen) Capital Advisors. Expected sentence 7-10 years.
03/24/14 Annette Bongiorno, Bernard Madoff's secretary; Daniel Bonventre, director of operations for investments; JoAnn Crupi, an account manager; and Jerome O'Hara and George Perez, both computer programmers convicted of conspiracy to defraud clients, securities fraud, and falsifying the books and records.
05/19/14 Credit Suisse, which has an investment bank branch in NYC, agrees to plead guilty and pay appx. $2.6 billion penalties for helping wealthy Americans hide wealth and avoid taxes.
09/08/14 Matthew Martoma, convicted SAC trader, sentenced to 9 years in prison plus forfeiture of $9.3 million, including home and bank accounts
08/03/15 Former City (London) trader Tom Hayes found guilty of rigging global Libor interest rates. Each fo eight counts carries up to 10 yr. sentence.
08/21/15 Charles Antonucci Sr, former pres. Park Ave. Bank sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for bribery, fraud, embezzlement, and attempt to steal $11MM in TARP bailout funds, as well as $37.5MM fraud on OK insurance company. To pay $54MM in restitution and give up additional $11MM.
09/21/15 Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn apologizes for VW cheating on air quality standards with emission testing avoidance device. Stock drops 20%, fines may total $18B.
09/22/15 Stewart Parnell, CEO Peanut Corp. of America, sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling salmonella-tainted peanut butter that killed nine.
12/17/15 Martin Shkreli, former CEO Turing Pharmaceuticals and notorious price gouger, arrested on securities fraud charges. Posted $5M bail, resigned as CEO.
2/25/16 Jason Keryc sentenced to 9 years in prison, 3 years supervised release and to pay back $180MM to investors he bilked in a Ponzi scheme while an acct. mgr at Agape World.
03/24/16 Three TierOne Bank (Omaha) execs sentenced on criminal charges related to covering up losses on mortgages. CEO Gilbert Lundstrom -- 11 years federal prison, $1.2 million fine; James Laphen, 34 months; Don Langford, 21 months. SO FAR THE ONLY CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS OBTAINED BY DOJ related to 2008 financial collapse.
04/05/16 Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, forced to resign (at least temporarily) following release of "Panama papers"
04/27/16 Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison. Judge describes Hastert as a "serial child molester."

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[font size=3][font color=red]This thread contains opinions and observations. Individuals may post their experiences, inferences and opinions on this thread. However, it should not be construed as advice. It is unethical (and probably illegal) for financial recommendations to be given here.[/font][/font][/font color=red][font color=black]

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STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 May 2016 (Original Post) Tansy_Gold May 2016 OP
Advise for my friends at SMW Hotler May 2016 #1
I went and looked it up... Hotler May 2016 #2
Crude oil daily candles: tclambert May 2016 #3
Yuk! Hotler May 2016 #4
‘Massive Bailout’ Needed in China, Banking Analyst Chu Says. Hotler May 2016 #5


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1. Advise for my friends at SMW
Tue May 24, 2016, 08:46 AM
May 2016

There is a website that has been advertising on radio and TV here in Colorado that takes your DNA and them comes up with an exercise and nutrition plan tailored just for you. Don't buy into it. DO NOT give or let anyone take your DNA. I can't remember the name of the company off the top of my head, I'll search for it and come back and post it here.


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2. I went and looked it up...
Tue May 24, 2016, 08:50 AM
May 2016

holy crap there must be a half dozen or so of these companies. Too many to list. Google for yourself if need be. Giving out your DNA to a corporation of business may be just as bad as giving out your Social Security number.


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4. Yuk!
Tue May 24, 2016, 08:58 AM
May 2016

Are Eggless Mayo and Plant-Based ‘Oysters’ Worth $1 Billion?

Hampton Creek Inc., best known for making an eggless version of mayonnaise, is looking to raise fresh capital to fuel its expansion into a vegan conglomerate selling everything from plant-based “oysters” and “blue cheese” to children’s snacks shaped like Batman and Darth Vader.

In recent weeks, Hampton Creek has been trying to raise about $200 million at a $1.1 billion valuation, said people familiar with the matter. The talks are ongoing, and the terms could change, the people said. If successful, Hampton Creek would become the latest startup to attain unicorn status.

Backed by at least a dozen billionaires, including Bill Gates and Hong Kong’s Li Ka-Shing, the company bills itself as an avatar of healthy, sustainable food and sells a range of products at Target, Walmart, Costco and other big chains. Hampton Creek wants to increase the number of products it sells from 64 today to more than 600, ranging from soups and pantry staples to desserts and pasta, according to a fundraising presentation obtained by Bloomberg.

At a time when investors have begun to shy away from food tech startups, the San Francisco company has been trying to tap new sources of capital, including private-equity shops and even the investment arms of such big-food stalwarts as General Mills Inc., according to one of the people. Hampton Creek is also in talks with Khosla Ventures, according to two people, who requested anonymity to discuss a private matter. Hampton Creek declined to comment.



(11,536 posts)
5. ‘Massive Bailout’ Needed in China, Banking Analyst Chu Says.
Tue May 24, 2016, 09:06 AM
May 2016

Charlene Chu, a banking analyst who made her name warning of the risks from China’s credit binge, said a bailout in the trillions of dollars is needed to tackle the bad-debt burden dragging down the nation’s economy.

Speaking eight days after a Communist Party newspaper highlighted dangers from the build-up of debt, Chu, a partner at Autonomous Research, said she was yet to be convinced the government is serious about deleveraging and eliminating industry overcapacity.
She also argued that lenders’ off-balance-sheet portfolios of wealth-management products are the biggest immediate threat to the nation’s financial system, with similarities to Western bank exposures in 2008 that helped to trigger a global meltdown.

The former Fitch Ratings analyst uses a top-down approach to calculating China’s bad-debt levels as the credit to gross domestic product ratio worsens, requiring more credit to generate each unit of GDP.

While Chu is on the bearish side of the debate about the outlook for China, she’s not alone. In a report on Monday, Societe Generale SA analysts said that Chinese banks may ultimately face 8 trillion yuan ($1.2 trillion) in losses and a bailout from the government, citing the scale of soured credit within state-owned enterprises.


Again we hear about the growing bubble of bad debt carried by banks.

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