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Sun Apr 14, 2013, 05:22 AM Apr 2013

President Obama is lengthening the game clock. From 2 terms to forever.

President Obama is doing something never done in modern times-He lengthened the game itself

Most people are thinking in 4 to 8 years.

President Obama is thinking forever.

The 8 year thinking is yesterday. The two term thinking is yesterday.

President Obama is thinking, like all the greats, like Lincoln, like FDR, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, like LBJ he is thinking forever.

And it is such a radical idea, because in retrospect, no one ever said it aloud before.
No one ever thought to say it aloud. President Obama is doing it for all of life.

Dr. King did not do what he did, so he could use one bathroom for one time.
Or to sit in one restaurant to get one meal and say he won.

Dr. King did it to last forever.

President Obama is doing that. And I quite believe this has been his vision since before he was President, though he didn't come out and say it.

Quite a few here mock the ropeadope, the chessmatch, the 10 step ahead.

Quite honestly, maybe I sold him a little short. 10step? HELL, its 50 steps ahead.

It is the long time prize.
And in every war, in every battle, sadly there is collateral damage.

But wave on wave on wave on wave on wave on wave
The 100% complete victory only can occur by the battles fought.
Should Dr. King have given up day one when they put the hoses on him?

Dr. King foresaw it all in his "Mountaintop" speech, where he let the world know, this is not a quick or temporary thing, but it is forever all eternity.

Maybe just maybe some can see how truly historic the entire package is.
And maybe just maybe President Lincoln himself had a 500 step ahead plan
and in his plan, he envisioned the hard chocies President Obama has to make to get to the next step

And maybe, just maybe President Lincoln is standing right now, next to President Roosevelt, standing right now next to President LBJ, standing next to Dr. King standing and guarding the back of President Obama.
Maybe he is them. Maybe they are him.

Dot the I's and Cross the T's.
A war is not won in a short period of time. And battles lost are part of any war.

And like Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt, LBJ and Dr. King, time is not measured in 2 terms as President(and especially not after just months after beginning the 2nd term.)
And yes, that means continuing the legacy of all them with Hillary(or a suitable other if not Hillary) to CONTINUE the legacy of all of those mentioned.

And keep in mind, to win the war, any of the others mentioned did things that many did not like at the time it was done.
All of them are smarter than me.
All of them are a helleva lot smarter than the opposition is.

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President Obama is lengthening the game clock. From 2 terms to forever. (Original Post) graham4anything Apr 2013 OP
You may have hit upon the reason why so many on the right believe that ........ wandy Apr 2013 #1
Well said. Rec.+ nt ginnyinWI Apr 2013 #2
I just got back from seeing "42" The Jackie Robinson movie. There is a great connection to Obama. graham4anything Apr 2013 #3
President Obama's altruistic record and history speaks for itself Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #4
Wow! IrishAyes Apr 2013 #5


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1. You may have hit upon the reason why so many on the right believe that ........
Sun Apr 14, 2013, 08:35 AM
Apr 2013

President Obama is destroying the country.
Trained from birth to think in the short term, accepting only information that promotes todays corporate agenda their world becomes one of detect and react.

Got weapons of masd destruction, must bomb.
Gonna take our guns, must buy more guns.

It must be difficult for these people to envision a country where health care is not a direct function of wealth.
Where people own guns but sensible limits apply.

Imagen having a 'freeper' mentality and trying to get you're head around the fact that a country's infostructure can not be built or in our case maintained without ongoing effort.
All you would come up with is..

Taxes go up, gubberment bad.

If we don't start thinking long term, we won't be around for the long term.



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3. I just got back from seeing "42" The Jackie Robinson movie. There is a great connection to Obama.
Sun Apr 14, 2013, 12:52 PM
Apr 2013

will compose in the next day or two a post on it

I recommend it.
Saw it with my family including my dad, who saw him play (though my Mom is from Austria,
my dad was born and raised in Brooklyn, not that far from where the Dodgers played.

I don't like rushing to judgement on movies, but it might be up there with Field of Dreams and The Natural.

But Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey had a scene with a few paragraphs of speech to Jackie,
and every single word could have applied to President Obama.


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4. President Obama's altruistic record and history speaks for itself
Sun Apr 14, 2013, 01:56 PM
Apr 2013

He wants his life to change other people's lives. That is how he has lived since he was a very young man.

I really like your OP and want to say more, but the grand-kids are almost here


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5. Wow!
Sun Apr 14, 2013, 06:28 PM
Apr 2013

That's one of the most beautiful things I ever read.

Hope you don't mind if I pass it around my mailing list and invite all recipients to pass it along further.

If you give specific permission for it to be printed in the local weekly (a Repug ragsheet, btw, although not TP) with proper credit, I'd be proud to submit it for publication. As many people as possible need to read this.

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