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Sun Sep 13, 2020, 02:45 PM Sep 2020

so, i got this ipad.

i wasnt rly in the market, but i switched from att to tmobile, and they practically made me take it.
but damn. i have had 3 mac laptops, 3 iphones, and this is the most counterintuitive device ever.

i tried making my way through the set up, and i hit a snag.
it is asking me for a passcode. but a- i hate passcodes. i hate locks and keys period. no way would i set a passcode.
and b- i never got that far in the process.

what the heck happened to plug and play?
just that welcome screen makes me what to pull my hair out. took me several run throughs before it came up in english and i figured out it was swipe down, not rt.
please tell me that if i ever get to the keyboard there is an escape key.

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so, i got this ipad. (Original Post) ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 OP
Hope I'm wrong Midnightwalk Sep 2020 #1
only $10/mo. ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #3
I got an iPad and couldn't agree more. Seriously a machine for masochists. When you make a password BamaRefugee Sep 2020 #2
oh man. just hell no to predictive text. ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #5
it works like the iPhone, not a Mac RazzleCat Sep 2020 #4
well that's frightening. my phone tricked me into a passcode, ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #6
i just skip the passcode thing in set up kimbutgar Sep 2020 #11
the point is i didnt set a code. i didnt get that far. ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #12
Had an iPad for years Sherman A1 Sep 2020 #7
Love my iPad. I don't use a passcode redstateblues Sep 2020 #8
but where do you escape from a code you didnt set? ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #9
do you have an iCloud account? RazzleCat Sep 2020 #13
Louis Rossmann repairs Apple products ItsjustMe Sep 2020 #10


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1. Hope I'm wrong
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:01 PM
Sep 2020

One of the scams the carrier stores play is giving you an extra device on a deal that might even be less at first.

The contract has you pay a connection fee for the duration of the contract No matter what you do with the device.

Ipads and other technology stuff is often counter intuitive. Chat help from apple has worked for me.

Hope I’m wrong about the fees thing, but if there are feess, is it soon enough to return and cancel the contract? I know someone who paid too much with that kind of scam.



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3. only $10/mo.
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:05 PM
Sep 2020

compared to what att was robbing me for, not even a thing.

but rly, back in the day mac wasnt like that.
too many baby geniuses, i guess. they need a cranky old crone like me in the process somewhere.


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2. I got an iPad and couldn't agree more. Seriously a machine for masochists. When you make a password
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:03 PM
Sep 2020

GET IT TATTOOED ON YOUR ARM because if you forget you can be locked out for months. Last time it took 3 months for me to make it through the weird "waiting period" before they would allow me to create a new one.
And the keyboard is the dumbest thing ever, you'll only figure it out after hundreds of mistakes, plus it's gonna drive you nuts with al the times it will correctly predict your text, so you use it, then it only puts in hald the letters, and for 3 years now anytime I want to put "I" in a text or post it comes out " i I" every single time.
I got it to use specific mobile recording studio software that only works on iPad.



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5. oh man. just hell no to predictive text.
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:08 PM
Sep 2020

i also got a 11 for $300 out of the deal. omg. the predictive text is like a senile drunk.
like- if the word i am typing is a noun, i will get the plural before i get the singular.
verb- past tense before present.

and is it even possible to teach those things swear words? no, i dont mean duck.


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4. it works like the iPhone, not a Mac
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:05 PM
Sep 2020

if you want a quick solution, but an inexpensive (read not Apple) keypad, case combo. I have one where the keypad just lifts off via magnetic connection. The case, keypad combo less than $40.00. I use the iPad mostly for travel, and at home streaming.

fyi the constant passcode could be the two factor authentication that Apple is just about demanding now. Be aware if you do not want this feature, you must uninstall it in less than I believe one week, if you do not, it will be the defacto security system for the life of your product.



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6. well that's frightening. my phone tricked me into a passcode,
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 03:12 PM
Sep 2020

and it wont let me take it off.

maybe i should just put the damn thing back in the box. harumph.


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11. i just skip the passcode thing in set up
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 05:00 PM
Sep 2020

When setting up just skip the post code thing. I have three IPADs and only do passcodes when I travel on an airplane or stay in a hotel where I leave it in my room.


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13. do you have an iCloud account?
Sun Sep 13, 2020, 10:48 PM
Sep 2020

if so try that one, look to see if it is asking to connect to your account. Edit to add in call the phone carrier ask if they have some sort of universal code on there devices.

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