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Sat Apr 17, 2021, 06:37 PM Apr 2021

Mr. Clarke's Wonderful Bar

Maybe the end of the plague is in sight. It gets me in mind of trips to New York City which often as not would end up at the legendary bar P. J. Clarke's. The place has survived since the 1880's and the front bar room must look pretty much the way it did when the place opened. Stories about the place are legion. Johnny Mercer wrote the song 'One for My Baby, And One More For the Road' while sitting at the bar one night. Billy Wilder recreated the interior on a Hollywood set for the movie The Lost Weekend. Jackie Onassis was a regular for lunch when she worked in publishing.
Long ago, by custom or law, unaccompanied women could not sit alone at the bar. One day in the late 1960's a group of women grabbed seats at the bar and demanded to be served. The bartender hopelessly looked to the owner and said 'What do I do?' The long time proprietor Daniel.Lavezzo thought for a second and then said "Oh pour them a drink. I gotta go make the Daily Double at Belmont Park". Out the door he went and thus human progress was made. The food was usually decent and for New York the prices were reasonable.
I looked at the website and they will send you an email when the place is ready to reopen. The six foot rule will have to go by the boards. When will it be? The summer? Surely by the fall. I for one can't wait to strike a blow for Liberty in P. J. Clarke's wonderful bar.

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