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Anyone ever listen to the Captain and Tennille? (Original Post) KMOD Dec 2015 OP
I have "Shop Around" in my collection :) arcane1 Dec 2015 #1
Love will keep us together.... reflection Dec 2015 #2
Until it doesn't liberaltrucker Dec 2015 #7
This actually could be for financial reasons. Frank Cannon Dec 2015 #29
God Bless America! hunter Dec 2015 #49
Is this a great country, or what? Frank Cannon Dec 2015 #50
That was one of the first 45s I ever bought KamaAina Dec 2015 #18
what's a 45? KMOD Dec 2015 #23
Get off my lawn, whippersnapper! KamaAina Dec 2015 #26
hahaha KMOD Dec 2015 #28
Not in the last 30 years or so..... (nt) Paladin Dec 2015 #3
way back in the day, sis nt steve2470 Dec 2015 #4
Oh Lord, I had to go to one of their concerts 30 years ago or so. Hoyt Dec 2015 #5
Sure, on the AM radio, but they never made it to my road trip songlist Brother Buzz Dec 2015 #6
Here ya go: trof Dec 2015 #9
Here ya go, my road trip songlist: Brother Buzz Dec 2015 #10
I find your lack of Bruce Cockburn . . . gratuitous Dec 2015 #34
The list is a work in progress, a starting point, so feel free to add to it Brother Buzz Dec 2015 #35
There's a lot of good stuff on the list gratuitous Dec 2015 #40
I thought long and hard and determind Cockburn doesn't make the cut for my 'Road Trip' songlist Brother Buzz Dec 2015 #42
You are, of course, entitled to your own insane opinion gratuitous Dec 2015 #43
Young Hunter didn't need music on his road trips... hunter Dec 2015 #51
I just watched Christmas in California jakeXT Dec 2015 #8
Way back in the radio days. bikebloke Dec 2015 #11
Words from my mouth! elias49 Dec 2015 #12
Same here. 2naSalit Dec 2015 #44
Ad nauseum Generic Brad Dec 2015 #13
Good God, there goes my PTSD nt Xipe Totec Dec 2015 #14
Not if I could avoid it. hobbit709 Dec 2015 #15
Oh, GOD! not if I can ever help it!! lastlib Dec 2015 #16
+1! 2naSalit Dec 2015 #45
looks like Muskrat Looooo-o-ove eShirl Dec 2015 #17
Didn't they have a TV show back in the day? hibbing Dec 2015 #19
Not Willingly ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #20
Yeah, for the nostalgia value. Aristus Dec 2015 #21
Really? KMOD Dec 2015 #24
Couldn't avoid it back in the day. Iggo Dec 2015 #22
Sedaka is back KMOD Dec 2015 #25
Speaking of old timers...Neil? Yikes. Paper Roses Dec 2015 #41
I always thought she was kind of hot. Frank Cannon Dec 2015 #31
Yes, and Yes. Iggo Dec 2015 #32
Nobody has ever listened to Captain and Tennille Trajan Dec 2015 #27
If you've listened to Pink Floyd's "The Wall", you've listened to Tennille. Frank Cannon Dec 2015 #30
Yes. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2015 #33
This guy? sakabatou Dec 2015 #36
When the captain speaks, Joe Shlabotnik Dec 2015 #38
Loved that show sakabatou Dec 2015 #39
Me too! 2naSalit Dec 2015 #46
They were somewhat tolerable until "Muskrat Love." Special Prosciuto Dec 2015 #47
If I was trying to make myself vomit. Luminous Animal Dec 2015 #48
Why? LiberalEsto Dec 2015 #52


(9,129 posts)
7. Until it doesn't
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 07:07 PM
Dec 2015

Tennille filed for divorce from Dragon in the State of Arizona on January 16, 2014, after 39 years of marriage. Dragon was unaware of this until he was served with the divorce papers.[9] The divorce documents referenced health insurance or health issues, and Tennille had written on her blog in 2010 that Dragon's neurological condition, similar to Parkinson’s, was characterized by such extreme tremors he could no longer play keyboards.


Frank Cannon

(7,570 posts)
29. This actually could be for financial reasons.
Fri Dec 18, 2015, 10:41 AM
Dec 2015

If he has to go to long-term care for a long time, that would wipe them out unless they protect their assets by having her clean him out in a "divorce". People do this all the time.

Frank Cannon

(7,570 posts)
50. Is this a great country, or what?
Sun Dec 20, 2015, 10:33 AM
Dec 2015

It blows my mind how many Ayn Randian Masters of the Universe don't consider for a second that almost overnight, they, too, can contract some strange and devastating illness that will leave them well and truly fucked. And all of their hard work and "genius" will have been for absolutely nothing.



(78,249 posts)
18. That was one of the first 45s I ever bought
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 01:43 PM
Dec 2015

at Sam Goody in Westport, Conn. (Yes, I know I'm dating myself. ) It may have been the first.



(7,906 posts)
28. hahaha
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 07:19 PM
Dec 2015

I was just kidding with ya. We are probably very close in age. I think my first 45 was How Deep is Your Love, but I can't remember much anymore, so I'm mostly guessing on that.



(54,770 posts)
5. Oh Lord, I had to go to one of their concerts 30 years ago or so.
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 07:05 PM
Dec 2015

It was in a really nice old theater where the sound is good, if only the music had been.

I'm more of a Dylan, CSN&Y, folk musicians, type fan. But, sometimes you get dragged to such stuff -- I would not have paid for sure.

Brother Buzz

(36,416 posts)
10. Here ya go, my road trip songlist:
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 09:10 PM
Dec 2015

I borrowed it from John Sanford's Lucas Davenport novels. Feel free to use and amend it to your taste; it's just a righteous starting point.

Note: The Beatles have been intentionally omitted because they have their own iPod, augmented with all my classic surf music

Lucas Davenport's "Best Songs of the Rock Era" list, in no particular order, except that, as any intelligent person knows, any decent road trip will start with ZZ Top.

1. Sharp-Dressed Man · ZZ Top
2. Legs · ZZ Top
3. Mustang Sally · Wilson Pickett
4. Superman's Song · Crash Test Dummies
5. Rock On · David Essex
6. Radar Love · Golden Earring
7. Heart of Glass · Blondie
8. White Rabbit · Jefferson Airplane
9. Somebody to Love · Jefferson Airplane
10. Layla · Derek and the Dominoes
11. Roadhouse Blues · Doors
12. House of the Rising Sun · Animals
13. Sweet Emotion · Aerosmith
14. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) · Aerosmith
15. Dancing in the Dark · Bruce Springsteen
16. Born to Run · Bruce Springsteen
17. Thunder Road · Bruce Springsteen
18. Every Breath You Take · Police
19. Heart of Saturday Night · Tom Waits
20. Hot for Teacher · Van Halen
21. Won't Get Fooled Again · Who
22. Hotel California (cover the Eagles) · Gipsy Kings
23. Give Me One Reason · Tracy Chapman
24. Down on the Corner · CCR
25. Lyin' Eyes · Eagles
26. Life in the Fast Lane · Eagles
27. Skateaway (Roller Girl) · Dire Straits
28. Mary Jane's Last Dance · Tom Petty
29. Me 'n Bobby McGee · Janis Joplin
30. Black Water · Doobie Brothers
31. I Love Rock 'n Roll · Joan Jett
32. Jack and Diane · John Mellencamp
33. The Wall (Part 2) · Pink Floyd
34. Money · Pink Floyd
35. Piano Man · Billy Joel
36. After Midnight · Eric Clapton
37. Lay Down Sally · Eric Clapton
38. You Shook Me (All Night Long) · AC/DC
39. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap · AC/DC
40. Long Cool Woman · Hollies
41. Like a Rolling Stone · Bob Dylan
42. Knockin' on Heaven's Door · Bob Dylan
43. Subterranean Homesick Blues · Bob Dylan
44. Satisfaction · Rolling Stones
45. Brown Sugar · Rolling Stones
46. Sympathy for the Devil · Rolling Stones
47. Anarchy in the UK · Sex Pistols
48. Sugar Magnolia · Grateful Dead
49. Slow Hand · Pointer Sisters
50. Sweet Dreams · Eurythmics
51. Jailhouse Rock · Elvis Presley
52. Ziggy Stardust · David Bowie
53. Night Moves · Bob Seger
54. Bye-Bye-Love · Everly Brothers
55. Purple Haze · Jimi Hendrix
56. Lola · Kinks
57. Tender is the Night · Jackson Browne
58. Louie Louie · The Kingsmen
59. Bad to the Bone · George Thorogood
60. Turn the Page (covers Bob Seger) · Metallica
61. Sweet Home Alabama · Lynryd Skynyrd
62. We Will Rock You · Queen
63. Ramblin' Man · Allman Brothers
64. Rock 'n Roll · Led Zeppelin
65. What's Love Got to Do With It · Tina Turner
66. Born to Be Wild · Steppenwolf
67. With or Without You · U2
68. Paranoid · Black Sabbath
69. Blue Morning Blue · Foreigner
70. White Wedding · Billy Idol
71. Sweet Child o' Mine · Guns 'n Roses
72. Paradise City · Guns 'n Roses
73. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (covers Dylan) · Guns 'n Roses *
74. Walk on the Wild Side · Lou Reed
75. Feel Like Makin' Love · Bad Company
76. Rock of Ages · Def Leppard
77. Brown Eyed Girl · Van Morrison
78. Devil With a Blue Dress · Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
79. Respect · Aretha Franklin
80. I'm in the Mood · John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Raitt
81. I Got You (I Feel Good) · James Brown
82. Unchained Melody · Righteous Brothers
83. Little Red Corvette · Prince
84. Roll Over Beethoven · Chuck Berry
85. Mr. Tamborine Man (covers Dylan) · Byrds
86. Ohio · CSNY
87. Peggy Sue · Buddy Holly
88. Great Balls of Fire · Jerry Lee Lewis
89. Pretty Woman · Roy Orbison
90. Runaway · Del Shannon
91. Walk This Way · Aerosmith / Run-DMC
92. (Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bay · Otis Redding
93. Smells like Teen Spirit · Nirvana
94. Still Crazy After All These Years · Paul Simon
95. Who Do You Love? · Bo Diddley
96. One Toke Over the Line · Brewer and Shipley
97. I Wanna Be Sedated · Ramones
98. Should I Stay or Should I Go · Clash
99. Burning Down the House · Talking Heads
100. Waltz 2 / Jazz Suite · Dimitri Shostakovich

* Yeah, yeah, I know it's on the list twice.

Brother Buzz

(36,416 posts)
35. The list is a work in progress, a starting point, so feel free to add to it
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 03:28 AM
Dec 2015

I found it disturbing there wasn't any Beach Boys on it either, so I added Good Vibrations.

What Cockburn song would put up for consideration? (remember, road trip)


(82,849 posts)
40. There's a lot of good stuff on the list
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 12:14 PM
Dec 2015

So I wouldn't want to displace too much of it, but I'd suggest "Wondering Where the Lions Are" for accessibility, "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" for roadworthiness, or "The Tibetan Side of Town" for its traveling theme.

Brother Buzz

(36,416 posts)
42. I thought long and hard and determind Cockburn doesn't make the cut for my 'Road Trip' songlist
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 02:15 PM
Dec 2015

Bruce Cockburn's music is great, but it's kick-back decompression music best suited for listening to after a long hard day on the road.

I need to be jacked up and stay edgy for a proper road trip; I got a reputation to maintain.


(38,310 posts)
51. Young Hunter didn't need music on his road trips...
Sun Dec 20, 2015, 12:58 PM
Dec 2015

... the music was all inside his head, probably implanted there by the same pink beams from outer space that Philip K. Dick experienced.

I also had a car, and gasoline was cheap.

Drugs, you say? Hell no, the music in my head was always playing, the voices were always singing. Modern meds and therapy have quieted them a bit, but I still here them in the background, along with the fucking NSAID induced tinnitus.

Here's the sad thing: I often made more money as a mad-eyed itinerant laborer than PKD was making as an established writer. I once flunked an organic chemistry class because I was too busy moving furniture. My phone would ring at five in the morning and I'd get to choose between school that day, or 80 to 100 dollars working, sometimes paid in cash. I never did scab work or crossed picket lines either. I met a few odd characters on the road who did, mostly to support their hookers-and-drugs lifestyle, and most of those guys are dead now.

Unions kept wages up for everyone, union or not. That meat puppet Ronald Reagan is in hell, along with everyone who ever had their hand up his ass making his lips move.

Another sad thing: People today doing what I did then are still paid 80 to 100 dollars a day, even though those dollars are worth much less. My share of the rent in various places I lived was never more than $300. (Well, whenever I wasn't dysfunctional, homeless, or taken off the streets by family or siblings.)


(10,575 posts)
8. I just watched Christmas in California
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 08:17 PM
Dec 2015

I thought the Captain would sink in this conversation, but he got some words in and he got a praise from Tenille


(86,534 posts)
44. Same here.
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 10:22 PM
Dec 2015

The only thing I liked about them was that they put a second wind in Neil Sedaka's notoriety. He was a good song writer.


(10,096 posts)
19. Didn't they have a TV show back in the day?
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 02:10 PM
Dec 2015

Or maybe it was just a tv special, it was special alright with those clothes.



(64,995 posts)
20. Not Willingly
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 04:06 PM
Dec 2015

But since my first car didn't have an FM radio until i could afford to add one with a tape deck, WLS and WCFL was all we had in the car and they played their hits at least once an hour.

Was never a fan. And Daryl Dragon can't play none.


(66,316 posts)
21. Yeah, for the nostalgia value.
Thu Dec 17, 2015, 04:54 PM
Dec 2015

Also, my mother attended dance class with Toni Tennille in Montgomery, Alabama when they were both kids...

Paper Roses

(7,473 posts)
41. Speaking of old timers...Neil? Yikes.
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 12:23 PM
Dec 2015

When I was in college, back in 1962(ouch), Neil had a cousin who lived in my dorm. He came to visit once and of course, everyone came to the reception hall to see him.
His words? Never forget it.

"Hi everyone, I'm Neil Sedaka, it rhymes with 'cracka'. OK, we were in Massachusetts but even we do not cay 'cracka'.

Not impressed then, not now either. He is going to perform in a nearby town soon. Guess who will not be going?

Frank Cannon

(7,570 posts)
31. I always thought she was kind of hot.
Fri Dec 18, 2015, 10:48 AM
Dec 2015

Maybe because I was at a tender age and she often went braless.

Frank Cannon

(7,570 posts)
30. If you've listened to Pink Floyd's "The Wall", you've listened to Tennille.
Fri Dec 18, 2015, 10:46 AM
Dec 2015

She and Bruce Johnson of the Beach Boys sing back-up on "Waiting for the Worms".



(21,046 posts)
33. Yes.
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 02:17 AM
Dec 2015

They were OK.

Daryl Dragon's dad was Carmen Dragon, who was a famous conductor in Hollywood. He did the arrangement of "America the Beautiful" that they used to use on TV stations when they signed off at night. He takes an old saw and makes it interesting.

He changes keys, has counterpoint, and moving parts, and must have been a master orchestrator to put in the variety he did. If you're not old enough to remember late-night TV sign offs, go ahead and listen to this anyway. It's fabulous:

I performed under him as an orchestra conductor at my high school music camp one week, and he was just as warm and friendly as anyone I've seen. We were all nervous because we didn't know if we were good enough for this well known conductor, and it was the first week.

We were playing the finale of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony which is a real bitch. When he told the tympanist to really beat on his drums, he said "Son, you're supposed to be one of the most virile men in the orchestra!" Because crazy Russians write music where nobody gets to rest, and LOUD IS GOOD.


(86,534 posts)
46. Me too!
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 10:28 PM
Dec 2015


Okay, now I have to crank up the old boombox and listen to something to get that worm out of my head.


Special Prosciuto

(731 posts)
47. They were somewhat tolerable until "Muskrat Love."
Sat Dec 19, 2015, 11:04 PM
Dec 2015

Someone at that time also put up a "hit" about Shirley and Squirrely. More than I could take, thank you.

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