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Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:19 PM Apr 2014

Thank You!

Two little words that don't cost anyone a penny to give but are hoarded like King Midas' gold. Maybe they wound our pride, for many in our society now equate even the most genuine and necessary forms of assistance from our fellow human beings as weakness, after all "we should all be able to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps"?

It could come from sense that we are surrendering control and think we may come to rely on others,too much at the cost of our own independence?

Then again maybe it's as simple as there are many people in this world who hold themselves above the rest of us, and think we owe them our service for free and complaining is their inherent right?

Not only that but they also think we should provide said free services with a smile, gratitude, and the perfectionism that a person of their stature is due. Woe to anyone who points out to those same people their unwillingness to give even the remuneration of the above two free words in return. They are blind to their hypocrisy of labeling others as lazy beggars.

Maybe it's just easier to complain and be grumpy?

What ever the reasons it's time to end the sparse use of these two simple words. Let me start:

"Thank You"

To my family and friends for tolerating me even when I am at my most crazy and am driving you to the same.

Thank You to the people of DU! We may not all always agree but there is always someone often many someones who will read a vent from a fellow member having a hard time who will offer a kind word or helpful advice. Sometimes it's just the reaffirmation that I am not alone in the world with just the Pukes, to give me courage to live another day and hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank You to my doctors, nurses, therapists etc who try and help me get healthier even though I am not always a co-operative patient.

Thank You to my public school teachers and college professors who taught me not only to read , write, and enjoy learning but that I had some level of intelligence even though others including myself had previously told me different. I would have given up completely on life without you a long time ago and that is no exaggeration. Thank You in fact to all Public School teachers in general who do the same for countless other children each and every day. I can't say enough about how much I owe my teachers.

Thank You also to my pets, musicians, writers, nature, artists, etc who share their love, imagination, and gift of sight into the beauty and possibilities for more and better that still remain in this universe we all call home.

Again Thank You and feel free to add your own Thank Yous to those giving souls in you life.

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