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Fri Oct 11, 2019, 06:31 PM Oct 2019

How to be subversive. AKA: How to Recycling garbage and support the USPS!

I'm a witness to what my husband posted on FB. I am sharing it here because I think DU will like it.

Last weekend, one of our neighbors had a party (they tend to - a lot) and several of their guests parked in front of our house. The next morning, we saw that one of them had dumped some trash from their car on our front yard. We were pretty pissed.

We were busy this week, and didn't do anything about it. Today, I noticed there was a bill in there with their address.

So - I boxed up the trash and mailed it to them. Sure, that's 7 bucks and change out of my pocket, but I would just love to be there when they open it up.

What he failed to mention in that post was that the return address was the house that hosted the party.

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How to be subversive. AKA: How to Recycling garbage and support the USPS! (Original Post) Raine1967 Oct 2019 OP
LOL wryter2000 Oct 2019 #1
Well Done! Sherman A1 Oct 2019 #2
You've got me thinking... MontanaMama Oct 2019 #3
Love it! Raine1967 Oct 2019 #6
My favorite pro-USPS subversiveness madamesilverspurs Oct 2019 #4
This is fucking genius. MontanaMama Oct 2019 #7
I live in a 'city' of maybe 15,000 with a post office big enough for 50,000 ! pangaia Oct 2019 #5

Sherman A1

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2. Well Done!
Fri Oct 11, 2019, 06:37 PM
Oct 2019

A few years ago a kid from down the street was walking past the house on the way to the school bus stop eating off of a foam plate and dumped it in my driveway. Being a very early riser I was able to return the items (trash) he dropped to his front yard before anyone was awake.


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3. You've got me thinking...
Fri Oct 11, 2019, 06:46 PM
Oct 2019

We have a neighbor at the end of the block who will not lock up their garbage can between pick up days...they leave it in in the street all year long. This time of year, all they do is attract bears...in fact we’ve had two bears come through and rifle through their garbage since Monday. The garbage has been strewn about for days since nobody in that household bothers to pick it up. The saying goes up here that a fed bear is a dead bear and its true. Bears that are trained to find food near humans inevitably gets in trouble and is destroyed. Those of us with no garages lease bear proof garbage cans from the disposal companies to keep garbage away from bears and they work really well. I think I will pick up the neighbor’s garbage, package it up nicely and mail it to them! I will sign the card courtesy of the Rattlesnake Bears Association and a return address of the messy homeowner themselves.


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4. My favorite pro-USPS subversiveness
Fri Oct 11, 2019, 06:48 PM
Oct 2019

I get a lot of unsolicited "offers" that helpfully provide return envelopes that get stuffed with untraceable paper before I put them in the mailbox. They have to pay the postage, and get to share the joy of opening something they don't want.


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5. I live in a 'city' of maybe 15,000 with a post office big enough for 50,000 !
Fri Oct 11, 2019, 06:49 PM
Oct 2019

But that's another story..

Anyway, all the people who work at our PO are good at the job, well except one for whom everything is always impossible.,,
But. they are all very different people

-one woman we call The Postal Nazi!! She rattles off that spiel like, well, the soup nazi-about stamps, ya wanna po, box, etc etc.........she won;t shut up..... don;t cross her or big trouble, but she knows her shit.
- 2 guys are obscenely OCD !!!' Well you need some of that to work in the PO.
- One woman always flirts with me.. I don;t mind..she's FAST at her job.
- and then there is Brad, he's always down at the end counter, up against the wall. They won't let him work anywhere else, never combs his hair, shaves maybe 2x a week, clothes are wrinkled, always looks half asleep , thinks all the rest of the counter people are idiots, NEVER spits out the required spiel .. and he is the smartest and FASTEST person there!!

Jeeze, did I just sopend 5 minutes typing all that??

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