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Thu Nov 22, 2018, 02:26 AM Nov 2018

weird scene at the winn dixie (part 1)

there is an old homeless lady in my neighborhood, maybe a few years younger than me, she has cancer in her uterous and a social worker who occasionally finds her a group home. is it terrible that i don't remember her name?

she doesn't remember my name either, but sometimes i give her a ride to the social worker's.

i have been out of the hospital for about a week, and i look a little homeless myself. i've been told not to shave because i'm taking intravenous antibiotics and heperin to keep my blood from clotting. i guess one slip of a razor and the bathroom could be a real mess.

last sunday i was picking up litter on our street, about the most exercise that i can handle, when the old homeless lady asked me for a ride to the convenience store. she wanted something to eat for breakfast.

i had to go inside to get my wallet and keys. i saw 2 $20s sitting on top of my wallet, probably all the cash i had. when i dropped the old lady off at the store i handed her one of the $20s and wished her "happy thanksgiving." "bless you, " she replied as she closed the car door and slipped into the convenience store.

i spent the week doing the medical chores necessary to keep me out of the hospital. three intravenous antibiotics a day, 2 hours in the hyperbaric chamber, dressing the wound where my toe used to be, and taking hands full of pills several times a day.

meanwhile my wife could not decide what to do about thanksgiving. going out is not an option because of all the medical equipment i would have to drag to my brother's house, and he has enough of his own problems. having people in did not seem likely either.

we talked enough to know that cooking a turkey, even a small one, would be too much for just the 2 of us. i suggested a couple of cornish hens with stovetop stuffing, but she was not excited about that.

finally, wednesday, yesterday, she wanted a ride to the grocery........

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2. patience, annie, is a virtue
Thu Nov 22, 2018, 05:12 AM
Nov 2018

i promise several twists and a surprise ending but it is a work in progress, and i need to somehow leave out the wife going hysteric because winn dixie had no mince meat pie.........


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5. OMG, a mincemeat PIE?? She'll be lucky if she can even find mincemeat to make
Thu Nov 22, 2018, 09:06 AM
Nov 2018

her own pie.

I went to my local grocery to get my yearly jar of None Such mincemeat. (Years ago, they carried the dried block of mincemeat which you reconstituted yourself at home.) Usually, the store's large Thanksgiving display of Thanksgiving food items has the mincemeat, but paradoxically they didn't have that (very handy) display this year, so I had to ask where the mincemeat was.

Hilarity ensued. No one knew WHAT mincemeat was, and certainly not where it was. I told them that yes, they carried it every year right before Thanksgiving, for holiday pies. Finally, they brought out the big guns -- an older man who stocked the store. He went in the back and found a box of 12 jars. Score!

Oh, yeah, I'm dying to see Part 2. And hope you are fully recovered soon!


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6. a mincemeat pie was always part of thanksgining desert in my family
Thu Nov 22, 2018, 10:32 AM
Nov 2018

along with a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie.

it was also traditional in her family.

you are right, as the old bakeries have closed mincemeat pie has become very difficult to find without a special order. the mincemear is also difficult.

she likes martha white cornbread mix, another old product that has become hard to find. when i saw it on amazon i ordered a case. 24 boxes. t rhink she syill has a few. maybe amazon has mincemeat. i'd like to try the "none such" .....


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7. ahh, the nonesuch is available at the smuckers online store
Thu Nov 22, 2018, 10:38 AM
Nov 2018

and the recipe adds sugar so i can sub stevia and only raise my blood sugar by 100 points!


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3. It's a cliffhanger! Finish your coffee and finish the story!! 🙂😼😬🤨🧐😠🤔🙄
Thu Nov 22, 2018, 07:01 AM
Nov 2018

Plus, get better soon.

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