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Wed Jan 15, 2014, 07:17 PM Jan 2014

CNN reporting on Denver cannabis tourism

The reporter - inside a van of people smoking - paying $300.00 per person (!) to drive around Denver, visit different shops, smoke in the van, see the sites...and the reporter seems to have unintentionally inhaled...

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CNN reporting on Denver cannabis tourism (Original Post) RainDog Jan 2014 OP
LMAO .... better wash your clothes ... MindMover Jan 2014 #1
Those pen vapes... RainDog Jan 2014 #6
Lol...Randi is definitely enjoying her "contact high" BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #2
...and he's the one having the trouble talking RainDog Jan 2014 #3
LMFAO! That was great in every way. tridim Jan 2014 #4
She was funny - 72, healthy, spry, enjoying life RainDog Jan 2014 #5
yup yup -- that 'ol pudding proof theory in action tomm2thumbs Jan 2014 #7
Louis Armstrong RainDog Jan 2014 #8
As a sixty-eight year old retired teacher, who hasn't smoked a joint in thirty years, maddiemom Jan 2014 #13
you might like to read this RainDog Jan 2014 #14
Thanks! Very enlightening. maddiemom Jan 2014 #15
Also, you mentioned pot in Viet Nam. My brother served there and spent maddiemom Jan 2014 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author RainDog Jan 2014 #17
Sorry, it was in the article to which you referred. maddiemom Jan 2014 #18
I thought it might be someone else on this thread RainDog Jan 2014 #19
I didn't think the joints looked all that big. Half-Century Man Jan 2014 #9
Me neither. zeemike Jan 2014 #10
Big Bambu Half-Century Man Jan 2014 #11
I'm wondering if the asshats who run CNN; greiner3 Jan 2014 #12


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2. Lol...Randi is definitely enjoying her "contact high"
Wed Jan 15, 2014, 07:29 PM
Jan 2014

Not to mention Anderson's double take on "whipping out the big joint" (slow down, girl)...Fun, funny, fun.


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3. ...and he's the one having the trouble talking
Wed Jan 15, 2014, 07:36 PM
Jan 2014

stumbling over words.

she's just swaying at the counter and laughing.


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4. LMFAO! That was great in every way.
Wed Jan 15, 2014, 07:42 PM
Jan 2014

That grandmother's youthful spirit is precisely why Cannabis needs be legal everywhere, now.

Still wiping away the tears.


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8. Louis Armstrong
Wed Jan 15, 2014, 08:27 PM
Jan 2014

said he smoked gage, or ganja all his life because he grew up in the U.S. and had to deal with racism on a daily basis. A creative, happy, boundary-breaking genius of a musician - who was arrested for possession at one point. As was his wife. Luckily he was acceptable enough to white America because, beyond his path breaking work, he was so happy all the time. So he didn't end up serving prison time.

The rumor was that Louis Armstrong had Richard Nixon smuggle in some pot for him at one point. Even if the story isn't true, I sure wish it were...



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13. As a sixty-eight year old retired teacher, who hasn't smoked a joint in thirty years,
Thu Jan 16, 2014, 01:53 PM
Jan 2014

I used to tell my students from back more than forty years ago, that I was sure marijuana would be legal in a "few years"... or a few years after that, etc. These were serious discussions, and I was not trying to be cool or admit to having smoked it. Kids pretty much assumed that most of my generation had, partly because many of their parents were honest about their own experiences. I expect that a few states, like Colorado, in being honest, will spark a trend. This has been the most ridiculous prohibition (even more so than the tragic try with alcohol) in the history of the puritanical U.S.A. Both an uncle in a hospice due to cancer, and my mom, suffering from various ailments in a nursing home, had recourse to treatments from actual smoking to ingesting orally this demon substance. Fortunately they were in private institutions that, I myself, know I'll never be able to afford. At least our last three presidents admit to have indulged. I'd love to know I might get a few more tokes in my (increasingly achy) old age.


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14. you might like to read this
Fri Jan 17, 2014, 11:23 AM
Jan 2014

about the way the the decriminalization push during the Carter administration fell through.


I may be too optimistic, but I think the internet has made it possible for people to see that cannabis has been "main stream" all along, just not among those who benefit from it being illegal.

For so long, they took up all the air in the room, so to speak, with propaganda. imo, the "Drug Czar" office should be shut down. We do not need a govt. organization dedicated to propaganda to keep the drug war in place.


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16. Also, you mentioned pot in Viet Nam. My brother served there and spent
Fri Jan 17, 2014, 11:59 AM
Jan 2014

the following last year of his enlistment back home, living off base with some buddies. Tales of the availability and use of marijuana both "in country" and back home in the service were rampant among almost everyone who served among his friends and others I knew. Seems a blind eye was pretty much the case with superiors. As far as I know, my brother has rarely, if ever, smoked back home. Others I've known have, however.

Response to maddiemom (Reply #16)


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19. I thought it might be someone else on this thread
Fri Jan 17, 2014, 12:10 PM
Jan 2014

did you read that whole thing already? I hope I sent the right link. anyway, out the door for me. ttfn


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10. Me neither.
Wed Jan 15, 2014, 11:39 PM
Jan 2014

Obviously they have never seen one rolled out of the party paper that came with the Cheech and Chong album.

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