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Tue Aug 1, 2017, 12:11 PM Aug 2017

Inexcusable lack of Browder's testimony coverage

I am so upset about Bill Browder's congressional testimony lack of coverage. This was such a crucial and eloquent account if Putin's regime, Natalia Veseliniyzkaya, Magnitsky Act, Chaika, and so much more. And it was broadcasted live. You must see this in its entirety including some very important questions followed the testimony.

The entire Putin's regime is dependent on his ability to gurantee impunities and access to money to the thousands in his surrounding. The global Magnitsky Act and a possibility of adding additional names to the list have the power of destroying his entire regime! No small feat! The reason we are discovering so much more details about his dealings is that some people in his surrounding are leaking the info in an attempt to focrce him to fight harder for their impunities. It is his #1 goal to repeal Magnitsky Act and he will stop at nothing including launching a war. Those are endless billions that he has collected throughout his 'presidency'.

The fact that Browder is alive while there are hundreds that are funded by Russian governemnt to destroy him, is no small feat. He is Putin's enemy #1 who was instrumental in the passing of Magnitsky Act. The media needs to learn that whenever there is a colorful distraction set up by trump (e.g. scaramucci, uneforceable anti trans tween, etc.) is a sign that he wants us to distract from what really matters. Why can't even CNN just focus on that other, real, issue 100% on that day/week? Imagine if all CNN did is talk about Browder without even mentioning the mooch for the whole day or days.

Adoptions = 'Magnitsky Act'.
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Inexcusable lack of Browder's testimony coverage (Original Post) AlexSFCA Aug 2017 OP
The only reason I am not losing it over this as well is while the national media Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #1
A frickin men Gabi Hayes Aug 2017 #2
correct AlexSFCA Aug 2017 #3
k & r Achilleaze Aug 2017 #4
Me, too rainbow4321 Aug 2017 #5
that's the tragedy of it all AlexSFCA Aug 2017 #6

Eliot Rosewater

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1. The only reason I am not losing it over this as well is while the national media
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 12:14 PM
Aug 2017

appears to be purposely ignoring this, Mueller isnt.

Mueller and others have the russians and the trump crime family in their sights.

This much I know, now will trump and his cohorts end Mueller's investigation? Maybe, at which time we are no longer a country, our constitution is gone and the laws dont have meaning, right?


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3. correct
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 12:20 PM
Aug 2017

The point is that at the end of the day it's the public at large that matters. Trump is trying to discredit Mueller's character and may well fire him through proxies and fake incrimination. He is transitioning US into kleptocracy. God only knows if Putin offered him 50 billions or more for suspending Magnitsky Act and making trump the richest person in the world after putin.


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5. Me, too
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 01:56 PM
Aug 2017

Given how Putin kills off people who go up against him, this man has risked his life doing what he has done. When he said in his testimony that he has made this his life mission because Mr Magnitsky was murdered..it was heartbreaking to listen to.

And what does he get from our MSM? Minimal coverage and sure as hell no apparent long term coverage.

I've add to most of my posts about this his initial July 2016 complaint to the Justice Dept.

What we saw in his testimony was a small fraction of the big picture. The initial complaint connects the dots between the cast of characters in the meeting and US politicians/institutions.

It also describes in detail how the Russian attendees went to D.C. in the days after the meeting and met with or were around soooo many Repub party people. THIS exposes how the Russian agents and the D.C. "enablers", as Mr Browder describes them, have such a network in DC.
IMO, that is the root of all the shiny objects being thrown around by Trumpsters and the Repubs. That network gets exposed and it shines a light on all of the Russian/DC/Repub connection$.

It is 100+ pages..scroll down to pg 7 or 8 and it is the full, detailed initial complaint sent to the Judicial Dept in July 2016. Notice the names listed..all the meeting attendees, their backgrounds, dots are laid out and connected to D.C. and the Repub party.

Everyone right down to the Russian lawyer's interpreter had D.C. connections..he was a State Dept employee (contract worker, I believe) WHILE he was working with this circle of Russian agents. How the fuck does THAT happen? Hello, State Dept?? Got any other Russian agents who we need to know about? This guy reportedly quit the State Dept in September 2016, per one article I read but it is just one example of how entwined the Russian agents/agenda is in DC.



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6. that's the tragedy of it all
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 02:05 PM
Aug 2017

that he public is now expected to do journalists job, sounds like russia. Thanks for the document. The man is risking his life and livelihoods of his immidiate and extended family members by testifying in public and our media turns their backs on him opting to cover the 'colorful language' of 'the mooch' instead, on a looop 24hrs. Not even comedians covered it. This was even more important than Comey testimony as it provided way more details. Trump continues to be two steps ahead of all media and that is his real talent.
For heaven's sake, even on DU, Browder had minimal coverage and traction.

Retaliation by baning adoptions of russian orphans was an evil genius move by putin that compelled hundreds of families all over the US to petition their senators in repealing the Magnitsky Act.

All Mueller needs to do is follow the morney, from one shadow LLC to another, transaction by transaction and we may get a real chance to not just discredit trump but possibly to commit a real assult on putin's regime - corner him and his cronies to the point that even propaganda won't help them.

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