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Tue Feb 28, 2017, 02:53 AM Feb 2017

I'm a Silicon Valley liberal, and I traveled across the country to interview 100 Trump supporters

Silicon Valley startup incubator, Y Combinator. He did not vote for Donald Trump. But he wanted to learn about how the rest of America thinks and feels. So he spent months traveling the country, interviewing Trump supporters. He published his findings on his personal blog and has allowed Business Insider to publish them here as well.

After the election, I decided to talk to 100 Trump voters from around the country. I went to the middle of the country, the middle of the state, and talked to many online.

This was a surprisingly interesting and helpful experience — I highly recommend it. With three exceptions, I found something to like about everyone I talked to (though I strongly disagreed with many of the things they said). Although it shouldn't have surprised me given the voting data, I was definitely surprised by the diversity of the people I spoke to — I did not expect to talk to so many Muslims, Mexicans, Black people, and women in the course of this project.

Almost everyone I asked was willing to talk to me, but almost none of them wanted me to use their names — even people from very red states were worried about getting "targeted by those people in Silicon Valley if they knew I voted for him." One person in Silicon Valley even asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement before she would talk to me, as she worried she'd lose her job if people at her company knew she was a strong Trump supporter.

I wanted to understand what Trump voters liked and didn't like about the president, what they were nervous about, what they thought about the left's response so far, and most importantly, what would convince them not to vote for him in the future.

Obviously, this is not a poll and not "data." But I think narratives are really important.


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I'm a Silicon Valley liberal, and I traveled across the country to interview 100 Trump supporters (Original Post) mfcorey1 Feb 2017 OP
VERY VERY good article, the Russia Thing is a KILLER for Benedict Donald !!! uponit7771 Feb 2017 #1
Very interesting article--thank you! renate Feb 2017 #2
Might be easy for you RoadhogRidesAgain Feb 2017 #3
Well said! SammyWinstonJack Feb 2017 #5
I won't forgive those who only regret their choice when it affects THEM renate Feb 2017 #9
+1,000,000! nt tblue37 Feb 2017 #11
+++ nt heaven05 Feb 2017 #32
Just proves to me that there is little we have in common AJT Feb 2017 #4
I agree AndrewRN Feb 2017 #55
If only that were easy, the drawing the map would be impossible. Amishman Feb 2017 #59
Anyone that wants to live in a Trump like place can AJT Feb 2017 #60
For the most part, they zentrum Feb 2017 #6
Their problems haven't been ignored. dawg Feb 2017 #63
Yep. hunter Feb 2017 #70
Hold on there. zentrum Mar 2017 #80
The first step in better messaging is to stand behind our candidates. dawg Mar 2017 #81
I find this utterly depressing. LisaM Feb 2017 #7
The evil liberal boogyman Cosmocat Feb 2017 #12
If we are going to flirt with fascism, then Im hoping for 25% unemployment. The KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #24
Sadly, you could read "most corrupt candidate ever" here daily during the primaries Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #38
Sigh. I know. LisaM Feb 2017 #61
Sigh, I know. n/t LisaM Feb 2017 #65
I see this all the time: MountCleaners Feb 2017 #8
yeah.. nocalflea Feb 2017 #10
That's one thing that wasn't in the article - "where do you get your news?" JHB Feb 2017 #15
yes, that is very important bdamomma Feb 2017 #33
from business insider link-this was nocalflea Mar 2017 #82
EXACTLY Cosmocat Feb 2017 #13
When they use "snowflake" or "libtard"... MountCleaners Feb 2017 #19
it's a lame hypocritical argument, and it drives me crazy Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #67
From what I read.. coco22 Feb 2017 #14
Missing from the article is what shapes those views? Where do they get "information" from? JHB Feb 2017 #16
Exactly. These are people duped by RW propaganda n2doc Feb 2017 #21
toon n2doc Feb 2017 #35
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2017 #52
Spot on Pacifist Patriot Feb 2017 #72
Insults will not move independents, " What do you think about the left's response so far?" TexasProgresive Feb 2017 #17
OK, but... MountCleaners Feb 2017 #20
Some of these people were ours. They were duped and you were not. TexasProgresive Feb 2017 #22
There are mistakes, and then there are mistakes MountCleaners Feb 2017 #23
Well expect them to continue to vote against their selves. TexasProgresive Feb 2017 #25
They are racists. They were never OURS. n/t Coventina Feb 2017 #36
It's a lot more complex than, "They are (all) racists" TexasProgresive Feb 2017 #37
I don't buy it. Trump never opened his mouth without pure hate spilling out. Coventina Feb 2017 #39
I get that, but ultimately.... Adrahil Feb 2017 #41
They ARE racists (or they are OK with racism). And they most definitely ARE idiots. - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #26
Bingo! The truth is they support racism, blame others for their woes and do not understand the world LonePirate Feb 2017 #47
i predict that, like his predecessor Hoover, Trump will lead us to 25% KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #48
Why do investors see something so different? AJT Feb 2017 #57
There was irrational exuberance in the markets before the KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #58
Anticipation of deregulation. elias7 Feb 2017 #64
When they can reasonably explain why it's OK they voted for a racist, I'll stop calling them racist. Coventina Feb 2017 #34
+Infinity - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2017 #49
+1, what do they tell their kids !?!??!? uponit7771 Feb 2017 #53
Sam Altman Is a Coward oberliner Feb 2017 #18
"Stop calling us racists. Stop calling us idiots. HAB911 Feb 2017 #27
Yeah, my reply to that is... Adrahil Feb 2017 #43
Very interesting article, thanks! I wish they had taken the time to learn what Trump was RKP5637 Feb 2017 #28
why believe bdamomma Feb 2017 #40
Yep, he's a performer and a con artist ... and they fell for every bit of it. n/t RKP5637 Feb 2017 #54
Just as I thought... dchill Feb 2017 #29
What they don't like is that we called them on their bullshit. AgadorSparticus Feb 2017 #30
they really have a thing against bdamomma Feb 2017 #42
no forgivness heaven05 Feb 2017 #31
K&R bdamomma Feb 2017 #44
It never made sense to me why the average Trump voter Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #45
Exactly - they need to use basic common sense rufus dog Feb 2017 #71
Enlightening article and somewhat hopeful, IMHO NewJeffCT Feb 2017 #46
+++10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 nt atreides1 Feb 2017 #56
Plus infinity ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #69
From the responses: guillaumeb Feb 2017 #51
I detest MFM008 Feb 2017 #62
Interesting read. salin Feb 2017 #66
Nothing in that article surprises me ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #68
I've lost track of the numerous articles about travels and journeys to meet with Trump voters.. JHan Mar 2017 #76
Gee they don't like being called ignorant racists. NNadir Feb 2017 #73
We have a lot of uninformed and gullible people in this country. Beacool Feb 2017 #74
Thanks for that article. I wasn't suprised by their "Hillary more corrupt" BS. Buckeye_Democrat Feb 2017 #75
Waste of gasoline. roamer65 Mar 2017 #77
of course the people that want "security" DonCoquixote Mar 2017 #78
+ a zillion lunasun Mar 2017 #79


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1. VERY VERY good article, the Russia Thing is a KILLER for Benedict Donald !!!
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 03:19 AM
Feb 2017

The people in the article are anti immigrant, anti abortion, anti Hillary. We can thank the M$M with their "equally flawed candidate"....bullshit for the anti Hillary.

Maybe the real journalist can come out with a statement against the talking heads and their bullshit narratives about Clinton


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2. Very interesting article--thank you!
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 03:38 AM
Feb 2017

I do blame Trump voters for electing him and I do think they were absurdly shortsighted. But more important to me than making them rue and suffer personally for their bad choices is ensuring that nothing like this ever happen again, and for that reason I also think that we should welcome and forgive those who are willing to make the admission that they made a mistake. In these days of identity politics it's a brave and hard thing to do.



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3. Might be easy for you
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 04:03 AM
Feb 2017

They literally said in the article most of them voted for his anti abortion and anti immigrant policies.

Millions of people voted for a draft dodging scam artist who was being sued for running a fake university, mocked a disabled man, was caught on tape bragging about groping women (while married) with no government experience and trashed the parents of a fallen Muslim soldier because they felt he would screw women, minorities and immigrants

It's easy to forgive if the policies he made don't affect you, but to those of us who felt targeted by the rhetoric he spouted day in and day out for an entire year and is now implementing those measures, the fact that millions of people knowingly voted for such a disgrace of a man because he was the only one they felt would target a group of people makes it VERY personal. So "forgiveness" (which is codeword for appeasing and moderating policies to appeal to the right wingers) isn't exactly appealing. Screw them, and screw their ideology.


(13,776 posts)
9. I won't forgive those who only regret their choice when it affects THEM
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 05:01 AM
Feb 2017

I am happy to see them suffer the pain they thought would only affect others.


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4. Just proves to me that there is little we have in common
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 04:11 AM
Feb 2017

and each side wants a totally different country than the other. We need to split into two countries. They can have the dream of their tiny government country run by a "strongman" and we can have a country run like California.


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55. I agree
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:28 AM
Feb 2017

Even though most people cringe from the thought of our country breaking up I am starting to feel that it is inevitable - the differences are just becoming so polarizing.


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59. If only that were easy, the drawing the map would be impossible.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:57 AM
Feb 2017

Even half of California would want to be in Trumpland. Most cities are blue dots surrounded by red.


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60. Anyone that wants to live in a Trump like place can
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 12:01 PM
Feb 2017

move to wherever Trumpistan would be and other people could move to the Unites States of Rationality.


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6. For the most part, they
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 04:31 AM
Feb 2017

...fulfill every idea I have about them and the state of their knowledge, critical thinking and xenophobia.

Clearly their problems have been ignored by the powerful but their analysis of the cause and the cure is the exact problem I have with them. And meantime, they've pretty much opened the door to a world-wide catastrophe.


(10,626 posts)
63. Their problems haven't been ignored.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 01:42 PM
Feb 2017

Obama did a million things to help working class people, and would have done a million more but for the Republican Congress.

Hillary ran on the most progressive platform ever proposed by a major party in this country.

Quit buying into the lie that these people's needs have been "ignored". The only "need" of theirs that has been ignored is their *need* for a whiter, more Christian, country.


(38,362 posts)
70. Yep.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 06:44 PM
Feb 2017

All this sympathy for Trump voters is bullshit.

It's time to stop pandering to those who crave authoritarian government or have *need* for a whiter, more Christian, country. We need to make it clear to them exactly why they are wrong.

The majority of Trump voters I've met are anti-intellectual evangelical Christians.

The rest find some perverse comfort in authoritarian government.

I figure they were all abused as children by parents who stifled their natural curiosity, beating them for questioning authority or the family religion.

The U.S.A. has always had a mean racist streak. At least 30% of U.S. Americans would have been good compliant Nazis. If not for our geographic isolation and our Anglophile upper classes, the U.S.A. would have folded to the Nazis quicker than France. Ah, they're burning the corpses of useless people today, no big deal, just as portrayed in Amazon's The Man in the High Castle.


(9,866 posts)
80. Hold on there.
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 03:52 PM
Mar 2017

If the top Dem leadership does not heed the lessons of this disastrous last election we risk becoming truly irrelevant.

Obama voters stayed home in droves. How does your theory account for that?
We lost in states that went for Obama last time.
90 Million Americans did not vote.
The Dems have lost at all levels---governorships, and locals across the country. This is beyond the big prize of the WH. There is a problem and it can't all be explained as white backlash.
Obama himself has said Dem messaging about the ACA was poor and unclear. Check. It was.
The Dems are seen as the party of NAFTA and the TOP.
Did not prosecute a single criminal who gave us the Bush Recession.
In fact, their messaging & connecting was so poor that O himself was blamed for the effects of the recession--that this happened comes from messaging and leadership myopia.

The Dems, regardless of some moderately helpful policies, are no longer seen as fighting for or in touch with ordinary people in the middle of the country. On the one hand they really do have Neo-liberal policies that do redistribute income upward, and on the other, when they do something decent, they don't know how to explain it. There is some kind of disconnect. It's time to admit it and pay attention to the exhaustion of the country with politics as usual.

Clearly many T-voters are motivated by fear, hatred and racism. Though this is not more dangerous than the systemic white privilege that dominates everywhere. Let's hope Perez can reach those lost O-voters. And those voters who were so uninspired they stayed home. Because we need to start winning down ticket offices fast.


(10,626 posts)
81. The first step in better messaging is to stand behind our candidates.
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 11:12 PM
Mar 2017

We'll never be able to convince swing voters to support our candidates while a third of our party is gleefully accusing them of being corporate sellouts.


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7. I find this utterly depressing.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 04:34 AM
Feb 2017

Last edited Tue Feb 28, 2017, 05:48 PM - Edit history (1)

I know people like this. I don't call them idiots. I even like some of them. But I woke up the morning after the election with the dismal realization that there are people in this country who hate me, even though I'm a small footprint person who gladly pays taxes, votes for schools even though I don't have kids (and they invariably do), so on down the line, I'm sure many of you get the picture. But anyone who could have watched those debates and come away with the notion that Hillary is the "most corrupt candidate ever" just operates in a different sphere. If you refer to Reagan as corrupt they deny it and I guess they forgot or ignore Nixon. If you bring up Harding, you're an elitist for being educated. I guess the best case is for them to be - quickly - utterly disillusioned by DT. I prefer it would be because of Russian collusion than to see my fellow citizens dragged into searing poverty.


(14,604 posts)
12. The evil liberal boogyman
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 07:11 AM
Feb 2017

We sit were we are today because of 30 plus years of high intensity demagogueing of the evil liberal.

They do in fact hate "us" or, what they have been brain washed to believe we are - every bad thing rush Limbaugh, 1,000s of profiteering right wing media and elected officials have screamed about in hateful, disconnected from reality, rages every waking moment for over a quarter century.

A day, it only gets worse each day, becauseven facts, reason, reality lose ground to their absurd "beliefs" each and every day.



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24. If we are going to flirt with fascism, then Im hoping for 25% unemployment. The
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 09:00 AM
Feb 2017

bastards who voted for Trump DESERVE another Great Depression. Votes have consequences and they ALL. DESERVE to suffer for their stupidity. I will make an exception for their kids. But that's it!


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8. I see this all the time:
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 04:46 AM
Feb 2017
"You all can defeat Trump next time, but not if you keep mocking us, refusing to listen to us, and cutting us out. It's Republicans, not Democrats, who will take Trump down."

They're so thin-skinned. I haven't cut my ties to friends and acquaintances who voted for Trump, because I want to learn WHY. What I hear (or read) a lot is this "you people are so mean" business. It's like some people are conservative because they feel "attacked" or criticized by the other side.

I just don't have any sympathy for them. We on the left get criticism from right-wing talk radio all of the time. It doesn't ruin my day. It doesn't hurt my feelings. This is childishness. You don't vote for someone because your feelings were hurt.

These people are so thin-skinned. The one thing I hope for is that this presidency will give them plenty of time and opportunity to realize how defensive they are, and some might get tired of feeling embattled and negative (it can't be fun being them) and have a change of heart.


(1,387 posts)
10. yeah..
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 06:20 AM
Feb 2017

and when did we become violent ? Whats that all about ? Or do they equate protest with violence ? Anarchists aren't liberals.When's the last time a liberal went on a shooting rampage ? I hear them of accusing the left of violence alot lately-I don't get it.(BLM ? , most are peaceful and those who aren't are either acting out of years of frustration or they're there for the wrong reason).
I didn't realize I was soooo threatening -and yeah, I'm white so I know it's not the color of my skin that scares them.


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15. That's one thing that wasn't in the article - "where do you get your news?"
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 07:38 AM
Feb 2017

Last edited Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:53 AM - Edit history (1)

Because if it's Fox, Beck, Brietbart, Townhall, Red state, evangelical "talk" shows, etc., the Black Bloc dingleberries are the face of liberals and the left. Remember how breathless they were about the New Black Panther Party, even though it's a legit question if they have enough actual members to fill a school bus?

Axe-grinding is addictive and hallucinogenic, and those outlets are like crack-houses for it. And once there's enough of them, once it reaches a critical threshold, it's just a haze in the air like cigarette smoke used to be, back in the day. It gets into everything.


(63,998 posts)
33. yes, that is very important
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:07 AM
Feb 2017

where ARE they getting their news from?? is it all right wing sites who do not present the facts and truth and years of being brainwashed?

the people that were interviewed are in for a great shock, but I there is definitely a division on how they view things and how we view things.

They seem they are envious of the East Coast/West Coast thing. Too bad.


(1,387 posts)
82. from business insider link-this was
Thu Mar 2, 2017, 04:40 AM
Mar 2017

in the article (don't know if you read entire article ) you might have missed it
"The amount of violent attacks and economic attacks perpetrated by the left are troublesome. My wife and I recently moved to the Bay Area. I was expecting a ...

In the comment section of various sites (from PBS Newshour to Mediate) Trump supporters accuse left of being violent. I don't engage because I know it would be pointless,but I am interested in what others think.
I don't visit alt-right sites (read an article in breitbart once & comments were so racist -Obama referred to as N in C in place of C in C) I have no desire to repeat the experience.


(14,604 posts)
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 07:18 AM
Feb 2017

They have crafted this absurd, fantasy world totally disconnected from reality, and it is like we are bullies at the beach who run through and kick down the sand castle they have built their entire life by simply putting forward the truth.

They just matter of fact spew complete falsehoods, call us libtards, socialists, tax and spenders, all the bullshit, then are like 5 year Olds when you simply state facts and don't back down from them.

Nothing hurts their feelings more than the plain truth.


(1,148 posts)
19. When they use "snowflake" or "libtard"...
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:14 AM
Feb 2017

I tell them that they are not thinking before they post. They actually think they are hurting someone's feelings. So I tell them that this is silly : they're just giving their opponents more ammunition to feel superior when they use clichés instead of real arguments. I think that arguing about politics is new to a lot of them, they just don't get it that they have to be logical.


(1,258 posts)
14. From what I read..
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 07:34 AM
Feb 2017

His supporters are just as crazy as Trump. They are afraid of him but they like him and are willing to follow him.


(37,170 posts)
16. Missing from the article is what shapes those views? Where do they get "information" from?
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 07:58 AM
Feb 2017

That part of those narratives is important too, but it's absent.

How many of them get most of their news from outlets that bill themselves as "we tell you the TRUTH, not like the lying liberal media!" and then proceed to hand out complete or highly spun horseshit like it's chocolate? How many of the people he talked to eat that up, and then jeer at everyone else for being "low information voters"?

Without that, it isn't particularly enlightening. Nothing here that I didn't know already just from paying attention.


(47,953 posts)
21. Exactly. These are people duped by RW propaganda
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:23 AM
Feb 2017

You can tell by their responses- Liberals are mean, violent, nasty, etc. etc. The same propaganda that RW hate radio and Fox uses to keep them under control. I am sure had the author gone a bit deeper in his discussions he would have found that all of them get their 'news' from the same places.

Ultimately, we as a nation are going to have to confront this and marginalize hate radio if we are ever going to bring back these people to reality.


(12,165 posts)
17. Insults will not move independents, " What do you think about the left's response so far?"
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:02 AM
Feb 2017
"You need to give us an opportunity to admit we may have been wrong without saying we're bad people. I am already thinking I made a mistake, but I feel ostracized from my community."

"The left is more intolerant than the right." Note: This concept came up a lot, with real animosity in otherwise pleasant conversations.

"Stop calling us racists. Stop calling us idiots. We aren't. Listen to us when we try to tell you why we aren't. Oh, and stop making fun of us."


(12,165 posts)
22. Some of these people were ours. They were duped and you were not.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:38 AM
Feb 2017

But answer me this; did someone rubbing your nose in a mistake make you dig in deeper? That's kind of human nature. we tend to stubbornly stick to our guns when backed into a corner.

It is understandable that you are angry at what they have done to the rest of us. You need to channel that energy into something that will effect real change. What Sam Altman has done is to get a conversation going and allowed them to start thinking about the possible results of what their votes will do. By asking questions in a non-judgemental way Altman has let them express, yes, their reasons for voting for 'Rump but also the fact that they are concerned about what may happen now. This is good. It is very dangerous in any conflict when neither group will honestly parley.


(1,148 posts)
23. There are mistakes, and then there are mistakes
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:48 AM
Feb 2017

This is a pretty serious mistake - tantamount to reckless driving. I will be civil, but to refrain from judgment would be to suppress my true feelings. No, I won't "rub it in", but if you voted for Trump, you're not someone I'm likely to respect. I can't help that - sorry. Respect must be earned.


(12,165 posts)
25. Well expect them to continue to vote against their selves.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 09:03 AM
Feb 2017

Spite is a waste of energy regardless of the direction.


(12,165 posts)
37. It's a lot more complex than, "They are (all) racists"
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:31 AM
Feb 2017

Some, maybe a lot, are racists. But there are those who honestly thought that the royal 'Rump was going to lift their lives out of the miasma of despair. While it seems plain to us that he was not going to help anyone but himself and his cronies it was not so for so grasping at straws while drowning in unemployment, debt and foreclosure.

True they should've seen the light at the end of that tunnel in a President Clinton but they had not seen much improvement during the terms of President Obama. I am not suggesting it was his fault as he inherited the horrible mess of the last puke buffoon and an increasingly puke congress that wish to make his presidency a failure. It seems we are always having to clean up the economic and military messes of the puke misadminstrations instead of being able to put our energy into real progress.


(27,234 posts)
39. I don't buy it. Trump never opened his mouth without pure hate spilling out.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:33 AM
Feb 2017

Anyone who found a message of hope for their lives had to connect it with the hate he was selling.

There is no other reasonable answer.



(13,340 posts)
41. I get that, but ultimately....
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:37 AM
Feb 2017

How are we supposed to respond. I don't necessarily want to do an "I told you so" dance, but for some folks, just mentioning Trump's gross incompetence seems to be triggering. I mean, geez, I'm sorry they feel bad, but they need to own the mistake and correct it.


(13,460 posts)
47. Bingo! The truth is they support racism, blame others for their woes and do not understand the world
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:49 AM
Feb 2017

The vast amount of racism, the complete lack of personal responsibility (allegedly the most important personal characteristic to conservatives) and the sheer ignorance of how this country and the economy operate were staggering.

How do you educate people with absolutely no self-awareness and with no interest in learning anything beyond their narrow and uninformed world view? F*** them, I say. They made this sh*t bed and now they can lie in it.



(7,908 posts)
48. i predict that, like his predecessor Hoover, Trump will lead us to 25%
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:02 AM
Feb 2017

unemployment and massive, MASSIVE suffering unseen since the early 1930s. That's how you educate people, I think. Make 'em stand in long bread lines with blacks, Latinos, Muslims and Asians and they will eventually get it.



(7,908 posts)
58. There was irrational exuberance in the markets before the
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:54 AM
Feb 2017

Great Crash of 1929 too.

Look at the underlying fundamentals. Trump's new budget promises to cut various sources of consumption while not doing a damned thing to stimulate the economy. That's a recipe for a reprise of at least the Great Recession of 2006, if not the Great Depression.


(27,234 posts)
34. When they can reasonably explain why it's OK they voted for a racist, I'll stop calling them racist.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:08 AM
Feb 2017

When they can construct a reasonable argument why Donald Trump was the better choice than Hillary, I will stop calling them idiots.

ETA: When they can provide a valid reason why it is OK for Russia to interfere in with our election, I will stop calling them traitors.



(58,724 posts)
18. Sam Altman Is a Coward
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 08:11 AM
Feb 2017
Altman has steadfastly refused to do the one thing that would serve as a substantial rebuke of the Trump administration: Cut ties with his business partner Peter Thiel, an avowed Trump ally.


Interesting article about the "Silicon Valley liberal" of the OP.


(67,112 posts)
28. Very interesting article, thanks! I wish they had taken the time to learn what Trump was
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 09:18 AM
Feb 2017

really about before they voted for him. Millions understood what he was about and did not want him to be president, now, everyone has to suffer for their lack of research and insight.


(63,998 posts)
40. why believe
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:36 AM
Feb 2017

a reality TV celebrity anyway? Someone with no political experience, that is like going to a baker to have surgery.

They will realize their big mistake.


(7,963 posts)
30. What they don't like is that we called them on their bullshit.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 09:38 AM
Feb 2017

They spout an awful lot of the fox, right wing breitbart bullshit and when we question it, oh no! The mean liberal left is being "intolerant" so I am going to vote for a guy that is a monster instead just to defy them.

They ignore facts. One person said that it would be a deal breaker if the corruption was true. Before he was even elected, Trump was a proven crook! But they refuse to accept the facts because it didn't fit into THEIR narrative. They were looking for some saviour...facts be damned. They created false ideas of what trump is and expected the liberal left to disregard reality and go along with them. And if we pointed out that the emperor has no clothes on, we were bullying them. Well, FUCK YOU, snowflake!! Dig in your heels then. But it won't change reality. I am not your enemy. The guy you voted for, the one you ignored all the incriminating evidence is your enemy. And now you made him MY enemy too. Don't expect me to tip toe around your sensitivities when he is out to destroy education, human rights, civil rights, womens health, healthcare in general, environment, democracy...everything!

If you don't want to be called a racist, quit acting like one. Quit supporting people who are openly racist. Quit sympathizing with racist assholes. Ignorance is just not gonna cut it.

As for the anti abortion, if they are against it, I don't suggest they get it. But they sure as hell don't get to dictate to others what to do. You don't get to come at me with your dogma and EXPECT me to cowtow. The religious dogma in this country is out of control. Here is a dialogue I had with a woman I worked with in the past and is a trump supporter:
Her: have you ever accepted Jesus christ into your heart?
Me: yes
Her: how long ago was that?
Me: 35 yrs ago
Her: it is only good for 6mo. You need to renew.

I. Shit. You. Not.

I get wanting to dialogue and try understanding the other person's pov. But these people are not interested in dialogue. They are not interested in facts or reality. They are into their own dogma.

I am so over that. We need to just stoke the fire that has already been lit and move forward. 2018 or bust my friends.


(63,998 posts)
42. they really have a thing against
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:38 AM
Feb 2017

the facts, truth and just being sane. And there is nothing wrong being intellectual either.



(18,124 posts)
31. no forgivness
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 09:40 AM
Feb 2017

no retreat on my disdain and disgust with the people who voted for boy-potus puppet to make ameriKKKa white again. This is the main reason 99.5% voted for prezidents bannon and miller. I will give a sliver of acceptance to the .5% who had no clue as to who they were voting for or just voted for the clown as a protest vote to the D.C political beauracracy. But just a sliver because the ones who voted for racism, sexism, xenophobia, to have a racist anti-semite walking the hall of 1600 are laughing at your ignorance, LOUD, so may the pox that is overtaking ameriKKKa strike you first and make you fucking miserable.

Loss of health care coverage created by an administration that tried to look out for the uninsured, your fault. Loss of Social Security and Medicare, which I, a retired man of 69, can possible lose under this administration, your fault. The pain and misery caused to thousands of people deported already many who worked and 'slaved' at minimum wage jobs that not many americans/ameriKKKans would do, your fault. The upsurge in anti-jewish incidents, graveyards and jewish centers, your fault. The upsurge in the quiet, but not for long, summer is coming, uptick of white nationalist and racist groups gaining members and getting bold about their crossburnings and hate demonstrations against ALL PoC and others not white, male and female, KKKristian, your fault.

So all who want to understand a trump voter, try if you must. I don't need to understand them, I've been dealing with them in varying degrees since I was a child, so did my parents, their parents....... TO HELL WITH all TRUMP VOTERS. This now the 2nd American/AmeriKKKan Civil War.....blue and red this time.


(55,445 posts)
45. It never made sense to me why the average Trump voter
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:44 AM
Feb 2017

is such a whiny, hyper-sensitive snowflake and why we've always got to give them special status and fucking bend over backwards to "understand" them... And every time some pundit from a coastal metropolis goes on a navel-gazing "anthropological study" through middle/southern America it only feeds their bass-ackwards egos...

Thinking we can win them over to our side, or that they *really* were only concerned with economics and jobs rather than ethnic cleansing and ideological purges is a fool's errand. Did we learn nothing from that fake-assed Tea Party?


(56,829 posts)
46. Enlightening article and somewhat hopeful, IMHO
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 10:44 AM
Feb 2017

I've said this over and over since the election - we don't need to win over every Trump supporter out there - it's not going to happen. However, there are several things in that article that are going to turn *some* Trump voters off - Russia, jobs, corruption, etc. If you can flip 1, 2 or 3 out of every 100 Trump voters it will make a huge difference. Convince another 1, 2 or 3 out of 100 to not vote Republican or stay home and it's a huge difference as well.

If just 1 voter in 100 had flipped last November, Clinton would have won Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida. The story would have been that Republicans can't win at the presidential level anymore instead of Democrats in disarray/disheartened/divided.


(24,461 posts)
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:13 AM
Feb 2017

I don't build bridges with people who blame the powerless for the destruction of the powerful.

I don't build bridges with people who espouse tired excuses like "YOU MADE ME DO IT!!1!!!", which essentially are the words of an abuser.

I don't build bridges with people who are morally in the Bronze Age, economically in the Gilded Age, culturally in the Antebellum South and technologically in the mid-1990s.

I don't build bridges with people who regard themselves as victims when their party controls all parts of government, has an entire religion co-opting their policies, has a media which bends over backwards to broadcast their narrative, utilizes a self-destructive near-pure Capitalism subscribed to by much of the political spectrum and is funded by the same evil sociopaths that pollute our earth, bankrupt our kids, criminalize sick people and reinstituted slavery with the modern prison labor system.

I don't build bridges with people who hate women so much that they'll put an unqualified serial sexual assaulter in office over a qualified moderate who would preserve Obama's path.

And most importantly, I'm not building bridges with someone who thought "President Donald Trump" was a great idea in the first place; it'd be like trying to reanimate squished roadkill.


(42,641 posts)
51. From the responses:
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:21 AM
Feb 2017
"He's crazy, but it's a tactic to get other nations not to mess with us."
"I worry he will drive us apart as a nation. I believed him when he said that would stop with the campaign, but I haven't seen signs of it so far."
"I am nervous that his mental health is actually bad."
"I worry he is actually going to roll back social change we've fought so hard for. But I hope not."

And in spite of these serious reservations, they voted for him anyway.


(19,848 posts)
62. I detest
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 01:20 PM
Feb 2017

What these idiots subjected the rest of us to by chosen this pussy grabbing probable rapist / grifter of low morals and no character.
A 70 year old spoiled brat.
As he rampages over our democracy and environment and rides over the bodies of the poor and needy.
He and they can FUCK themselves with a garden weasel.


(42,037 posts)
68. Nothing in that article surprises me
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 06:21 PM
Feb 2017

I already knew about the single issue anti-choice and anti-immigranvoters.

I still won't give bigotry a chance. No matter where it comes from or what their background is.

To support Trump, one has to be 1) a bigot of some kind--the caveat being the bigotry is always justified in the bigots mind, whether from personal events in ones life or cultural influence 2) politically ignorant to the degree that one is unable to see past ones personal filter. At all. 3) suffer from a personality disorder or other mental illness that makes one prone to believe conspiracy theories 4) a toxic sexist aka asshole.

These people voted for a man who said it was fine to sexually assault women, and thought nothin about leering at 15 year olds as though they were cattle.


(10,173 posts)
76. I've lost track of the numerous articles about travels and journeys to meet with Trump voters..
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 12:00 AM
Mar 2017

..like a quest.

so tiresome


(33,621 posts)
73. Gee they don't like being called ignorant racists.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:22 PM
Feb 2017

They could avoid this by, um, not being ignorant racists.

I'm not going to kiss their ass because of the clause in the Constitution put there by slave holders creating an electoral college.

The majority of Americans voted against their bigot.

History will not forgive those racist idiots who voted for their bigot.

And history will sweep them aside and record who and what they were. They were people whose hatred for Hillary Clinton, a fine intelligent and caring woman, and whose hatred of Mexicans and non-white Americans exceeded their love for the country.

Live by the sword, die by it. Hatred has never created peace.


(30,254 posts)
74. We have a lot of uninformed and gullible people in this country.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:39 PM
Feb 2017

One of the few times that I agreed with William Safire was when he stated that we are a nation of nitwits.

I don't even consider Trump to be a real Republican, he's just an opportunist who used that party to acquire power. I don't understand how someone could vote for an individual who started his campaign by calling Mexicans killers and rapists. A person who said that AA live in poverty and have no education. A man who made fun of the disabled, who insulted a POW (McCain) by saying that he preferred his heroes to not have been captured. A person who said that he could grab women by their private parts because he was a "star". The list goes on......

How can someone who considers themselves to be a good "God fearing" person vote for such a hateful man?


(14,861 posts)
75. Thanks for that article. I wasn't suprised by their "Hillary more corrupt" BS.
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 11:58 PM
Feb 2017

It's the effect of years of right-wing propaganda against her.

Their propaganda works, unfortunately.

Look at the percentage of Americans who believed that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks before the invasion. It was a MAJORITY back then despite no such evidence!! NOW, when that false premise is no longer necessary to support their Republican leader, a large majority of Americans don't believe that Saddam was involved.

Look up a Pew Research poll from a few years ago about conspiracy theories. Very few Americans believe there was a vast conspiracy to fake the Moon landings, for example, yet a majority of Republicans (and too many Democrats) believe there's a vast conspiracy among climate scientists to promote global warming! Why? Because that's what they hear from the propagandists!

Look up a recent Gallup poll of how Americans feel about immigration as an "important issue" compared to years past. Now that Trump, and thus his right-wing propagandists, are talking about it as a major problem... many Americans think it's a major problem!


(13,616 posts)
78. of course the people that want "security"
Wed Mar 1, 2017, 12:16 AM
Mar 2017

and say it never comes from government are the same people who get overtime, do not eat toxic meat, and have highways.

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