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Feeling the Bern

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Fri Dec 16, 2016, 03:23 AM Dec 2016

I go after Trumpers and Conservaturds hard now (facebook pic heavy) FtB for the WIN!

Here is the article that started the exchange. I challenged one of my badge licking, cops can do no wrong, Obama is the devil, go Trump fraternity brothers who is a police officer to defend the indefensible. When I post things about cops doing awful shit, I ask him to defend it. Normally, he finds the most arcane crap in the world.

Again, if people don't like how I conduct myself in arguing, I refuse to take roads anymore. I will use the same tactics they use on us. It throws them off their game. Difference is they use lies with their tactics, I use facts.

We are both Jewish and espouse the "help the poor" attitudes. I am pretty much daring him to take the bait. He does, naturally; hook, line, and sinker.

First tactic is to accuse me of not reading the article. Smackdown #1. I read it and knew every word.
Second tactic is to go the "the law is the law and you must obey." Now, it's all about the spider playing with the fly.

Police maintain law and order. My response to that is at the bottom of the photo. Remember to submit, conform and obey.
Oh, then we get the "homeless people had more money than I have" shit. Michael Savage says that a lot. The welfare queen argument. . .so thoroughly debunked, I will not waste my time or bandwidth even acknowledging it.

Now, it's time to go in for the kill about "the law is the law." Remember, slavery was the law too. So was the fugitive slave act, the Indian Removal Act, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Jim Crow laws. . .police must enforce laws.

Law and order. Maybe we should just cancel our rights as Americans and accept fascism, statism and authoritarianism completely.

Time for the Trumper to go to the old reliable ace up the sleeve: The "this is a huge leap argument." Also, time to pull out I am a bigot because "not all cops are bad."

I expected this. . .I love the statistic used. 98% of cops are good. No evidence, no verifiable statistics that can be cross checked and referenced. Just a number pulled out of the ass. These Trumper law and order people don't seem to understand that cops, by nature of their jobs, must be held to a higher standard. One bad story is one too many.

Time to bring up "sodomy" and "interracial marriage" laws are gone so your argument is irrelevant. Failed to understand I am using his "the law is the law." Remember, women were beaten and imprisoned for trying to vote in this country before 1920.

Now, I hate using Wikipedia, but I brought up the Nazi laws for the homeless. I used wikipedia because it was really late here in Asia, I am an insomniac but I didn't want to do heavy research. Remember, we don't mark the homeless.

We just fine them, then imprison them for failing to pay the fine, thus giving them a criminal record, making them even more unemployable because most employers won't hire a homeless person because good old American propaganda has brainwashed people into thinking the homeless are all addicts, alcoholics, or have mental/emotional problems. Now we have that propaganda, along with a criminal record. Way to fucking kick people when they are down.

Finally, he makes the wrong statement in his last bullshit attempt to save face: Because the are too poor to pay the fine, we should give them a pass.

No, asshole. Police should use discretion and impart spirit of law. This "anti-camping" law is solely designed to make the actions of homeless people illegal, like anti-loitering and anti-panhandling laws. You can't make being homeless illegal, just make their actions needed to survive illegal.

So I lowered the boom on police enforcing bad laws and not using the discretion in enforcement.

One of my old high school buddies, who is just as as much of moonbat as me (he works as an environmental scientist as was a delegate at the DNC this year) chimes in.

HE also related that he missed his train at Penn Station in NYC and had to wait a few hours to get another one. So he took his stuff and sat on a bench and fell asleep waiting. A nazi NYPD officer took his baton, hit his feet and told him to move along because my buddy could be arrested for vagrancy. My buddy went off, pulled out his wallet, pulled out his DNC delegate credentials, pulled out his train ticket then told the fucking officer to get his sargeant and his lieutenant all the while taping it on his phone.

I watched it. My buddy go the officer's name and badge number and wouldn't let the officer go until the supervisor came. The back peddling was so fun to watch. I told my buddy he could do that because he's white. If he were black, he's be shot.

Then I told him about 24 hour fast food places in China. You realize here, people sleep there all the time. The restaurants don't kick people out for vagrancy and a lot of time, the places give those sleeping there something to eat and drink (24 Hour McDonalds and KFC here in China do that all the time). And this is authoritarian China.

HE then said he remembered watching a video about Ai Wei Wei and his supporters complaining when the Chinese police hit them. HE started laughing and said, if were the States, the cops would have shot them, then planted drugs and a gun on them and come up with a CYA of "I was in fear of my life."

My wife said that she did that twice in University because she couldn't get back to her dormitory because she didn't have enough for the taxis. I said that would get you arrested in the States. She then asked me how can Americans truly call themselves free if you can arrested for everything? I said "propaganda is always effective in bullshitting an ignorant population. Look at you. You people still think Mao was a great man. . a man who caused the murder and death of over 100 million people in his life." She just turned back to the TV and said "I said it before. Chinese cops are useless. American cops are dangerous. I'd rather have useless than dangerous."

After all the shit that has happened that I've mentioned, including Freddie Gray, the DaPL protests and what these cops bastards are doing in Denver, I can't help but agree.

Anyway, how did I do dealing with Trumper?

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I go after Trumpers and Conservaturds hard now (facebook pic heavy) FtB for the WIN! (Original Post) Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 OP
I admire your ability to stay focused .. busterbrown Dec 2016 #1
Here in China, I'm used to dealing with the 50 Cent Army and how they hijack things Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 #2
WTF is a "homeless shelter?" resistance2016 Dec 2016 #3
It's like an abortion clinic. Something made up. Abortion Clinic - conservative language for Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 #4


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1. I admire your ability to stay focused ..
Fri Dec 16, 2016, 03:59 AM
Dec 2016

within the confines of your exchange.. I’m going nuts just reading it all.. Good Job!


Feeling the Bern

(3,839 posts)
2. Here in China, I'm used to dealing with the 50 Cent Army and how they hijack things
Fri Dec 16, 2016, 04:03 AM
Dec 2016

Google China Uncensored and 50 Cent Army video.

I don't allow people off the hook. Once I debunk their shit and put them on the defensive, I've won!



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3. WTF is a "homeless shelter?"
Fri Dec 16, 2016, 05:10 AM
Dec 2016

I live in the south, if that's of any importance. I honestly have never seen a "homeless shelter." I've heard of them, but never seen one. Where I live, a "homeless shelter" is a bridge.


Feeling the Bern

(3,839 posts)
4. It's like an abortion clinic. Something made up. Abortion Clinic - conservative language for
Fri Dec 16, 2016, 06:00 AM
Dec 2016

pre-natal clinic.

You know the language

Blue Skies Initiative - Deregulate pollution controls
Death Tax - Inheritance Tax
Thug - Black protesters
Moocher - Minimum Wage earner
Spoiled Brat - White protester under 21 years old

Countless others, but you get the idea.

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