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Mon Nov 21, 2016, 09:27 AM

Stop Being Played, America -or- Honeybadger Trump doesn't give a f***!

Trump's entire election campaign was based on getting and keeping his name in the news by any crude means necessary and he was more than willing to create shitstorms about his own behavior to distract us (formal media, social media, citizen conversations) from serious issues.

This largely explains, IMO, why the campaign was the most policy-free ever and why his horrific statements and lies did not matter. After grabbing our attention with one thing, he moved on to the next thing offensive statement, show of incompetency, promise that he had no intention of trying to fulfill.

My point: Trump is a honeybadger - he doesn't give a F*** what people think! He does not feel shame, his tweets pull us back again and again to discussions about his character that distract us from his behaviors and their consequences for us all...

Asa Bennett's graphs from Google Analytics show the Hamilton tweet distract us from Trump U and when attention to his Hamilton tweet started to fade, the SNL tweet took over.



Stop Being Played, America....

To the best of my ability I am going to ignore his Tweets in favor of conversations about his behaviors that will effect the citizenry and how we can resist... including Green Day videos.

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