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Tue Oct 4, 2016, 11:42 PM Oct 2016

My letter to Morning Joe - now if I could figure out where to send it

Dear Mika and Joe –

Watching Morning Joe this morning I realized that you are missing a large chunk of the story. You wonder why the polls don’t show Hillary leading more than she is. As a Hillary supporter from the start (and I’m a Vermonter) I have not answered one single poll. Why? The answer is obvious. I have seen Clinton attacked her entire political career. She has been more transparent, level-headed and focused than anyone I know. Her email controversy was a never-ending media circus. Where was the prosecution and endless media outrage over the Bush Administration funneling 22 million emails through a RNC private server and deleting them during some of the darkest moments of U.S. history (www.newsweek.com)? Where was the outrage over Colin Powell’s use of a private server? (At least Clinton kept her emails.) The Benghazi hearings are what convinced me to vote for Hillary over Bernie. She remained cool and in command of her emotions when a normal person would have exploded over such disrespect and attack on their character. How many hearings did Bush have to suffer through when 13 embassies were attacked and 94 people killed, 10 of them being Americans? And this doesn’t include the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad during the Iraq war. Even now when Clinton is ahead, the media gives Trumps like 85% of the coverage. He just has to say something outrageous and that is all that is spewed out of mainstream media for the next week.

Trump’s goal seems to be to stir the pot of racism, division and hatred. His message resonates with people who want to blame someone for their perceived wrongs. Basically they are itching for a fight. We see violence against protesters at their rallies. Trump talks of shooting Clinton and removing her bodyguards. So no, I will not slap a Clinton sticker on my bumper so some hateful bigot will ram my back end or key my car while I’m in the grocery store. Nor will I plant a Clinton campaign sign in my lawn so that my home is vandalized. And I have blocked all pollsters on my phones. I will not argue with fools who cannot see that they are being fooled. If they don’t see it now they never will. But yes, I will be at the voting booth come election time and so will all the others I’ve networked with anonymously and in my private circles. And yes, Clinton will be elected President, no thanks to the media that favored ratings over the truth.

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My letter to Morning Joe - now if I could figure out where to send it (Original Post) gg4usa Oct 2016 OP
Mail it to Joe Scum's ass. . .that's what he talks out of most of the time Feeling the Bern Oct 2016 #1
Excellent letter. Auntie Bush Oct 2016 #2
Here is this link for contacting Joe. RKP5637 Oct 2016 #3
[email protected] nt pkdu Oct 2016 #4
LMAO! Stellar Oct 2016 #8
K&R...I really like this letter. rusty quoin Oct 2016 #5
Tuesday's 'Morning Joe' was the worst ever (and that's saying something!) Retired George Oct 2016 #6
They know the truth RandiFan1290 Oct 2016 #7
Great letter... Stellar Oct 2016 #9
He tweets so figure out his real address and make it short. lindysalsagal Oct 2016 #10
Flush it down the toilet and they'll get it wheniwasincongress Oct 2016 #11
Here u go..... Cycle2016 Oct 2016 #12

rusty quoin

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5. K&R...I really like this letter.
Wed Oct 5, 2016, 12:06 AM
Oct 2016

I have always felt the same way. I don't advertise my politics, because all the crazy people are on the right. They are the ones with all the guns, and they do things like drive a woman off the road, if she has a Hillary bumper sticker, regardless of a child in the back seat. They are American terrorist, and Trump loves them.


Retired George

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6. Tuesday's 'Morning Joe' was the worst ever (and that's saying something!)
Wed Oct 5, 2016, 04:24 AM
Oct 2016

These people should be shipped off to F0X, where Joe can shout over everyone while Mika plays his obedient slave.


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9. Great letter...
Wed Oct 5, 2016, 05:52 AM
Oct 2016

but Joe is doing everything that his corporate boss's require from him. He done mostly what Olbermann has initially did but those same boss's couldn't wait to get rid of Keith's liberal behind while they pull Joe closer to them.
Joe is the only one that gets to spew his venum for fifteen hours a week and the rest get at most five.

I hope he read's your letter, but it's will be stepping on his bread and butter and he won't like it or care.


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12. Here u go.....
Wed Oct 5, 2016, 07:33 AM
Oct 2016

What is the mailing address of MSNBC?

MSNBC's mailing address is 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, according to msnbc.com. To contact the website about a technical issue, the network offers a contact page and replies via email. As of May2015, reporters can contact MSNBC media relations at 212-664-6605.

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