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Thu Aug 18, 2016, 08:14 AM Aug 2016

An ugly racial incident in Vermont- and the state reacts with fury

Vermont has all of two PoC in its House of Representatives. That's bad enough, but this is just disgusting:

From a local selectman to the Speaker of the House in Vermont, officials are denouncing a local man's tweet directed at state Rep. Kiah Morris as "racist" and "pure hate in plain sight."

Max Misch of Bennington posted on Twitter last week a cartoon caricature of a black person, with the caption, "S---, I be representin dem white m---f--- of Bennington, gnome sayin?" The Banner dashed certain of Misch's words for publication.

The tweet was in response to the news that Morris, who is black, had won the Democratic primary in her bid for re-election as a local state representative. The message was tweeted at Morris.

Morris posted a screenshot of the image to her Facebook page on Tuesday and wrote, "Haven't been on my Twitter in a few days, thought I would share this." As of Wednesday afternoon, her post has been shared 27 times and has more than 85 comments, universally in support of Morris.

It drew the attention of several political figures who roundly castigated Misch. They posted their comments in replies to Morris' Facebook post.

"He's not just ignorant, he is a racist pig," said state Rep. Rae Fields of Bennington, who also recently won her primary for re-election.

"This, Kiah, is the lowest of the low ... pure hate in plain sight," said Bennington Selectman Michael Keane. "It is time to make this matter extremely public and subject the person(s) doing this to you, Kiah, to chastisement. The only way to pull out the roots of ugliness and racism are to acknowledge and identify them. You can't heal a sickness with a band-aid."

"This is abhorrent," said Speaker of the Vermont House Shap Smith. Smith was recently defeated in the Democratic primary race for lieutenant governor. "Thankfully, the majority of the people in your district know how incredible you are."



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An ugly racial incident in Vermont- and the state reacts with fury (Original Post) cali Aug 2016 OP
another racist pig... chillfactor Aug 2016 #1
No Doubt Blue Idaho Aug 2016 #11
He is a Donald Trump and David Duke fan oberliner Aug 2016 #13
From the mouth of the racist pig: cali Aug 2016 #2
That is so f*ing telling ProfessorPlum Aug 2016 #12
What the ever-loving fuck? a la izquierda Aug 2016 #16
Is it the same Max Misch Mendocino Aug 2016 #3
He's evidently from Bennington. I had no idea. Thanks for that information. cali Aug 2016 #4
You'll need to shower afterward but Mendocino Aug 2016 #5
I tried but couldn't find it. cali Aug 2016 #7
The whole state has one of the highest incarceration rates of PoC, proportionally speaking. KittyWampus Aug 2016 #6
And there is a huge and dedicated effort to stop that. cali Aug 2016 #8
I think I know why that is. Vinca Aug 2016 #17
You "built that!" Grins Aug 2016 #9
Yes, he's a Trumpette. Just found his twitter account cali Aug 2016 #10
Hard-core antisemite as well oberliner Aug 2016 #14
I didn't get that far but I posted om my fb page cali Aug 2016 #15

Blue Idaho

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11. No Doubt
Thu Aug 18, 2016, 11:05 AM
Aug 2016

Trumps embrace of the Breitbart wing of the Republican Party will embolden the violent racist scum that follow his every word.



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13. He is a Donald Trump and David Duke fan
Fri Aug 19, 2016, 05:36 AM
Aug 2016

And a hard-core racist and anti-semite.

His Twitter feed is scary.



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2. From the mouth of the racist pig:
Thu Aug 18, 2016, 08:50 AM
Aug 2016


The person responding from the Max Misch page said he was unhappy with Morris.

“She tweeted recently about her support for the resettlement of so-called refugees to V(ermont,) when it’s been reported that some of them have deadly communicable diseases, such as active tuberculosis,” he said.

The comment appears to refer to the Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are expected to arrive before the end of the year in Rutland.

The man asked if he could add another comment.

“Her ethnicity also tends to make her much more lenient toward the predominantly black/hispanic criminals who bring heroin up to Bennington, pushing it on white kids and destroying many lives/families all around our community,” he said.

Asked if he had reason to believe that Morris held those opinions or if he was basing his comment on her race, he said he was not aware of anything Morris had done as a legislator. But he said “those are her strongly-held beliefs based on a victim culture, as a member of a supposedly oppressed group in this country.”




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12. That is so f*ing telling
Fri Aug 19, 2016, 05:15 AM
Aug 2016

That asshat doesn't know anything about her beliefs or how she legislates. He just assumes, and hates her for it. And it's fascinating how sure he is about his assumptions.



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3. Is it the same Max Misch
Thu Aug 18, 2016, 09:27 AM
Aug 2016

of Bennington VT who pleaded not guilty in a first degree aggravated domestic violence assault charge? He allegedly tried to strangle his girlfriend.



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8. And there is a huge and dedicated effort to stop that.
Thu Aug 18, 2016, 10:03 AM
Aug 2016




Driving up North Street in his black SUV the afternoon of July 1, Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo spotted one of his rookie cops talking with a Somali American man outside the Community Halal Store. Del Pozo, dressed in his dark blue uniform with expertly burnished tuxedo shoes, pulled over and walked up to them.

Abdinur Hassan greeted the chief like an old friend. "Abu Zane!" ("Father of Zane!&quot he called out, referring to del Pozo's young son Zane.

"I was just learning about Islam," explained Vincent Ross, a lanky officer assigned to patrol North Street on foot.

"Are you observing Ramadan?" del Pozo asked Hassan. Then he added, switching casually to Arabic, "Ba'ad sitta ayoum, inta khallas, nam?" ("After six days, you're finished, yes?&quot

"Yes, yes, khallas," answered Hassan.

In the year since he arrived in Burlington, del Pozo has become a ubiquitous presence in the city, equally comfortable talking about Islam outside a halal shop, debating drones with privacy advocates or discussing film with a reporter.

The energetic Brooklyn native, an 18-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, was picked by Mayor Miro Weinberger to replace outgoing chief Mike Schirling. It was a controversial choice. Del Pozo endured intense grilling, but in the end he won over the city council. Even so, Burlingtonians may not have fully understood what they were getting: a chief with big ambitions to position this small city at the vanguard of American policing reform.

The Ivy-educated del Pozo is working on a PhD in philosophy and has a book deal with a prestigious publishing house. He's an "intellectual with a badge," says a New York acquaintance, writer Gary Shteyngart.

Hardly an armchair chief, del Pozo combines a philosopher's appetite for discourse with a cop's inclination toward action.

Since his arrival, he's put his department at the center of efforts to address opiate addiction and mental health crises. He has equipped all cruisers with the overdose-reversing drug Narcan. He's created new positions to address domestic violence and community affairs, ramped up online data and increased officer training and foot patrols.

Del Pozo's dogged outreach — he invites imams to lunch; he meets with antipolice activists and then tweets about it — isn't mere image burnishing. It's precisely the kind of community policing he wants his officers to master.

New Haven, Conn., Police Chief Dean Esserman calls del Pozo "one of the future great American police chiefs." Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a progressive policing think tank in Washington, D.C., calls him a "rising star" and describes his approach to policing as "iconoclastic."

Del Pozo has become a law enforcement leader during a particularly fraught time in American policing. Last week, police officers killed two black men — in Baton Rouge, La., and outside St. Paul, Minn. Then, at a protest in Dallas on Thursday night, a gunman shot and killed five police officers. The events brought the rift between cops and communities of color into sharp relief.

"Every police department is now inextricably a part of a national debate, and we're no different," del Pozo said during an interview Monday. "There's no room for complacency in American policing right now."

His conclusion: "I believe that, at the root of it all, communities of color and police officers are all good people, and familiarity goes further than anything else in bringing them together. Cultural competency training is crucial, but it's more about citizens and police sharing spaces and experiences day after day." He added: "We can accomplish that."



That's the chief of the largest "city" in Vermont. And recently, police and criminal justice figures, such as lawyers, judges and advocates met at Vt law school to discuss working on these issues.

We may be largely white. We may have our problems with racism, but there is a concerted statewide effort to face it directly and work on it. And don't forget, twice, Vermonters voted in greater numbers for President Obama than any other state outside HI and DC.


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17. I think I know why that is.
Fri Aug 19, 2016, 06:51 AM
Aug 2016

I live in a NH town on the Vermont line. We're the epicenter of the heroin crisis. People come up from the cities on a daily basis to sell their wares and they get busted. I see it in the local paper every day. It appears many of those people - not all - are POC. That would account for what appears to be (but isn't) racial bias.



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15. I didn't get that far but I posted om my fb page
Fri Aug 19, 2016, 05:57 AM
Aug 2016

and on Kiah's page. My state rep, liked my post and Vermonters all over fb are expressing their disgust. But I want this creep off Twitter.

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