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True Blue Door

(2,969 posts)
Fri Jul 31, 2015, 08:03 AM Jul 2015

A thought: Pro-active Pro-Choice.

It occurs to me that abortion rights lose ground in America in part because the pro-choice community adopts a defensive posture.

Where do abortion protests, both for and against, take place with the greatest frequency? In front of abortion clinics.

This happens because Forced Birthers want to intimidate patients going into them, and the response of the pro-choice community is largely reactive - show up at the clinic to defend the patients, right?

Well, in addition to that, why not be more proactive: Since anti-abortion protesters overwhelmingly come from religious organizations, why not protest their churches?

Not all of them come from churches that specifically organize clinic intimidation, but a lot of them do - a lot of them go to the same set of churches, hear the same demented sermons, and seem to feel there are no consequences to their actions. Their lives are undisturbed while they seek to make life difficult for abortion providers and patients.

So, why not protest their churches instead of always letting them decide the ground of dispute? And not just hand out pro-choice literature, but specifically criticize the violence and hypocrisy of their movement. Go to them and make it about them, so that they are on the defensive.

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