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Wed May 9, 2012, 10:29 AM May 2012

Why does Rmoney run from his name Willard

Is Willard a Mormon name?
Are there any non Mormons with that name?

Willard Richards
Willard E. Towles
J. Willard Marriott

Romney was named after J. Willard Marriott, the Mormon hotel Tycoon and founder of Marriott Hotels, now his two sons are backing Romney to the tune of 1.5 Million thus far and several congressional campaigns

How is Morman support playing in this election and how will it play in the comming months?

Some things to keep in mind...

Worldwide, there are over 13 million Mormons, nearly the same as the number of Jews.

In the United States the LDS Church is the 4th largest individual denomination with over 6 Million members nationwide.

Politically we might just think of Glenn beck or "Willard" Mitt Romney, but who knew about the Marriotts? Prominent Mormons also include the Billionaire father of Jon Hunstman, the CEO of Jet-blue, the CEO of Eastman Kodak and the CEO of Black and Decker amongst several others.

Now I want to be clear, I am not knocking the Morman religion in this thread, but I am observing that there appear to be wealth and power behind Romney originating from Morman backers that the average American might not be aware of and the media is not commenting on.
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Why does Rmoney run from his name Willard (Original Post) malaise May 2012 OP
There was a movie named Willard Andy823 May 2012 #1
I remember that malaise May 2012 #3
My first thougt too HarveyDarkey May 2012 #9
Michael Jackson sang the theme song if I remember correctly rufus dog May 2012 #12
I believe you're thinking of "Ben," which was the sequel. Buns_of_Fire May 2012 #20
The Ratpublicans must have something to do with it. Lint Head May 2012 #2
beat me to it lol RedRocco May 2012 #6
You have it right. It used to be a bigoted put down. I wear it as a Lint Head May 2012 #8
Another one... pinboy3niner May 2012 #11
You are probally just up the road then RedRocco May 2012 #17
I was born in Anderson S.C.. The two my Dad and his friends worked were Orr Mill and Gluck Mill . Lint Head May 2012 #18
'Company store' makes me think of Tennessee Ernie Ford... pinboy3niner May 2012 #19
Yeah. Working in a coal mine and textile mill have some of the same hazards. Lint Head May 2012 #21
Wouldn't you? HopeHoops May 2012 #4
Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald Lawlbringer May 2012 #5
You see, there once was a feller named Willard MacBane... sudopod May 2012 #7
This years GOP: Willard, Herman, Newton running in Reince's Party. Swamp Lover May 2012 #10
The name "Willard" is associated with a rat. Zoeisright May 2012 #13
I think anyone who's named Willard runs from the name jmowreader May 2012 #14
Rats make good pets. stevedeshazer May 2012 #15
Too close to Millard. bluesbassman May 2012 #16


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1. There was a movie named Willard
Wed May 9, 2012, 10:37 AM
May 2012

It was about a weird guy named Willard who had a bunch of rats for pets. Most of Willard Romenys backers seem to be a bunch of "rats" also! Just saying!


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20. I believe you're thinking of "Ben," which was the sequel.
Fri May 11, 2012, 03:16 AM
May 2012

How could we ever forget such a touching love song to a rat? *sniff*


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6. beat me to it lol
Wed May 9, 2012, 01:16 PM
May 2012

your screen name makes me wonder what mill town you are from. not that there are any cotton mills here anymore

Lint Head

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8. You have it right. It used to be a bigoted put down. I wear it as a
Wed May 9, 2012, 11:49 PM
May 2012

badge of honor just to yank the chain of the "holier than thous". Textile mill workers knew what real work was.
I was born in a mill town in South Carolina.


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17. You are probally just up the road then
Thu May 10, 2012, 09:32 PM
May 2012

Piedmont here. its strange to think that Greenville was once the textile capital of the world huh?

Lint Head

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18. I was born in Anderson S.C.. The two my Dad and his friends worked were Orr Mill and Gluck Mill .
Fri May 11, 2012, 02:53 AM
May 2012

My Father was a Weave Room Manager eventually becoming a mill manager. He played on the infamous mill baseball teams that produced some great professional players. He also played minor league and was going into the majors when WWII happened and they had to tool up the mill for parachutes and informs for the military. It was interesting times. Child working slavery was ended partially because of the child labor laws passed by the federal government to end it in the cotton mills. There were big money folks behind the textile business and they sucked all the money and health out of ever human being that worked their. The mill worker had a job as long as he cowed to or should I say paid homage to the Lowenstiens and Orr family. Good thing was the mill provided affordable housing for their workers and eventually let them buy the homes they had been leasing for a great price. There was a company store where you spent tokens that were only good at the mill store. So it wasn't all bad. There was a dance hall and stage above the mill store where basketball would be played and shows put on for the community. My first rock band played there in the 60's. I have fond memories of those days. I miss both of my parents who lived and breathed that whole experience.


Swamp Lover

(431 posts)
10. This years GOP: Willard, Herman, Newton running in Reince's Party.
Wed May 9, 2012, 11:59 PM
May 2012

And don't get me started about Santorumn.......


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14. I think anyone who's named Willard runs from the name
Thu May 10, 2012, 01:02 AM
May 2012

They probably get called Willy in elementary school, and then one of their adversaries learns "willy" is slang for penis making their entire junior high career one long dick joke, and in high school they want to be addressed by their middle names.

I've known three men who were named Willard, and every one of them went by his middle name.


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15. Rats make good pets.
Thu May 10, 2012, 01:29 AM
May 2012

I have two, Hoodie and El Toro. They are brothers and really cool.

But I would never call them Willard. Or put them in magic underwear.


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16. Too close to Millard.
Thu May 10, 2012, 01:35 AM
May 2012

Not the most illustious POTUS.

From Wiki:

Millard Fillmore (January 7, 1800 – March 8, 1874) was the 13th President of the United States (1850–1853) and the last member of the Whig Party to hold the office of president. As Zachary Taylor's Vice President, he assumed the presidency after Taylor's death.

Fillmore opposed the proposal to keep slavery out of the territories annexed during the Mexican–American War in order to appease the South and so supported the Compromise of 1850, which he signed, including the Fugitive Slave Act ("Bloodhound Law&quot which was part of the compromise. On the foreign policy front, he furthered the rising trade with Japan and clashed with the French over Napoleon III's attempt to annex Hawaii and with the French and the British over the attempt of Narciso López to invade Cuba. After his presidency, he joined the Know-Nothing movement; throughout the Civil War, he opposed President Lincoln and during Reconstruction supported President Johnson. He is consistently included in the bottom 10 of historical rankings of Presidents of the United States.

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