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Thu Jan 22, 2015, 08:13 PM Jan 2015

Iran then, Iran now

After the Shah had to leave Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile and made it an official Islamic State. We installed the Shah, and Iran wanted him returned so he could be tried and prosecuted, but Carter would not have it. So Iran took hostages from our embassy, rescue attempt failed, and Reagan became President. Lots of new leaders came and went in Iran, mostly anti-US.

The latest, President Hassan_Rouhani (2013) visited NY and seemed to be taken with Americans from what I saw on TV. Then I saw Bourdain (CNN) go to Iran to visit, eat, and talk to the people there. They were friendly and like Americans. I am sick and tired of Bourdain, but I have to admit that I watched the Iran episode with a lot of interest.

Point is, when all the bad stuff went down, Iran had different leaders and an older population. Obama's talks with Iran have been more or less secret, but isn't it time? Do they have to be punished forever for past deeds that the new President, a real friendly-lookin' sort, had nothing to do with?

I like the idea, till they give us a reason to distrust them. The King of Saudi Arabia has just died, and he had no use for Iran - the old Iran or the new Iran?

Politics is so interesting, ours AND the world's. Good article here that helped refresh my memory:


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