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Fri Jun 20, 2014, 07:52 AM Jun 2014

What's going to happen to the Iraq Oil now?

This goes back to Cheney's secret energy meetings in private with oil Industry Executives. Since many of us consider the 2003 Iraq invasion to be a "war for oil", just who the hell ended up with the rights to all the Iraq oil?

Frankly, I have never ever seen very much information on this? And I ask merely because I like to be well informed, and I'm actually just ignorant on this subject, hence I ask my DU mates.

-90% jimmy

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2. When the major oil fields are in the hands of the "rebels"...
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 09:17 AM
Jun 2014

then you will see drone strikes.

At which point, the price will go up.

But then again, the price will go up even without drone strikes because the government of Iraq will have no control over them.

But if suddenly we hear that the rebels have been hit by strikes, then either one of several outcomes will unfold.

1) the extreme: the rebels light the fields on fire ala saddam circa 1991

2) middle of the road: the rebels light a few on strike but then dig in and fight it out

3) mild: the rebels evacuate the fields untouched and what damages was done will be repaired (eventually) by the government.

but given the fact that Maliki is pretty much a puppet and his own government wants him out, (he is digging in his heels), that means that it will be up to us to make the choice for him, in regards to the outcome of the oil fields.

the very very last thing the US and it's oil corporation buddies is this: maliki get's over thrown via a coupe d'etat, the rebels take control and nationalize the oil fields. The reality of that is very real. (technically speaking, it wouldn't be a coupe d'état because we propped up that puppet government with the purple finger fake election)

never ever think that we are sending troops over their to "protect the US compound in the enormous green zone", or that we are threating with the use of drones to "help maliki". This is first, last and forever about oil.

we are sending in troops to protect the oil corporations.

And more amusing is the claim by various media and governmental organizations that "we" (the U.S.) don't have any contractors aka mercenaries, over there. Of course "we" don't but the corporations most certainly do.

So be prepared for the propaganda onslaught if we drop a single bomb from a single drone onto some poor unsuspecting bastard in the middle of Iraq to "help" maliki to be followed by a "sudden" burst of confidence by the Iraqi governmental forces (aka the corporate mercs).

we all have been around this block many times before and if we all suddenly believe that a handful of bombs from the drones will "shift the course" of this civil war, then we are all waiting in line to by a bridge.


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3. Thank you for this extremely informative and knowledgeable post!
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 09:42 PM
Jun 2014

I really really don't understand why my concern is meet with a deafening 'meh' from my DU mates? After all the cost in lives and dollars and human misery and shame on the world stage, BIG OIL may not even end up with the oil anyway! We threw a ten year clusterfuck for fucking NOTHING!

I think we would reinstate the draft to prevent them from nationalizing their oil! But the boys in the False Flag Division are working on the justification for that at the very moment. I predict something big will happen nobody could have predicted. A new "New Pearl Harbor"

-90% jimmy


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4. The only way there is a false flat event is if there is someone that would benefit from the outcome
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 08:19 AM
Jun 2014

in a monetary way.

If you look at Iraq, and if there was a false flag event, see who would benefit the most.

frankly, Iraq is one giant false flag event and has been since the start of the war.

who came out on top? the oil corporations because they had Iraq dismantle their nationalized oil and privatize it.

as long as there is no stable government of any sort, religious or otherwise, the oil corporations make money.

if you notice, the price at the pump and the price of a barrel of oil has gone up.

Who benefits from that? Mission accomplished.

The wealthy laugh at us obsessing over human rights, because this keeps us from focusing on the problem of modern corporate colonization.


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6. Well, if our fellow citizens had just listened to us on DU back
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 08:26 AM
Jun 2014

as the war council ginned up, we wouldn't be in this mess now. DU was hardly and never has been supportive of the war in Iraq. This boondoggle you can lay at the feet of Bush/Cheney, the Big Oil administration, who had planned to fight that war before they stole the office.

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