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Tue Mar 20, 2012, 10:23 AM Mar 2012

Posted over at DU2 re: DUer Givemebackmycountry

I did a search, and could not find mention of this, so I thought I would pass it along to those who knew him.

"Many of you for years have enjoyed the posts of my brother John, under the name
givemebackmycountry. I am deeply saddened to report that John passed away suddenly on January
14th. As many of you who knew John on DU, he has been an active member and contributor since
2004 and had over 6000 posts. He was outspoken, sincere in his beliefs, and infuriated at all
acts of unfairness and ignorance.

So during this current election cycle and circle jerk of stupidity enacted by the republican party,
I hoist a tall frothy one to my brother, John. I will miss talking politics with you, hugging you,
laughing with you, chatting with you, and just about everything about you. I hope your friends on DU
will do the same.

Miss you John "


Edit to add: Kick this post every now and then, so it doesn't get lost.

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Posted over at DU2 re: DUer Givemebackmycountry (Original Post) Contrary1 Mar 2012 OP
RIP katsy Mar 2012 #1
RIP John ScreamingMeemie Mar 2012 #2
Damn. WilliamPitt Mar 2012 #3
Yes. Hissyspit Mar 2012 #41
For your brother, and for all of those we love... MarianJack Mar 2012 #4
R.I.P. pinboy3niner Mar 2012 #5
RIP - nt Ohio Joe Mar 2012 #6
I remember GMBMC well. lpbk2713 Mar 2012 #7
TY for posting this.... arthritisR_US Mar 2012 #8
RIP Givemebackmycountry. Little Star Mar 2012 #9
I'm very glad you found this; I remember him well. babylonsister Mar 2012 #10
Rest in peace, friend. myrna minx Mar 2012 #11
RIP Lebam in LA Mar 2012 #12
I'm so sorry to read this Contrary1. Please accept my deepest condolences Ecumenist Mar 2012 #13
Givemebackmycountry was not my brother, though I would have been proud to claim him... Contrary1 Mar 2012 #14
May he always be remembered fondly. (n/t) Moostache Mar 2012 #15
kicked. barbtries Mar 2012 #16
Kick and thanks for the note sharp_stick Mar 2012 #17
RIP Tikki Mar 2012 #18
RIP John cate94 Mar 2012 #19
So sorry for your loss. yellerpup Mar 2012 #20
RIP Vincardog Mar 2012 #21
RIP John NEOhiodemocrat Mar 2012 #22
Peace to you, dear patriot gmbmc blm Mar 2012 #23
Peace to him, to you, to us all. nolabear Mar 2012 #24
Glad you'll keep up the good fight for your brother FailureToCommunicate Mar 2012 #25
Rip nadinbrzezinski Mar 2012 #26
Best wishes to John's family at this time of terrible loss. grantcart Mar 2012 #27
OMG I knew him when he lived here proud2BlibKansan Mar 2012 #28
I'm sorry for your loss. Uncle Joe Mar 2012 #29
very sad news TorchTheWitch Mar 2012 #30
kick rec nashville_brook Mar 2012 #31
we lost another good one... Blue_Tires Mar 2012 #32
Sorry to hear this KT2000 Mar 2012 #33
Rest in peace John and my sympathy to his livetohike Mar 2012 #34
Damn. Sad to hear that. closeupready Mar 2012 #35
RIP. Solly Mack Mar 2012 #36
Rip John. : ( n/t Greybnk48 Mar 2012 #37
() Jack Rabbit Mar 2012 #38
Terrible news. He was a good one. Lone_Star_Dem Mar 2012 #39
I remember him. RIP, indeed jsmirman Mar 2012 #40
Rest in Peace John horseshoecrab Mar 2012 #42
My most heartfelt condolences to the family. AtomicKitten Mar 2012 #43
So sorry to hear. pacalo Mar 2012 #44
KnR chknltl Mar 2012 #45
silent kick..... Lochloosa Mar 2012 #46
oh no Kali Mar 2012 #47
Oh, that sucks... joeybee12 Mar 2012 #48
Sorry to read this. Cleita Mar 2012 #49
RIP, John. May his family know his extended family here a @ DU loved him dearly, too. nt gateley Mar 2012 #50
He's up there with my two John's (husband and son) talking politics. Bless each and one of them! Auntie Bush Mar 2012 #51
. Quantess Mar 2012 #52
I remember givemebackmycountry quite well. FourScore Mar 2012 #53
K&R for John. Rest well, friend. nt Doremus Mar 2012 #54
You are one good brother-thanx randr Mar 2012 #55
Damn It... WillyT Mar 2012 #56
RIP etherealtruth Mar 2012 #57
John, we will carry on for you. DinahMoeHum Mar 2012 #58
Good rest, brother John, aka:Givemebackmycountry. We will carry on. The Wielding Truth Mar 2012 #59
So sorry to hear it nt Bossy Monkey Mar 2012 #60
Thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry for your loss... cry baby Mar 2012 #61
RIP John ! RagAss Mar 2012 #62
Enjoyed his posts rufus dog Mar 2012 #63
gmbmc will be missed. leveymg Mar 2012 #64
Sorry to hear that qanda Mar 2012 #65
Kick for late night crowd. n/t Contrary1 Mar 2012 #66
Rest in peace, good sir Kennah Mar 2012 #67
Sorry John! Givemebackmycountry Tripod Mar 2012 #68
Condolences Norrin Radd Mar 2012 #69
RIP Junkdrawer Mar 2012 #70
RIP DesertFlower Mar 2012 #71
sorry for your loss. may he RIP. DesertFlower Mar 2012 #72
RIP ProgressiveATL Mar 2012 #73
My condolences on the loss of your brother John Harriety Mar 2012 #74
sorry to her this. I enjoyed his posts rurallib Mar 2012 #75
RIP Catherine Vincent Mar 2012 #76
How terribly, terribly sad. Rhiannon12866 Mar 2012 #77


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4. For your brother, and for all of those we love...
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 10:27 AM
Mar 2012

...we will solidly repudiate the circle jerk of stupidity this year.

Please accept my condolences for your loss.



(6,086 posts)
13. I'm so sorry to read this Contrary1. Please accept my deepest condolences
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 10:33 AM
Mar 2012

God bless your family. May John have a safe passage and rest in peace.


(12,629 posts)
14. Givemebackmycountry was not my brother, though I would have been proud to claim him...
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 10:36 AM
Mar 2012

just passing the news along.


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20. So sorry for your loss.
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 11:06 AM
Mar 2012

I remember him and will gladly drink a toast in his honor. He and I joined in the same year. Peace to you.


(13,918 posts)
25. Glad you'll keep up the good fight for your brother
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 12:10 PM
Mar 2012

(I am trying to do the same, in whatever small ways I can)

RIP John


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39. Terrible news. He was a good one.
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 01:27 PM
Mar 2012

Thanks for bringing this over here for the rest of us to see too.

What a loss.


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49. Sorry to read this.
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 04:15 PM
Mar 2012

A peaceful passing to John. We don't know what he died from and I respect the family's privacy here.

However, I wonder of all our DUers who have passed since this website was founded, how many would have been with us still if we had decent universal health care. I know one, Andy Stephenson who would have been, and even all the efforts DUers made to make sure he got the life saving surgery he needed, it was too late due to bureaucratic red tape and the nefarious actions of others.

It seems we have lost too many good souls though.


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53. I remember givemebackmycountry quite well.
Tue Mar 20, 2012, 05:09 PM
Mar 2012

I remember him so well because I used to be called "whereismyparty" until someone pointed out the abbreviation for that is "wimp", so I changed it. givemebackmycountry because it had a similar ring to it -- only not wimpy.

I am so sorry for your pain, dear Contrary1. May the memories you cherish keep him alive in your heart.

To John...


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74. My condolences on the loss of your brother John
Wed Mar 21, 2012, 07:49 AM
Mar 2012

I also suffered a big loss of someone in our family who was very outspoken. He attended many a rally for farm aid, protested, got arrested a few times, and even ran for Governor of Wisconsin. (He'd have been way better than the present WI gov.) Rick died from a brain tumor 5 years ago in May. Every time I sign a petition, attend a rally, or show my dissent for injustice I remember Rick as I am sure you will do the same with John. The the people who speak against injustice are an inspiration to us all. Where they have lead we will follow. RIP John


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75. sorry to her this. I enjoyed his posts
Wed Mar 21, 2012, 08:03 AM
Mar 2012

the sad part of being a community is that some move on or die.
The good part is the new blood that constantly comes in

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