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Sun Mar 3, 2013, 06:50 AM Mar 2013

Jeb Bush's new book released this week...and the repubs are making it easy for him in 2016.

It is almost as if everything is scripted by the Bush family.

Bring in their entire collection of failures and wackos and oddities and nutjobs like the Paul family on the way right. Have Mitt reappear, Sarah reappear, all of them back in the news.

Then Jeb waltzes in to the republican convention with an easy nomination, looking like the one and only adult in the bunch. Then picks someone he knows will never be president, but for some reason the people like him, they really like him regardless of his antiquidated far right views, Chris Christie.

Jeb Bush/ Chris Christie

Luck have it, the Democratic party will sweep into another 8 years with Hillary Clinton easily defeating Jeb/Christie at the electoral college voting booth.

The only thing that could derail this train would be the same person or type of person that derailed 2000.
The 2013 version of Ralph Nader.
Watch them, like it was scripted attempt to do it.
Especially if Hillary is the nominee.
They will get someone and use the preposterus "both sides are the same meme" in a last
ditch attempt to divide the democratic party and create a democratic party civil war like
happened in 2000 to keep the vote down.
Nothing scares me more than that. The theft meme is far under that.
President Obama proved twice over that the theft meme is bull when you have someone the vast majority of people want.

And in Hillary in 2016 the vast majority of people do want that, and Hillary has in 2016 what she did not have in 2008, that being the President Obama voters (like myself).

But watch, the both sides are the same meme will become louder and played to the hilt by
Jeb Bush's background people, like Karl Rove, and like in 2000 they will fund an instigator to do so.
While everyone on the left is talking about the rpeublicans having a civil war, it will be the operatives of Jeb Bush (Karl and Karen Hughes and all the other old "FRIENDS" we all have come to know and despise.
Like it was written. And we all now know that Nader was heavily financed by the right.
Nothing would stop Sheldon and the Koch's from doing just that again in 2016 with a new Nader.

The only thing we have to fear is a new Ralph type itself.

Because the democratic party can do what hasn't been done since FDR- win 4 terms in a row.
and be seated 4 terms in a row. With zero fracture. And by dropping the ridiculous
both sides are the same meme.

Because Jeb is coming
and Jeb/Christie is going to be a formidable, however easy to beat in the electoral college
republican ticket.

By the way, Jeb Bush's book is coming out this week. And Jeb will be all over New York City's morning tv shows promoting this. Don't say Jeb is not running. He is.

It will take a Clinton to defeat a Bush. History repeating itself in a good way. Only a Nader repeating the same bad history can stop it.


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Jeb Bush's new book released this week...and the repubs are making it easy for him in 2016. (Original Post) graham4anything Mar 2013 OP
"Afraid I'm going to be AWOL from teh Jebster's Big Run. Smirk." - George W. Bush (R - FAIL) Berlum Mar 2013 #1
. theKed Mar 2013 #2
+1 hobbit709 Mar 2013 #8
Jeb Bush is running. An ostrich might not know about Jeb, but I do graham4anything Mar 2013 #13
I think you missed the point theKed Mar 2013 #18
Have a nice day. graham4anything Mar 2013 #21
Jeb Bush wrote a book? Kath1 Mar 2013 #3
I think you are right about Jeb Bush davidpdx Mar 2013 #4
I think your right. Somehow I don't think Christie is going to be second on anyones southernyankeebelle Mar 2013 #5
This comment is really offensive to people who are overweight. n/t Little Star Mar 2013 #6
Yes you are correct. graham4anything Mar 2013 #7
I agree with what you said.... Little Star Mar 2013 #10
Yes, ageism is hurtful too. Any ism is hurtful. graham4anything Mar 2013 #19
Congrats, and good for you! Faygo Kid Mar 2013 #11
Your right. I am sorry. I should know better because I'm extremely overweight myself. southernyankeebelle Mar 2013 #12
I've made plenty of my own share of mistakes through out my life..... Little Star Mar 2013 #14
I learned finally after all these years to love me for who I am. Like my skinny southernyankeebelle Mar 2013 #15
lol! My husband was always very thin too. I got really embarrassed when.. Little Star Mar 2013 #16
That is the one thing that keeps me worried thinking about. If god takes him before me. southernyankeebelle Mar 2013 #17
I'd never find anyone who loved me as much as he did and vice-versa.... Little Star Mar 2013 #22
Oh that is wonderful. I come from a large family. I have a single twin sister who southernyankeebelle Mar 2013 #28
Very sorry to hear that. graham4anything Mar 2013 #20
38 years so far, good for you guys!....... Little Star Mar 2013 #23
Yeah, its water and diet pepsi, and fat free feta cheese. graham4anything Mar 2013 #24
Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone but I am waiting for.... Little Star Mar 2013 #25
Good luck! graham4anything Mar 2013 #27
Hell, it's offensive to people who aren't, as well! NYC_SKP Mar 2013 #29
I think the Bush brand is still way too tarnished + the "Ralph type" will be theirs not ours underpants Mar 2013 #9
I agree with these points. JNelson6563 Mar 2013 #33
LindaCollins11 LindaCollins11 Mar 2013 #26
The Bush name is tarnished. Dawson Leery Mar 2013 #30
"It is almost as if everything is scripted by the Bush family." NOW you are beginning to see. WinkyDink Mar 2013 #31
It's not that I don't see. graham4anything Mar 2013 #32


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13. Jeb Bush is running. An ostrich might not know about Jeb, but I do
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:24 AM
Mar 2013

And dead horses and the Bush family have a funny connotation. Tony S. style connotation.

I am Jewish, and we have a slogan "never forget".

And I never forget.
Be it a bum on the Plaza that day and everything else, I for one never forget.

And I wish George Herbert Walker Bush health, good health, so he sticks around another 4 years, so that he may see his son Jeb's rear end kicked out of the arena by President Clinton in 2016.

Never Forget the Bush's.
I certainly don't.
And never forget who aided and abetted 2000.
I certainly won't.

Have a nice day.Any day when I wake up and President Obama is President, and after him with President Clinton, his agenda is still going strong, "Makes it a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day" ,(c) Sherman brothers, from the Carousel of Progress at Disney.


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18. I think you missed the point
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:51 AM
Mar 2013

Everyone knows you're gaga for Clinton, and are concerned about Bush running. Both are outside possibilities - the latter more likely than the former - but you insist on dragging the dead horse out into the field for another sound beating. Especially if you can bring up Nader again.



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21. Have a nice day.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:03 AM
Mar 2013

You are equally allowed to your opinion as I am with mine.

I know your answers and you know mine. We agree on that.
And we most likely will be saying them quite often the next almost 4 years.

edit to add-
a football game has 11 players on each team.
To just to with 5 and forget the other 6, would make for a losing game plan.

So one needs to bring 100% knowledge to a campaign to make sure that one important player is not left on the sidelines.
Therefore one needs to look at everything, not just part.
Because everything taken together = something.


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3. Jeb Bush wrote a book?
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 07:29 AM
Mar 2013

He and W should really just fade away into sleazy obscurity and just be glad Shrub wasn't indicted for war crimes. The only good thing Bush ever did was to radicalize me (and a lot of other people) for peace and equal rights.

"The only Bush I trust is my own." - I always got a smile out of that slogan, but how true it is.



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5. I think your right. Somehow I don't think Christie is going to be second on anyones
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 08:01 AM
Mar 2013

ticket. No one puts fatboy in the corner. I think Christie would win over Bush. But Christie won't win fighting Hillary. Christie can't help his meanness. He'll show his fat ass.



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7. Yes you are correct.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:08 AM
Mar 2013

I am finally on a wellness program and lost 125 pounds, with another 50-75 to go.
It's real hard.

I do think CC would accept the VP, if he thought Mitt would have won, he would have taken it this time.

He is actually the perfect VP choice for a ticket. He can't win the nomination, but he could give PA a fighting chance (NOT NJ it's too blue). But he is going to easily win the second term as governor (and he has an iconic photograph coming

And the day Jon Corzine ran an ad on tv about CC weight, was the day Corzine lost.
People think of CC as an underdog and come to his defense, so I would advise the people in any campaign not to use it against him. CC will win on this issue.
But anyone who is asked will take the VP. Because there are only 2 positions in the US that bring immortality.
The President and the VP. (Which is why I believe Joe Biden will be Hillary's first VP and become the #1 VP of all time. I have others whom I might want more, but I think that will be what happens. There is no reason for Biden not to do it, and all the others can remain at their current positions and do the jobs they were elected to do.)


Little Star

(17,055 posts)
10. I agree with what you said....
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:20 AM
Mar 2013

Just wanted to mention that I had a stroke aprox. 5 years ago and it has made it very hard for me to keep my weight down. Hard to exercise,etc.

I gained about 50 lbs shortly after and have been fighting like hell to bring my weight back to normal ever since.

Bigotry is not a good thing no matter who it is aimed at, imo.

Most people who use bigoted speech in such things don't even realize they are doing so. That's why a gentle reminder is often helpful. Ageism bigotry is another very hurtful one I've recognized since I've gotten older. sigh.



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19. Yes, ageism is hurtful too. Any ism is hurtful.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:51 AM
Mar 2013

And ironic in that it has been used so many times against Hillary by people who didnot realize the age of other candidates.

I have to add, I just got back from the health club, which has a pool,and Bless him, this elderly man is there all the time, with only one leg, and he gets into the pool using the steep steps(not the stairs on the other side), swims and gets out all on his own.
I was most likely a few months away from much worse. Everyone there in the morning and early afternoon are an inspiration. (the later evening crowd is there for other reasons, and they can be quite nasty to overweight and out of shape people, but they are not there in the morning and afternoons).
I wish there were wellness programs in the NY area 30-50 years ago and it would have been engrained in people. Way too easy to gain and not even realize it til its almost too late.
(Think California has always led the way on wellness).

And I may not like CC's politics, but I wish I could take him aside and offer to show him a before/after picture, and possible to do what I did.

It makes me feel so good, when long time members of the club take the time and give me encouragement. (So maybe that is why I welcome a "nanny", and any help at all.)

Faygo Kid

(21,477 posts)
11. Congrats, and good for you!
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:21 AM
Mar 2013

I too am on that quest; have lost 20 pounds with 60 to go. Stay strong. By the way, saw Chris Christie at the Willard Hotel in DC a week ago in the lounge surrounded by young Rethuglican sycophants. He loves the attention.



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12. Your right. I am sorry. I should know better because I'm extremely overweight myself.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:22 AM
Mar 2013

But he brings the bad out in me.



(11,304 posts)
15. I learned finally after all these years to love me for who I am. Like my skinny
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:33 AM
Mar 2013

husband of 35 yrs says to me "its more to love". He says as long as I feel good not to worry what others say. It took me years but I finally learned he is right. We all have defects.

Little Star

(17,055 posts)
16. lol! My husband was always very thin too. I got really embarrassed when..
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:38 AM
Mar 2013

I gained all that weight but he still loved me anyway. God, I miss him. I'm finding that March is a hard month for me now that he is gone. He was a great guy and a wonderful person.

edit to add: we were two months short of our 30th anniversary. 30/35 years is a long time yet not long enough.



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17. That is the one thing that keeps me worried thinking about. If god takes him before me.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:49 AM
Mar 2013

I know I would never ever remarry. God couldn't grace me enough with a second great man. Besides that we have a tradition sorta unspoken in our family that we don't remarry. I know how you feel missing your loved one. I pray god takes me before him. I am sorry you lost the love of your life. Do you have grandkids? I have a grown son and a granddaughter. My granddaughter is my life. They live next door. I see my granddaughter almost everyday. I hardly see my son because he works a lot. His wife is ok. She is polite but she is hard to get close to. If she gets upset at you for something trival (and you may not even know what you said or did) she keeps the grandkid away from you til she gets that stick out of her ass. She isn't talking to me, her father or mother. I come to the conclusion I love my granddaughter but I would die for her but I will not gravel for her. Her mother will need me long before I will need them. Funny they live right next door (in my house) and I can tell you in the last 2 yrs I have been at the house 2 or 3 times. I just don't go over. I mind my own business until someone crosses the line and I speak up and then the freeze is on (LOL). I have lots of patience with her and bite my tongue because I never want her to say I am inteferring in their marriage.

Little Star

(17,055 posts)
22. I'd never find anyone who loved me as much as he did and vice-versa....
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:05 AM
Mar 2013

so no matter if I were much younger I wouldn't have wanted to re-marry.

I am so lucky. I have 4 daughters and I live in a in-law apt. in one of their houses that we own together. 3 wonderful son-in-laws and 5 beautiful grandkids, 4 boys/1 girl. I am very close with all my daughters, son-in-laws and grandkids. My daughters married really nice men that I like/love and respect very much. My oldest daughter never married and lives in Florida but we stay in touch and visit each other as often as possible. In fact it's getting close to time for another trip to Florida, lol.

Grandchildren are the absolute BEST!



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28. Oh that is wonderful. I come from a large family. I have a single twin sister who
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 11:07 AM
Mar 2013

never married. I also have 2 other sisters who are married and 1 married brother and 1 younger brother who died at the age of 40. My sisters and I are close. They all live in another state. I talk with my twin everyday. My relatives in Italy live in a building that the whole family lives in. I think they own it. Grandma lives on the first floor and each sibling livings on a floor. All the rest of the relatives live in those kind of buildings surrounding each other. Like a villa and it is enclosed. Gosh we use to have so much fun. I remember playing hide and seek and it was people from 5 to 20s playing. Then sit around sings with a firing in the pit going. But you know when that one person who connects everyone is gone it isn't the same. You are so lucky to have daughters. I have one son who I hardly see. But I have a granddaughter and I am so happy. So is the daughter I always wanted. My mother also was like you in that she loved my husband. She came from Italy and my husband was adopted as a child from Germany. They got along so well. He was so close to my mom. He would do anything that my mother needed done. My dad died when I was 22. So he never met my dad. I think he would have liked him.



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20. Very sorry to hear that.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:00 AM
Mar 2013

My wife and I are going on 38 years since we met (we consider when we met the anniversary as we seemed to know shortly after though it took 5 yrs to make it official) and she too never stopped caring.
She tried to prod me,but I wouldn't listen, and it took wanting to do it myself to get me to do it. When it finally got that it became hard to get off the couch and fit in the seat in the movie theatre or my car.

I thank that I was lucky to have good numbers except for the blood pressue(now under control) and weight

Sometimes (being a liberal) I wonder if CC's hard nasty attitude might have come from his being bullied during his life about his weight. Always wonder what makes someone living so close to the NYC area his entire life become a hard right conservative.

But the old corny line is true- one day at a time. (and my vices were real soda and cheese).

Little Star

(17,055 posts)
23. 38 years so far, good for you guys!.......
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:13 AM
Mar 2013

I loved soda and had always drank it daily. So I hear what your talking about. I gave it up in my effort to lose the weight and now I don't even miss it, thank heavens for that small favor, lol.



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24. Yeah, its water and diet pepsi, and fat free feta cheese.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:21 AM
Mar 2013

(as said, lucky that the other #s were good, because I am not on a restricted salt diet.)

The key for me is plenty of condiments like pickles, garlic, horse radish, anchoives and fat free feta on lots of salad
and plenty of fruit like apricots, cherries (both when in season, or frozen cherries other times), bananas, grapefruit etc.

It's hard to keep up, as said one day at a time.
(and I was the least likely person before that to eat this way, or to exercise at all.
Gotta go back to the mid 90s and prior for me to do much of anything.

Little Star

(17,055 posts)
25. Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone but I am waiting for....
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:40 AM
Mar 2013

this to arrive this week.

I think I might be able to use it or at least I hope so. It's hard to find exercises that I can do or something small enough to store in my smallish 3 room in-law apt.

Here's hoping.



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27. Good luck!
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:46 AM
Mar 2013

What I have been doing at the club is walking in the pool, a mile a day (a bit less than 75 lengths).
Doctor first told me not to do any upper arm, and said walk outside, but I always liked swimming and its easier on the knees so he said to walk.
And now I have added some leg equiptment and the last two weeks, finally added some upper arm machines.
Some days its harder to get out (especially in the winter days with snow and ice), but I have done it every day since the middle of July except the 3 days I was in DC and the couple of days it closed.
What was amazing in DC was, without realizing it, I walked miles, and better yet, I bounded up the stairs of the Lincoln memorial, and only when I got to the top thought about what I just did. (This was in October.) gonna go back during the Cherry Blossoms end of March and see some of the things there wasn't time last time.
Washington DC is very inspiring. I wouldn't have been able to do this last spring without a wheelchair. So the pain and the lack of certain foods and real sodas is worth it.



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29. Hell, it's offensive to people who aren't, as well!
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 12:24 PM
Mar 2013

It's just offensive, but survived the jury, apparently.


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9. I think the Bush brand is still way too tarnished + the "Ralph type" will be theirs not ours
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 09:17 AM
Mar 2013

if there is a "Ralph" in 2016 it will be from the TeaBaggers I would think.
Also THEY have torn down Christie themselves to the point that they will have to do the old RW radio "...now you will remember that I was for this the whole time"....problem is that there is now a record of everything and you can't just flip a switch and change that. That is why they hate Media Matters so much - they have everything recorded.

Good analysis though.



(51,311 posts)
31. "It is almost as if everything is scripted by the Bush family." NOW you are beginning to see.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 12:59 PM
Mar 2013

Prescott and the Nazis. Ties to Averell Harriman and cohorts.

Bush 41 = CIA, Arbusto, JFK/Dallas, Iran-Contra, the Hinckley family, the BinLaden family, the Rev. Sun Yung-Moon empire (Google). Married Barbara Pierce, descendant of Franklin and daughter of a mother who socialized with Aleister Crowley.

Bush 43 = 9/11 and "My Pet Goat." Don't get me started.



(11,464 posts)
32. It's not that I don't see.
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 01:09 PM
Mar 2013

It's that nothing is going to come of anything and the only way to beat them is to defeat them at the polls.

In a way, I think it is better that Jeb would be defeated by Hillary in a romp, as opposed to him sitting it out and opening the way to the next generation down the road(which will happen eventually anyhow, but another loss for them will be alot more effective.

Now I don't know if W was put in that school room knowing or not knowing on 9-11, but it sure made a great alibi for everything, didn't it.
One thing I know, the day before 9/11 Bush was a nothing President who was biding his time toward being a one termer who would surely lose a rematch in 2004.
One other thing I know, Bush could have said after 9/11 he would not run in 2004 so he could spend all his time working for peace in the world (after avenging 9/11). But we know he/they didn't.
As I said on a different thread, Woodward got the answer Deep Throat led him to and it led directly to the Bush's being in power.(and it was the one thing Bernstein was not involved in, which never did make sense.)

Where we differ though is, President Obama and the Clinton's are NOT involved with the Bush's.
They may compromise on certain things more than a small but vocal minority of democratic would like, but that is the political system. imho

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