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Mon May 20, 2024, 11:17 AM May 20

'the 'mainstream media' can go fuck itself. it was a weekend full of journalistic atrocities' Jeff Tiedrich


'the so-called mainstream media fucking sucks. this we know. on any given day, the lazy and intentionally misleading reporting from the worthless, corporate-contolled scribblers of the press makes you want to guzzle paint thinner straight from the can.....we just lived through one of those weekends. witness just three of the worst offenders.

hey, here’s a thing that happened: Joe Biden borrowed $50,000 from a line of credit on his vacation home. oh, okay. did he hide it? no, it’s right there on his White House financial disclosure statement...and why did Forbes Magazine create a video about it that they plastered all over social media?

here’s another journalistic war crime, this time from Politico...buried towards the bottom of a report on Trump’s trial is this total fucking head-scratcher of a paragraph: It’s impossible to know exactly how Trump will behave if he returns to office. By all accounts, Trump has professionalized his 2024 campaign, suggesting he learned something from his slapdash first campaign and his 2020 reelection loss. The question is whether his views on presidential prerogatives have changed or whether he intends to be guided by loftier principles.

first sentence: “It’s impossible to know exactly how Trump will behave if he returns to office.” sure, Trump is unpredictable — but that’s because the guy is an impulsive moron with the attention span of a coked-up squirrel. but we sure as fuck know what Trump intends to do. has Politico never heard of Project 2025?'

My words: Read on, it gets better.

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'the 'mainstream media' can go fuck itself. it was a weekend full of journalistic atrocities' Jeff Tiedrich (Original Post) Joinfortmill May 20 OP
WTF? yankee87 May 20 #1
Trump owns the media Johnny2X2X May 20 #2
The Russians have them too, so don't count them out. lees1975 May 20 #6
Correction, the people who own Trump also own the media. harumph May 20 #9
Kick dalton99a May 20 #3
Thank you Jeff. republianmushroom May 20 #4
The media has mostly buried Project 2025. It's as if they think a plan to create a dictatorship is not important. Lonestarblue May 20 #5
Add to the list happy feet May 20 #7
Read your news jayschool2013 May 20 #8
It's really the voters' fault, not the MSM. ificandream May 20 #10
take heart- et tu May 20 #11
For Mrs. Maisel Fans heckles65 May 20 #12


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1. WTF?
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:31 AM
May 20

As always the MSM will never highlight the batshit craziness of the MAGAts, but President Biden fell off his bike will be front page.
45 called to kill President Biden and not even a blip.


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2. Trump owns the media
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:36 AM
May 20

The sooner we accpet that, the better chance Biden has of winning.

The fact that Trump owns people at MSNBC and the NY Times should send a shiver down everyone's spines. Not just had friendly reporters there, but had actual campaign plants who they could call to cover stories for them and who they had editorial control over.

How many other media outlets do they have key people on their payroll at? National Enquirer? Check. MSNBC and NY Times? Check, check. FOX News? The entire network plans stories with the Trump campaign.

NPR? I was listening to NPR the other day and they had 3 stories in a row that had nothng to do with inflation and they tied them to inflation. PBS? PBS had a show the other week about how Biden wanting to raise wages is why fast food has doubled in price.

Trump has plants working for his campaign at numerous media outlets. Some are reporters. I'd bet some are station directors or managers. We need to begin talking about this.


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5. The media has mostly buried Project 2025. It's as if they think a plan to create a dictatorship is not important.
Mon May 20, 2024, 12:42 PM
May 20

And not just any plan, but one funded by a right-wing organization wishing to destroy the federal government and replace it with those who swear allegiance to Trump rather than the Constitution. Plus, they have billionaire funding, people with experience—like Kash Patel, Jeffrey Clark, Michael Flynn, Stephen Miller, and others—ready to step in to turn the government into total dysfunction. Trump doesn’t care whether the government functions well. All he cares about is vengeance and how he can make money off taxpayers and selling US intelligence to our enemies for millions of dollars.

happy feet

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7. Add to the list
Mon May 20, 2024, 12:51 PM
May 20

The breathless anticipation of major disruptions during Biden's commencement address at Morehouse. When that didn't happen and he received a standing ovation, the rotten media was relentless in it,s opinion that the speech wasn't this or that.

It actually was pure Joe and a very good address which the grass appreciated.


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8. Read your news
Mon May 20, 2024, 12:55 PM
May 20

From Ezra Klein's Sunday column in the NY Times:

It’s always the case that the media could be doing a better job. But as an explanation for Biden’s poll numbers, this doesn’t hold up. In April, NBC News released a national poll breaking the race down by where respondents got their news. Biden led by 49 points among voters who relied on newspapers. He led by 20 points among voters relying on national network news. In the slightly archaic-sounding category of “digital websites,” Biden led by 10 points. If the election were limited to voters relying on the kinds of outlets Biden was scolding, he would win in a landslide.

But Biden is behind, and here’s why: Among voters who rely on social media, Trump led by four points. Among voters who rely on cable news, Trump led by eight. Voters who get their news from YouTube and Google favor Trump by 16 points. And voters who don’t follow political news at all favor Trump by 26 points.

It's as much the alleged "MSM" as it is the voters who refuse to pay attention.


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10. It's really the voters' fault, not the MSM.
Mon May 20, 2024, 01:55 PM
May 20

They check the boxes, not the MSM. And they pick the easy sources -- cable TV, social media, than doing a little work and reading. So instead of complaining on social media, we should be telling people to do some reading rather than watching. And also talking to people can help, though, of course, some people won't listen.

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