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Fri Apr 12, 2024, 07:05 AM Apr 12

-2 Republican voters previously for Trump in Georgia.

My wife’s family lives in Georgia, MTG’s district actually. My wife speaks to her Mom regularly and last night she said that my brother in law and his wife aren’t voting for Trump. The wife is voting for Biden while my brother in law just won’t vote for Trump. Neither one is voting for MTG - they can’t stand her.

My parents in law are New Dealish Dems so we knew how they’d vote.

My brother in law and his wife are solid Republicans mostly just to pay less taxes. My brother in law is most certainly a millionaire- self earned. With his wife’s vote probably means her parents too who are also consistently Republican.

They’ve had it with Trump. My brother would be a great primary candidate against MTG but he has better things to do like hunting on his land in Kentucky and taking care of his horses at home.

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-2 Republican voters previously for Trump in Georgia. (Original Post) underpants Apr 12 OP
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One vote at a time 617Blue Apr 12 #2
unite and vote- blue of course nt et tu Apr 12 #3
My co-worker voted for tRump in 2016 & 2020 Norbert Apr 12 #4
I always ask them to name those things. niyad Apr 12 #5
Here's hoping his extreme words and behavior continue PatSeg Apr 12 #6
There is a whole propahanda around his "good actions" IbogaProject Apr 12 #7
Before he entered politics PatSeg Apr 12 #8
He is their voice IbogaProject Apr 12 #9
Yes, that's really scary PatSeg Apr 12 #10
A percentage point here Mz Pip Apr 12 #11
This will be Trump's first election after January 6th. Qutzupalotl Apr 12 #12
I hope your in-laws tell all their friends FakeNoose Apr 12 #13


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1. Recently...
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 07:22 AM
Apr 12

I met a couple who were rumpers but also veteran family turned by J6. Said they'd go 3rd party but at least not liking the disrespect for the concept of America all that much.


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4. My co-worker voted for tRump in 2016 & 2020
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 08:03 AM
Apr 12

She still feels he done some good things but can no longer put up with his behavior which, in her words, has gone off a cliff.


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6. Here's hoping his extreme words and behavior continue
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 09:20 AM
Apr 12

and by the looks of it, I'm sure they will. He's been so desperate.

I still can't imagine what these people think Trump did that was "good".


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7. There is a whole propahanda around his "good actions"
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 09:57 AM
Apr 12

I've hated him from before June 2015, but I knew he was the front-runner, even though I was routinely laughed at for saying in 15 & 16. A current list if his supposed good things,
The current boom is from his tax bill causing capital to repatriate.
First step act and other supposed things for minorities.
No new military engagements and "peace in the Middle East".
So all hype and misdirection. I just emphasize those tax cuts have quiet hikes to everyone else happening stepwise that hit on years like this as we file and get squeezed more. There wasn't peace. And you focus on how huge Biden's two spending bills have been. I proudly say how we are fixing all the bridges and lots of our roads. And it wasn't as big as Biden wanted, so the effects have been less than the origional plan. Still super strong economy, though not for all but those issues are the wealthy and GOP preventing most of our plans.


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8. Before he entered politics
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 10:06 AM
Apr 12

I saw him as a weird freakish clown. I never could understand what anyone saw in the guy.

Yeah, his supporters' memories are very selective and mostly they just make stuff up to fit their fuzzy memories.


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10. Yes, that's really scary
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 10:48 AM
Apr 12

Apparently they think he understands them. Well in a sense I guess he does, but only to take advantage of them.

Mz Pip

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11. A percentage point here
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 11:41 AM
Apr 12

A percentage point there. It’s starting to add up. MAGA won’t desert Trump but there are plenty of Republicans left who aren’t MAGA. Support for Trump is peeling away with them.

A couple of percentage points makes all the difference in a close election.


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12. This will be Trump's first election after January 6th.
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 02:07 PM
Apr 12

Let's hope he experiences a reckoning for that. We should hammer the point and remind everyone what he's capable of, and how little respect he has for our laws and Constitution.


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13. I hope your in-laws tell all their friends
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 02:20 PM
Apr 12

Sadly, many of them keep it a secret that they have finally had it with Chump. They're embarrassed and they don't want to be scorned by their friends who are too dumb/stubborn to see the light.

So a lot of the former MAGAs just quietly pretend they're still supporters, and then they go to the polls and leave it blank on the top slot. "No Vote for Chump" is almost as good as voting for Joe Biden.

This is going to happen all over the country. Wait and see - people are going to be shocked.

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