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New GOP logo just announced. (Original Post) sinkingfeeling Feb 21 OP
GOOD ONE! bif Feb 21 #1
Yo Republicans BOSSHOG Feb 21 #2
The Only Trouble With That As I See It The Roux Comes First Feb 21 #34
Exactly! niyad Feb 21 #37
I was going to say the elephant needs to look more enthusiastic whopis01 Feb 22 #44
and think of Mother Russia wyldwolf Feb 21 #40
I'd add, "nature will protect you if you are innocent." Martin68 Feb 22 #45
Very bdamomma Feb 21 #3
Love it Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 21 #4
Draw it with a Deformed Cross-Species Beast Baby inside that they're forced to deliver. 🤣 TheBlackAdder Feb 21 #5
the elephant shd b smiling mopinko Feb 21 #6
The bear sure seems to be enjoying it. StarryNite Feb 21 #8
😆 underpants Feb 21 #7
You're not here for the hunting, are you? JoseBalow Feb 21 #9
Depends on what kind of "hunting" you're talking about. calimary Feb 21 #20
LOL SouthernDem4ever Feb 21 #10
Accurate portrayal of who they are. TakeItEasy Feb 21 #11
OMG! I just laughed out loud and everyone in the office is looking at me Ray Bruns Feb 21 #12
Most excellent malaise Feb 21 #13
excellent gopiscrap Feb 21 #14
There are a lot of outfits on the web that do bulk sticker printing Danascot Feb 21 #36
Very accurate. republianmushroom Feb 21 #15
The bear facts. twodogsbarking Feb 21 #16
We need to put it up on all our Old Crank Feb 21 #17
I did! orangecrush Feb 21 #22
Are all Polar Bears thinking about voting Repug? KS Toronado Feb 21 #18
I don't know how many, but soldierant Feb 21 #26
Oh, you are correct, behind bars equals no votes. KS Toronado Feb 21 #33
Oooooo, well done! madamesilverspurs Feb 21 #19
Kick orangecrush Feb 21 #21
I laughed BEFORE I clicked on the post wolfie001 Feb 21 #23
I guess a bear or trump would've worked! newdayneeded Feb 21 #24
Can you identify the genders of each. Are offspring possible? If so we are doomed. twodogsbarking Feb 21 #25
That is just PERFECT! 11 Bravo Feb 21 #27
I'm flagging this... BaronChocula Feb 21 #28
I posted this on a Political Sarcasm group I belong to on FB. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 21 #30
Good idea BaronChocula Feb 21 #32
Gee! Who's the Bear and Who's the Elephant I wonder? ProudMNDemocrat Feb 21 #29
LMFAO!! redqueen Feb 21 #31
Here is another suggested logo for the GOP LetMyPeopleVote Feb 21 #35
Boom shaka laka DoBW Feb 21 #38
I am offended.......... that I didn't come up with that myself. wyldwolf Feb 21 #39
The bear is going in the wrong way relayerbob Feb 21 #41
New? More like five years old. Here's the original (warning: a bit more graphic) DFW Feb 22 #42
Pubican Focus IA8IT Feb 22 #43

The Roux Comes First

(1,304 posts)
34. The Only Trouble With That As I See It
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 07:29 PM
Feb 21

Is that they have been enjoying it far too much for far too long already. And I believe there are questions about their protective measures and overall hygiene.


(28,275 posts)
5. Draw it with a Deformed Cross-Species Beast Baby inside that they're forced to deliver. 🤣
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 02:53 PM
Feb 21

Last edited Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:21 PM - Edit history (4)


(23,769 posts)
14. excellent
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 03:58 PM
Feb 21

too bad we cant a bunch of them made into stickers then when we see a vehicle with trump or republican bumper sticker, we stick this over that


(4,703 posts)
36. There are a lot of outfits on the web that do bulk sticker printing
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 08:08 PM
Feb 21

As an example, one offered 1,000 stickers for $39.

I have no idea whether there would be copyright issues.

KS Toronado

(17,544 posts)
18. Are all Polar Bears thinking about voting Repug?
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:09 PM
Feb 21

I guess if we can have 15 million dead people voting Democratic, they can have a few live bears.
Wait how many Polar Bears live in this Country?


(6,994 posts)
26. I don't know how many, but
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 06:32 PM
Feb 21

I'm pretty sure all that do, live in Alaska. (unless they're incarcerated zoos, and the incarcerated can't vote.)


(15,822 posts)
19. Oooooo, well done!
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 04:28 PM
Feb 21

One small quibble: On the current GOP elephant the stars are upside down, a presentation that is usually associated with, shall we say, non-Christian interests. That disassociation would carry well to this new design, seeing as how...



(54,577 posts)
42. New? More like five years old. Here's the original (warning: a bit more graphic)
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 05:24 AM
Feb 22

Stolen directly from a 2019 Karneval float by famed German political satirist Jacques Tilly:

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