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Sat Feb 17, 2024, 08:39 AM Feb 2024

Seven words that describe Trump to a "T"

Has there ever been anyone who has been so full of themself?! In spite of a lifetime of failures, Trump sees himself as a master of all Time and Space. Pathetic.

Trump’s true love is money and its pursuit is his prime motivation. To him, wealth is the only measure of success in life. Pitiful.

Trump angrily seeks revenge against anyone who even slightly crosses him. The man lives in a fog of anger, hatred and jealousy. Miserable.

His pursuits of money and power are to compensate for his deep-seated awareness of his gross inadequacies. He sees others’ successes and is driven to “best” them. Childish.

Trump’s pathetic libido has been on display for decades. He has often bragged about his “conquests.” Misogynistic.

One look at Smelvis the Slobfather (apologies to DUer malaise!) and it’s apparent Trump overeats and doesn’t care for his body. Revolting.

Has there ever been anyone as lazy and irresponsible as Trump? Trash.
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Seven words that describe Trump to a "T" (Original Post) PJMcK Feb 2024 OP
Indeed, Sir: The Seven Deadly Sins Made Flesh The Magistrate Feb 2024 #1
A true... 2naSalit Feb 2024 #2
Nailed it. nt GiqueCee Feb 2024 #3
No wonder self-proclaimed Christians worship him confusing him with Jesus, per Hieronymus Bosch: NNadir Feb 2024 #4
dark ages linger et tu Feb 2024 #12
Perfect SouthernDem4ever Feb 2024 #5
He just said this in that recent SC lunatic's speech: wolfie001 Feb 2024 #6
I would change "Pride" to "Narcissism", he doesn't have pride, to be proud you have to be conscious that you did Escurumbele Feb 2024 #7
Just to be clear PJMcK Feb 2024 #8
A woman I know DENVERPOPS Feb 2024 #9
Great description I learned in the Navy maxrandb Feb 2024 #11
Yup DENVERPOPS Feb 2024 #14
If Marcus Aurelius were still around he'd say..... paleotn Feb 2024 #10
He's every bit as evil as the Kevin Spacey character in the movie 7 maxrandb Feb 2024 #13
well said. the rant he went on last night after the judgement came down was dawn5651 Feb 2024 #15
Excellent. K&R ificandream Feb 2024 #16
One more. Bluethroughu Feb 2024 #17
I was expecting... WestMichRad Feb 2024 #18
I read an excellent comment this morning on another tiresome WaPo article about Biden's age. Lonestarblue Feb 2024 #19
On the spot CORRECT. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2024 #20
Spot on 3auld6phart Feb 2024 #21

The Magistrate

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1. Indeed, Sir: The Seven Deadly Sins Made Flesh
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 08:50 AM
Feb 2024

"Bible-believing Christians have warned us of the coming Anti-Christ for millennia, and soon as he shows up they fall to their knees in worship of him."


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4. No wonder self-proclaimed Christians worship him confusing him with Jesus, per Hieronymus Bosch:
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 09:14 AM
Feb 2024

Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516) Table of the Seven Deadly Sins, 1505 - 1510. Oil on poplar panel. In Room 056A at the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

The Prado text on the museum's website reads as follows:

Two banderoles, one above and the other below the central circle, contain Latin texts from Deuteronomy (32: 28-29 and 20), warning against the wages of sin. The upper banderole, between the tondos of Death and the Last Judgment, reads: Gens absq[ue] [con]silio e[st] et sine prudentia // deutro[m]y 32 [um//] utina[m] sapere[n]t [et] i[n]telligere[n]t ac novissi[m]a p[ro]videre[n]t (For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them. O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!). The lower banderole, set between Hell and Glory, reads: Absconda[m] facie[m] mea[m] ab eis: et [con]siderabo novissi[m]a eo[rum] (I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be). Man, bereft of reason, seems to have set out in unbridled pursuit of the Seven Deadly Sins. Yet all is not lost: Christ, portrayed in the innermost ring of the large central roundel, is ever alert...

I bolded the portion applying to Magats confused about the teachings of Christianity, as I understand them, not being a Christian but having been raised as one. The Magats apparently think that's Trump in the center of Bosch's painting, and since it's a painting of the Seven Deadly Sins, it might be credible to so confuse it.


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6. He just said this in that recent SC lunatic's speech:
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 09:42 AM
Feb 2024

"I can hit a golf ball 7 times farther than Joe Biden!" .......? Oh really? what a fat doofus. I mean, who fucking cares anyway. What a clown.


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7. I would change "Pride" to "Narcissism", he doesn't have pride, to be proud you have to be conscious that you did
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 09:53 AM
Feb 2024

something worth being proud of (I know that in his mind not paying someone is a proud moment for him), the buffoon's mind is the typical criminal mind, they have no concept of consequences, they only think about themselves, and they are extremely narcissistic.

I understand what "pride" means, but that word is mostly associated and attached to people who do well, who do good. That is my humble opinion.

Also, his "lust" is most probably not a real sexual desire but part of his narcissistic nature of satisfying himself, of "being the hunter" without real interest in satisfying the woman. I bet he never waited for the woman to have an orgasm, he just wanted to satisfy his ego more than anything.

And like any other narcissistic criminal, we sometimes confuse an evil creature from being incompetent and a "Sloth", but in fact we do so because we see they do things that destroy, that affect people negatively, they are corrupt, and many other of the worst attributes a person can have, but they are really not "Sloths", they are very proactive in doing harm, on being criminals, on being corrupt, the problem is that the nature of the criminal mind cannot function any other way, and that is why they lack a sense of consequences.

I know I am being picky, your list is very accurate, its just that those three words (pride, lust and sloth), in my mind, give him too much credit which I am not willing to give him, he is a traitor, and the worst nightmare this country has fallen into, he has been very active in compromising the entire GOP, I just hope that people wake up.


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8. Just to be clear
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:03 AM
Feb 2024

Your definitions are fine, of course. I was referencing the classical idea of the Seven Deadly Sins:


The words you’ve indicated have evolved in their exact definitions over time but they are equivalent in their respective time frames.

Nonetheless, Trump’s narcissism is off the charts!


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9. A woman I know
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:14 AM
Feb 2024

would say guys like Trump suffer from TWPC..........Teenie Weenie Peenie Complex.......

Degenerate Reprobate works for me.....


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10. If Marcus Aurelius were still around he'd say.....
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:23 AM
Feb 2024

Forget my list of virtues. Just do the opposite of what Trump does and you'll live a good, purposeful, meaningful life. Seriously, Donnie of Orange is the living, breathing antithesis of all that's good and virtuous in this world.

If you want to give your kids or loved ones a guide on how to live, I recommend a copy of Meditations. Marcus Aurelius's journal of his personal thoughts on life and virtue. We're very lucky it survived all these centuries.


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15. well said. the rant he went on last night after the judgement came down was
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:33 AM
Feb 2024

disgusting. not sure how much msnbc covered i turned the channel. he is a pathetic loser.


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18. I was expecting...
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:05 AM
Feb 2024

Liar, Cheater, Grifter, Rapist, Racist, Conman, Narcissist… but you’ve distilled his traits to their essence.
What a disgusting human.


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19. I read an excellent comment this morning on another tiresome WaPo article about Biden's age.
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:06 AM
Feb 2024

The commenter said, “I want a president with an actual track record, not a president with an actual criminal record.”


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21. Spot on
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 11:40 AM
Feb 2024

Had he ever admitted to being wrong or apologetic to anybody ? A hardcore narcissist. Dang. It will be great when , he leaves this vale of Tears. You really nailed that pathetic gob of orange phat. Thanks for the update.

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