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Wed Feb 14, 2024, 03:14 PM Feb 2024

Extend the fund drive?

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Happy Valentine's Day DU!

This year's Hearts fund drive is scheduled to end tomorrow (February 15), but I've received a number of requests asking that we give people a few more days to give and receive hearts. That's fine with me -- it's a fundraiser after all! But at the same time, I don't want to annoy people if you think it's gone on long enough already.

Tomorrow is Thursday, so if we extend the fund drive we'd just go through the weekend and end on Sunday night.

What say you, DU? Move on as planned, tomorrow? Or keep hearts going through the weekend?

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Extend the fund drive? (Original Post) EarlG Feb 2024 OP
Sounds good to me. mercuryblues Feb 2024 #1
Keep it going. It's fun. tblue37 Feb 2024 #2
Keep it going I say underpants Feb 2024 #3
Through the weekend please! crazylikafox Feb 2024 #4
Keep it going, please. Glorfindel Feb 2024 #5
On the 12th day of Valentine's my true love gave to me... tanyev Feb 2024 #6
Keep it going! piddyprints Feb 2024 #7
Just keep it going mvd Feb 2024 #8
Please extend it Tree-Hugger Feb 2024 #9
Extend, extend! planetc Feb 2024 #10
If Grovelbot begs me ThoughtCriminal Feb 2024 #11
### PRETTY PLEASE ### DU GrovelBot Feb 2024 #16
hugggs for GB! niyad Feb 2024 #50
Still have lots to give. multigraincracker Feb 2024 #12
I Suggest You Let It Run Thru The Weekend (nt) ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #13
Please, extend it. I still have hearts to give. herding cats Feb 2024 #14
Keep it going ornotna Feb 2024 #15
Extend! Hekate Feb 2024 #17
extend. nt KarenS Feb 2024 #18
Keep on going with it! japple Feb 2024 #19
I wish it was for the entire month! It is a really lovely tradition Tumbulu Feb 2024 #20
Extend, please. 🥰 nt Raine Feb 2024 #21
I have no problem with extending it, FWIW. nt Shipwack Feb 2024 #22
Extend thru the weekend godsentme Feb 2024 #23
You mean you HAVEN'T been running them through the weekends? Rocknation Feb 2024 #24
YES spanone Feb 2024 #25
Extending it sounds like a win-win to me rurallib Feb 2024 #26
Keep it going democrank Feb 2024 #27
Yes, absolutely. W_HAMILTON Feb 2024 #28
Keep hearts nt XanaDUer2 Feb 2024 #29
Extend... rogerballard Feb 2024 #30
I say Yes.. Why not!!💕💝💘💙🌊🕊️🕯️🇺🇸 Cha Feb 2024 #31
Keep, please... lostinhere Feb 2024 #32
Yes to extending!💗 Hope22 Feb 2024 #33
Yes, keep it going! Ocelot II Feb 2024 #34
We are DU supporters radical noodle Feb 2024 #35
Keep it going ... and do this more than once a year .... ificandream Feb 2024 #36
3, 2, 1,.....GO! MiHale Feb 2024 #37
Keep it going please! n/t livetohike Feb 2024 #38
Keep it going MustLoveBeagles Feb 2024 #39
Yes, please. Can it run through the weekend? TygrBright Feb 2024 #40
Yes, please. 3catwoman3 Feb 2024 #41
extend NJCher Feb 2024 #42
Yes, please! nt intrepidity Feb 2024 #43
More time for hearts please! Think. Again. Feb 2024 #44
Please extend it! It will give me more time to give away my hearts. niyad Feb 2024 #45
Yes. blm Feb 2024 #46
Keep now and also in the future as well Pas-de-Calais Feb 2024 #47
How @ a St Paddys Day Fundraiser ☘️☘️ Chicagogrl1 Feb 2024 #48
And/or, an Easter fundraiser. GoCubsGo Feb 2024 #54
Thanks. I'm just getting paid today and can finally kick in. ☘️☘️☘️ Bucky Feb 2024 #49
Yes! Please extend through the weekend. Hearts season is so much fun! 💙 crickets Feb 2024 #51
Keep it going. StarryNite Feb 2024 #52
Yes! FemDemERA Feb 2024 #53
I support more love blogslug Feb 2024 #55
Wheres the grovel bot? N/t gay texan Feb 2024 #56
Extend Please. I still have hearts to bestow. Liberal In Texas Feb 2024 #57
Thank you for asking Marthe48 Feb 2024 #58
Thru the weekend please. lpbk2713 Feb 2024 #59
Keep it going. I'll buy more to give out. dmr Feb 2024 #60
I'm all for it! KatyaR Feb 2024 #61
I don't have any objections to extending it. Ms. Toad Feb 2024 #62
I have mixed feelings about extending it. mentalsolstice Feb 2024 #63
YES PLEASE Skittles Feb 2024 #64
Let it roll on. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #65
Definitely through the weekend! We always hate to see it end... Plus, it will benefit DU!!! Rhiannon12866 Feb 2024 #66
Keep it going at least through the weekend. Heck I would make Feb. Hearts Month for Heart Health & Valentine's Day. AnotherMother4Peace Feb 2024 #67


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7. Keep it going!
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 03:24 PM
Feb 2024

A fund drive is wonderful when it allows us to give to each other. It strengthens our community while supporting the best site out there!

Now, how about some shamrocks or spring flowers, etc? Sort of a fund-drive-of-the-month?


(3,371 posts)
9. Please extend it
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 03:36 PM
Feb 2024

This was my first year being able to afford a few hearts. I love it and want to be able to give out more when I get paid on Friday.

Have you thought about seasonal events like this? I bet many, if not most, DUers would be happy to participate.


(7,864 posts)
10. Extend, extend!
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 04:07 PM
Feb 2024

Hearts enable you to express what it's not socially acceptable to say. These days, people give their friends "a hard time" to show their affection. Hearts enable you to throw a kiss at a stranger from behind a bush.


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20. I wish it was for the entire month! It is a really lovely tradition
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 05:26 PM
Feb 2024

It is a really lovely tradition which I thank you all for !


(7,881 posts)
28. Yes, absolutely.
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 05:38 PM
Feb 2024

In fact, I was always disappointed in previous years how quickly it seemed to end. Maybe start to get in the habit of letting it run two weeks, say, one week leading up to Valentine's Day and one week after. Or something like that. But, yeah, longer is better.


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40. Yes, please. Can it run through the weekend?
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 05:55 PM
Feb 2024

I'm quite busy at work this week and haven't had the chance to distribute even half of the hearts!



(54,110 posts)
49. Thanks. I'm just getting paid today and can finally kick in. ☘️☘️☘️
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 06:15 PM
Feb 2024

I like the shamrock idea too.

it's a pot of gold caliber idea 🍯🌈


(234 posts)
53. Yes!
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 06:32 PM
Feb 2024

I still have a few and have been trying to find people who have none. By extending, hopefully there will be a few weekend DUers to give to


(28,375 posts)
60. Keep it going. I'll buy more to give out.
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 07:45 PM
Feb 2024

Thank you!
❤️ ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗 💘 ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗


(3,447 posts)
61. I'm all for it!
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 07:49 PM
Feb 2024

I have hearts to give away but haven't had time to do so. That way they won't go to waste!

Thank you for everything you do for us.

Ms. Toad

(34,152 posts)
62. I don't have any objections to extending it.
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 07:54 PM
Feb 2024

It's fun for most of us - and it will raise more money for DU.

I do have a tiny bit of reservation about it being a bit of a popularity contest (which at least some of us lost with the physical valentine's box growing up). But there are a lot of people intentionally giving hearts to those without many - and there are several in this thread with fewer hearts than average who are cheering extending it.


(4,463 posts)
63. I have mixed feelings about extending it.
Wed Feb 14, 2024, 08:26 PM
Feb 2024

I support an extension if there was a sub-forum where everyone can share their thanks. GD and the Lounge are clogged with DUers putting out a thank you for every heart they receive. Honestly, I’m not trying to be cranky about this, I appreciate every heart I have received, but I don’t want to take up space in forums where others are trying to express something important, besides getting a heart, just to give a thank you. I know I can trash such threads, but in my heart it just doesn’t feel right.


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67. Keep it going at least through the weekend. Heck I would make Feb. Hearts Month for Heart Health & Valentine's Day.
Thu Feb 15, 2024, 01:44 PM
Feb 2024

That's what a lot of teachers do for thematic lessons in February.

AND it would help procrastinators like myself. Here's a REC & another heart 'cause I'm making the DU team our Valentine.

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