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skip fox

(19,361 posts)
Tue Nov 21, 2023, 09:23 AM Nov 2023

DU, let's help make 2024 The Year of Democracy!

The 2024 presidential election would be far less favorable to Trump if the stakes for American democracy were made clear to all voters, especially those who may be undecided.

Biden, Democrats, The Lincoln Project, concerned citizens, etc. should strive to make clear how precarious democracy is in our county with the rise of Trump and authoritarianism.

To aid in that messaging, a series of Marches for Democracy in the first ten months of 2024 would help draw attention to their concerns and reinforce their message. They would help frame the election, making it clear to all voters just how high the stakes are.

If done correctly (not overtly affiliated with the Democratic Party or even anti-Trump forces) these marches would have credibility and if any group tries to actively disrupt or undercut such marches, they would be seen for who they are: those who wish to undermine democracy.

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