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Fri Nov 3, 2023, 05:03 AM Nov 2023

DU seems to have certain groups trying to divide them too easy

The Demand for answers by calling people Hamas Supporters. The Demand that people aren't responding to more then one thread being posted. For starters I do not support War. I do not support Hamas just because I want a cease fire in Gaza. I am not against Jewish people no matter where they are I actually respect culture of others and want to learn stories that I can.

Gaza is not a black and White issue. We can't keep up with every thread demanding a person to answer cause we called for a cease fire or said this is a war crime. People have different views and it used to be a thing we could be able to debate our views, but the divide is getting worse. Again I do not hate Jewish people. I do not think Israel should be taken off the map and earth. I am fine with the Israel Nation but have problems with the people who are in charge of it. That doesn't mean I hate anyone. Its a different point of view.

I am sorry too if I can't focus on Israel 24/7 I was in pain the whole day with my knee cap hurting from the weather change. When I wasn't in pain I was asleep cause of the meds. Sometimes when we can't respond to a thread we have other things going on. Don't demand a response try to be understanding and that will help others be more understanding too. Otherwise its like talking to a brick wall and just turns people off.

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DU seems to have certain groups trying to divide them too easy (Original Post) disablegamer Nov 2023 OP
Well I hope y'all have fun 'discussing' it amongst yourselves GuppyGal Nov 2023 #1
oh yeah that helps Skittles Nov 2023 #2
Sorry? Can't discuss what here? Aussie105 Nov 2023 #4
I completely agree 100% Goddessartist Nov 2023 #3
I have a torn ligament where my knee cap is disablegamer Nov 2023 #7
I had to look that up! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #9
its like being on a rollercoaster ride disablegamer Nov 2023 #14
Wow! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #28
I too have ITP. strongermessage Nov 2023 #25
Wow! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #29
"I'm finishing a sculpture, or making stew, or caring for my grandson." Aussie105 Nov 2023 #5
Just shut the laptop and walk away LOL! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #10
We are not divided on this site. MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #6
my wife taught me to love other cultures disablegamer Nov 2023 #8
I have the same rule! Hence my children/grandkids taste everything! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #11
I love my wife's soul disablegamer Nov 2023 #15
That's just beautiful! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #23
In my recent experiences... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #12
I get personal slams all the time. Comes with the territory. brooklynite Nov 2023 #21
Yeah... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #34
Same experience to some extent. Goddessartist Nov 2023 #24
"Never argue with an idiot.... lastlib Nov 2023 #38
There is too much hatred BlueMTexpat Nov 2023 #13
Beautifully said. Goddessartist Nov 2023 #27
There are tons BlueMTexpat Nov 2023 #31
Yes! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #32
Um ... someone with 41 posts speak easy Nov 2023 #16
That doesn't mean anything. Goddessartist Nov 2023 #26
That's a little... cold.... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #36
I she/he had not joined after October 7 speak easy Nov 2023 #37
Everyone was a newbie at one time. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #41
A gal/guy joins after October 7 speak easy Nov 2023 #44
Welcome to DU jmbar2 Nov 2023 #17
I am trying to becareful disablegamer Nov 2023 #20
Very disheartening. speak easy Nov 2023 #30
I can tell you weren't here during the Democratic Primary Wars of 2003 or 2008 ms liberty Nov 2023 #18
The OP omitted any of my keywords. usonian Nov 2023 #40
Well said SocialDemocrat61 Nov 2023 #19
Some folks just want us to be a happy cycloptic family. Chainfire Nov 2023 #22
A lot of insidious trolling goes on here. ananda Nov 2023 #33
PSA. It helps to have thick skin when visiting GD on DU. nt Hotler Nov 2023 #35
"We can't keep up with every thread demanding a person to answer cause we called for a cease fire betsuni Nov 2023 #39
So true. Think. Again. Nov 2023 #42
There are folks in the world unable to support the absurd claims they make lapucelle Nov 2023 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Nov 2023 #45


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1. Well I hope y'all have fun 'discussing' it amongst yourselves
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 05:39 AM
Nov 2023

But what I've found is that you can't discuss it here

"Peace' out


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4. Sorry? Can't discuss what here?
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 05:58 AM
Nov 2023

Lots of different opinions being expressed on DU on many different topics.

If you come across posts that are straight out abusive, alert a moderator.

If you come across posts where you disagree, feel free to do so, but be polite.


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3. I completely agree 100%
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 05:56 AM
Nov 2023

I've found the same thing. I also have to leave, and pain is one of my reasons as well. Or, I'm finishing a sculpture, or making stew, or caring for my grandson.

There seems to be a lot of folks attacking other posters, demanding immediate responses (hey, we're all not online all of the time!) and instead of engaging in discussion make nasty comments about other posters or assumptions or inferences.

I hope your pain lessens. The cold weather really gets me as I've got EDS (joint issues) and a myriad of other issues, being older.

Sending you lots of love.



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7. I have a torn ligament where my knee cap is
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 06:50 AM
Nov 2023

The doctors won't preform surgery unless its truly unstable. All I can do is my normal exercises when I'm awake to keep mobile. I think the weather change here effected it. I have learned to deal with it, but the meds knock me out. I am just thankful I didn't end up in the ER. I also have ITP/evans disease and last platelet check I was down to 30k. If it went lower that could be a cause and effect. Always worry if it drops down to below 25k I go to the hospital for 3 to 4 days for them to figure out the cause and get it up above 25k. I had it drop down to 5k at one point.


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9. I had to look that up!
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:04 AM
Nov 2023

I understand why they won't perform surgery unless needed! The weather change affects me as well.

That sounds like a difficult idiopathic disease to have.

My kneecaps move from side to side. My hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, etc. subluxate and dislocate regularly. So, lots of braces as EDS is progressive and I'm turning 61 in a few weeks Because of the EDS I have POTS and dysautonomia. So much fun! I have to make sure I'm not in pain/grouchy when I respond to anyone sometimes lol.

I hope your platelets remain stable!

Much love,



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14. its like being on a rollercoaster ride
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:19 AM
Nov 2023

I have my ups and down . Everytime I think I am correct taking my 3 shots a week in the arm. I also have to do anti-biotic IV infusions each month. Its then that they test me on my platelets. Thats coming up this saturday so I know all heck can break lose towards the end of the month for it.


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25. I too have ITP.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:06 AM
Nov 2023

Last year at Christmas, I was hospitalized with Legionnaires Disease. A few months later, my platelets dropped to 17K. After an infusion, for several months they hovered around 40K. However my last check was at 88K. My hematologist couldn't figure out why. 88K is still low, but I'll take it. My next check is in a few weeks.


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5. "I'm finishing a sculpture, or making stew, or caring for my grandson."
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 06:04 AM
Nov 2023

This is why computers and laptops have a big OFF switch somewhere.

If you have something useful to do, like live your own life in real time, feel free to push that button.

In short, don't be like my wife - rarely switches off the TV because she may miss something important.


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6. We are not divided on this site.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 06:48 AM
Nov 2023

We all have an opinion and are open to others’ opinions. It is a discussion amongst like-minded folks that will not leave blood on the floor. None of us are at all happy about the world’s situation.



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8. my wife taught me to love other cultures
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 06:53 AM
Nov 2023

She always had me try other foods from other places. Her main rule was if you try it once and truly don't like then she will understand, but don't say you don't like it just because you don't understand it. She showed me art, stories, and history that I learned to respect from other cultures. I love her for what she has given me on respect.



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15. I love my wife's soul
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:20 AM
Nov 2023

Even if she takes me out of my comfort zone some with things. Best part is watching her smile when something we weren't planning happens and I just catch one of those moments that reminds me why I love this woman.

Think. Again.

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12. In my recent experiences...
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:12 AM
Nov 2023

...(I can only speak for myself) I suspect the difficult situations I'm having with 2 or 3 members on DU are intentional and meant to either wear me down and/or chase me away, while at the same time discrediting my positions by seriously manipulating my statements and just generally gas lighting.

It could be just dishonest attempts to keep their position strong in the face of other positions, or it could be a more widespread attempt to sow division among DU members in general, or it could be they are just a little lost themselves, but they certainly know how to avoid having their passive/aggressive harrassing posts removed, and I don't want to put them on ignore and leave their attacks hanging there, undefended.

Think. Again.

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34. Yeah...
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:40 AM
Nov 2023

...I have a fairly tough skin when it comes to personal attacks, but it's the hijacking of what should be mature discussions that really bothers me.

I keep thinking... Don't these people read the rules?

From: 'terms of service':

"Substantive disagreement on important issues is always welcome on this website, but our members should not be made to feel unwelcome simply because they hold a different point of view. Democratic Underground welcomes all people who are members of the Democratic coalition, including the full range of center-to-left viewpoints and supporters of all Democratic public figures."


(22,742 posts)
38. "Never argue with an idiot....
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:56 AM
Nov 2023

They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

(Was that Mark Twain?)


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13. There is too much hatred
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:18 AM
Nov 2023

everywhere with too little real understanding of anything.

IMO, DU has been one of the rare forums where most people truly try to educate each other about facts, especially about facts that concern cultures foreign to too many US citizens, who all too often do not get the whole picture from our corporate-controlled media.

I appreciate those who are willing to be open-minded.

Interestingly, wrt one of the most hot button issues here at DU, I received photos from the US today from my older biological son's family (I also have stepsons and a stepdaughter from my 42+ year second marriage).

Backstory: his father, a Muslim Arab, and I were married for 13 years and had two sons. We parted more or less amicably and we both remarried other people after some years. My ex's family (who have never lived in the US) and I have always remained on good terms. My ex's daughter from his second marriage calls me "Aunt," is a dual-national (as my sons could be, but haven't exercised the option), knows her half brothers well, has lived and studied in the US and has visited me in my home several times. With her young family (Muslim Arab husband & two-year-old daughter, an absolute darling!) she plans to travel to the US to celebrate Thanksgiving with my son's family.

In one picture, my son - dressed in a suit for once (LOL, that is rare) - is standing arm-in-arm with his host, whose son is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. In another, my youngest grandson is standing with that same son, dressed in their Halloween outfits. They went trick-or-treating together and had a great time.

My grandsons are half-Asian. I am Caucasian. Per Ancestry.com, my DNA shows predominantly Viking (Norwegian) heritage, with Celtic (Irish & Welsh) ancestry ranking second, and Anglo-Saxon, etc. trailing the others. My extended family includes several African-American and Hispanic cultures, among others. I respect all those cultures.

If only ALL people would stop imposing and/or projecting their own biases on others and practice humanity, without immediately imposing qualifications on practicing that humanity. Especially here at DU.

Athough a "cradle Catholic," I am, at best, agnostic or deist. I respect every human being who treats others as s/he would treat her/himself. Period.


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32. Yes!
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:35 AM
Nov 2023

Me too. Every single day for a few decades now....except when I've been hospitalized, which the past 3 years has been frequent. All's well now.

Lots of love to you!


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26. That doesn't mean anything.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:07 AM
Nov 2023

I've been here since DU's inception, and only started posting of late.

This kind of post is disheartening.

speak easy

(8,942 posts)
37. I she/he had not joined after October 7
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 08:48 AM
Nov 2023

to talk about something other than Israel/palestine, then tell us how Israel/palestine was dividing the board, I would be a lot more welcoming.


(24,826 posts)
41. Everyone was a newbie at one time.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 09:40 AM
Nov 2023

I suggest we give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves unworthy of that benefit.

Also, the OP isn't wrong. There are - and have always been - trolls and rabble-rousers on DU. Some are pretty obvious about their intent. Some are a bit more covert.

The trick, of course, is to learn how to filter them out. That's one of the keys to hanging around long-term.

speak easy

(8,942 posts)
44. A gal/guy joins after October 7
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 10:23 AM
Nov 2023

to talk Isreal/Palestine, and tells us how Israel/Palestine in dividing the board. Stretches the doubt for me.



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20. I am trying to becareful
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:39 AM
Nov 2023

I know certain things get heated so I'm sort of still nervous on what is safe. I have to feel the water waves here.

ms liberty

(8,394 posts)
18. I can tell you weren't here during the Democratic Primary Wars of 2003 or 2008
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:27 AM
Nov 2023

Yes, you've been here two weeks. So, when it's something that's a flame war in every thread, the best course of action is to trash it. In this instance you can do that by using keywords 'Israel' 'Gaza' and 'Hamas'.
AND. Just don't engage. We've had trolls since the first days. We'll always have trolls. Don't feed them.


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40. The OP omitted any of my keywords.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 09:22 AM
Nov 2023

Do we need a word cloud, or “thermometer” attached to every post?

Asking for a friend.


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19. Well said
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:31 AM
Nov 2023

I find most here are open to respectful discussion. But there is a very small minority that seem dedicated to sowing division.


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22. Some folks just want us to be a happy cycloptic family.
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 07:50 AM
Nov 2023

We have two eyes so that we can see in depth, two ears so we can hear both sides of a story and two nostrils so that we can tell the difference in rose petals and bullshit. The never ending conflict in the region is not because one side is 100% right and the other 100% wrong, no matter what some folks want us to believe. That is why there are differences of opinion and discussions. If someone wants a cheering section, they should go to a football game.



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39. "We can't keep up with every thread demanding a person to answer cause we called for a cease fire
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 09:06 AM
Nov 2023

or said it is a war crime."


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43. There are folks in the world unable to support the absurd claims they make
Fri Nov 3, 2023, 10:10 AM
Nov 2023

based a superficial pop-cultural understanding of complex issues.

They accuse and call names to deflect or to project, but it's generally so obvious that the only response is


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