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Tom Yossarian Joad

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Sat Oct 28, 2023, 09:52 AM Oct 2023

Tuberville claims wars in Ukraine, Gaza were 'created' by Democrats

He's an idiot.


Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), who has held up more than 360 military promotions and created a stalemate that has consumed the Senate for months, claimed the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East were “created” by Democrats. /snip

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Tuberville claims wars in Ukraine, Gaza were 'created' by Democrats (Original Post) Tom Yossarian Joad Oct 2023 OP
I think a lot of voters will essentially agree with that David__77 Oct 2023 #1
A lot of low-info magats maybe, but certainly not any voters with any sense... brush Oct 2023 #4
and a wannabe propagandist. nt BootinUp Oct 2023 #2
He isn't a wannabe. MontanaMama Oct 2023 #6
I'm trying not to get into a doom mode before lunch BootinUp Oct 2023 #9
100% 2naSalit Oct 2023 #20
He's a traitor. NutmegYankee Oct 2023 #3
this sucker llashram Oct 2023 #5
Did the senator from Alabama make this claim from his home Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #8
...from his home in MATT GAETZ's district in Florida. dchill Oct 2023 #10
Addressing Tuberville's Claim Ontoepistemic Oct 2023 #7
Tuberville is a treasonous confederate asshole. dchill Oct 2023 #13
Welcome to DU! KS Toronado Oct 2023 #21
Thanks Ontoepistemic Oct 2023 #22
just wanna double up on the heys! Tom Yossarian Joad Oct 2023 #23
A Republican on TV lying ornotna Oct 2023 #11
Thanks Ontoepistemic Oct 2023 #12
You're welcome ornotna Oct 2023 #14
Ooooppps😊 Ontoepistemic Oct 2023 #16
Nazis always asserted things that had to be true, House of Roberts Oct 2023 #15
If Tuberville said things and no one reported it, would he still be wrong? Srkdqltr Oct 2023 #17
Fuck you Tommy Boy spanone Oct 2023 #18
Oh fuck off Tuberville. Go shove your conspiracy theories up your ass. Initech Oct 2023 #19


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4. A lot of low-info magats maybe, but certainly not any voters with any sense...
Sat Oct 28, 2023, 10:02 AM
Oct 2023

as most know Putin's Russia invaded Ukraine in Feb. of '22 and Hamas attack Israel on Oct. 7, '23...earlier this very month.

Tuberville is an idiot and so is any voter who believes his disinformation crappola.


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5. this sucker
Sat Oct 28, 2023, 10:12 AM
Oct 2023

is just trying to stay in front of the cameras. And he does not care about anything else. Being a vet he is a pile of dung stinking in the gutters of the world.


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7. Addressing Tuberville's Claim
Sat Oct 28, 2023, 10:14 AM
Oct 2023

In confronting the statement made by Sen. Tommy Tuberville that the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East were "created" by Democrats, one encounters a profound lapse in nuance and complexity. Tuberville's assertion appears to serve the immediate political goal of justifying his actions in holding up military promotions due to his disagreement with the Department of Defense's abortion policies. Yet, the reduction of intricate geopolitical conflicts to domestic partisan causality neither respects the intellectual gravitas of these serious issues nor reflects well on the democratic process.

The causal claim implicates significant epistemological and ethical considerations. From an epistemological perspective, attributing the "creation" of a war to a particular group implies a direct, almost unilateral, action leading to conflict. This interpretation is deeply flawed when placed against the backdrop of the multifaceted origins of the wars in question. For instance, the Ukraine conflict is deeply rooted in historical tensions between Ukraine and Russia, influenced by global geopolitics and alliances that transcend the American political sphere.

The same complexity extends to the Middle East, where a myriad of socio-political factors, including but not limited to American influence, have contributed to ongoing conflicts. By ignoring these complexities, the Senator's assertion veers dangerously close to historical revisionism, and it erodes the kind of meaningful dialogue that is crucial in a democratic society.

Ethically, the claim carries grave implications. If one were to operate under ethical frameworks such as deontology or consequentialism, the "creation" of a war by any group would carry severe moral repercussions. However, the Senator's claim does not withstand scrutiny, and therefore, its ethical potency is diminished. It does raise ethical questions about the role of political discourse in shaping public opinion and policy, and whether oversimplified, polarizing statements serve the public good.

The current legislative stalemate over military promotions in the Senate, largely instigated by Tuberville's actions, adds another layer of complexity to his claims. His stance appears to serve as a rhetorical smokescreen designed to divert attention from the more immediate legislative deadlock, thus compromising the principles of transparent governance that are foundational to democratic societies.

Tuberville argues that the power to hold up legislative action is one of the few tools available to a minority within a democratic system. While minority rights are an essential aspect of any democratic system, the ethical boundaries of such a strategy become increasingly nebulous when it leads to misleading or reductionist statements about complex issues.

In summary, while the claim might fit neatly into a partisan narrative, it does little to contribute to a nuanced, responsible discourse, which is a cornerstone of democratic governance. The multi-layered complexities of the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, the epistemological nuances surrounding the notion of "creating" wars, and the ethical considerations all demand a more rigorous, fact-based discussion. It's precisely this sort of dialogue that upholds the integrity of democratic processes, allowing for a more informed electorate and, ideally, more nuanced policy outcomes.

House of Roberts

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15. Nazis always asserted things that had to be true,
Sat Oct 28, 2023, 11:06 AM
Oct 2023

in order for their actions to be justified. Taterbug is using the Nazi playbook right down the last detail.

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