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H2O Man

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Tue Aug 16, 2022, 08:49 PM Aug 2022

Amicus Briefly

"There ain't any 'normal' any more." -- H2O Man; August 16, 2022.

I'm trying to think of the best case that can make on Thursday on the proposed unsealing of the FBI affidavit that resulted in the warrant to search mar-a-lago. One can easily anticipate what the New York Times and Albany Times Union legal team believe is involved. The media, like the public, is interested in what the affidavit contains.

But it seems extremely unlikely that the judge will unseal a document that contains information about witnesses, investigation methods, and an on-going investigation into the implications of private citizen Donal Trump's refusal to turn over the documents. The media will likely have to wait until there are formal charges, and it is turned over to Trump's legal team in discovery. They will leak it within minutes.

So it comes down the arguments that Judicial Watch -- which is representing Trump here, though not officially --makes. Reading through their information, I suspect that they know their brief is pathetic. At very best, as it stands, the best it can do is serve as a fund-raining issue for Judicial Watch, and an issue for republicans to set the country on fire.

What's a concerned citizen to do?

I'm thinking that I might need to file an amicus brief. Stay with me here. What about using Amendment 14's equal protection clause? I mean, let's consider mobsters of the past. John Roselli, Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante all enjoyed connections with the CIA when vice president Richard Nixon was in charge of the US policy towards Cuba back in the late 1950s through 1960. And everyone named in that last sentence was a mobster.

Whitey Bulger was a mobster. There is really no difference between his Winter Hill Gang and the Trump administration. And Whitey had open access to FBI files through agent John Connolly. There are really no differences betweem Bulger and Trump that I can think of. Put the DOJ on the hot seat to see if they can name a single distinction between all these mobsters and Donald Trump.

Whitey actually became an FBI informant, to rat out his best friendly mobsters. Make the list of witnesses against Trump public, and maybe he'd provide the FBI disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies about them. It would also be in the pubic interest so that maga micro-dicks could harass, threaten, and attack those witnesses.

As a last touch, maybe demand that the sum-total of the secret documents that Trump stole and refused to return be immediately turned over to Saudi leader MBS for safe-keeping. This was obviously among Trump's plans for them, and it seems very likely the FBI already knows that for sure. After all, MBS already paid for them.

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Amicus Briefly (Original Post) H2O Man Aug 2022 OP
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Trump knows he is fucked. H2O Man Aug 2022 #10
Exactly. H2O Man Aug 2022 #8
I don't know where I read it Saoirse9 Aug 2022 #13
There is a law H2O Man Aug 2022 #14
My fear Saoirse9 Aug 2022 #15
At this point, H2O Man Aug 2022 #16

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
2. I have a feeling
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:02 PM
Aug 2022

that this judge already knows that there are no significant differences between Trump and these mobsters from the past.

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
4. Thank you!
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:09 PM
Aug 2022

Some of the time when I'm watching the news, it seems like the two hemispheres of the national brain is suffering a terrible conflict.


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6. Early in tfg's admin we were introduced to alternative facts...I remember laughing at the time...
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:20 PM
Aug 2022

"There ain't any 'normal' any more"

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
9. For some reason,
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:23 PM
Aug 2022

the phrase "there ain't any 'normal' any more" is playing in my mind to the below tune:


(14,615 posts)
5. In any movie where the
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:14 PM
Aug 2022

cops and AGs go after a big wig, there is always 1 phrase.

Make sure you are not wrong, get every i dotted and t crossed. You will only get 1 shot at this.

A warrant would never have been asked for if they didn't have him dead to rights. Not only that, but the legal investigators only give up just enough information to get a warrant.

Would I love to see the affidavit? Of course. If it means giving up info before they need to. eh. I can wait.

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
8. Exactly.
Tue Aug 16, 2022, 09:21 PM
Aug 2022

Unfortunately for Trump, this is real life. He and his cult are thus engaged in every possible attempt to distract the focus on what is real and important. And my "brief" has exactly as much chance of having the affidavit unsealed as Judicial Watch's.

I, too, can wait. There's plenty of other news being reported that we can use to kick the stuffing out of the republican party in November. We need to "keep our eyes on the prize."


(3,703 posts)
13. I don't know where I read it
Wed Aug 17, 2022, 10:48 AM
Aug 2022

and I am sure it’s wrong. But I read that as long as he hasn’t been charged yet he can still run for office.

I hope Garland can stitch him up well before it’s time for him to apply as a candidate.

Scary thought.

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
14. There is a law
Wed Aug 17, 2022, 11:07 AM
Aug 2022

that a felony conviction would disqualify a person from holding any office. It has never been tested -- the Constitution does not mention that as a qualification. But Trump will never be president again, even if he runs.


(3,703 posts)
15. My fear
Wed Aug 17, 2022, 12:12 PM
Aug 2022

is that the stop the steal morons will *actually* steal the 2024 election and install him convicted or not.

Now I know that’s about as likely as a zombies apocalypse but I am still afraid.

Also afraid they will steal 2022 midterms.

That these scenarios are unlikely is not making me worry less.

I used to think the Americans people were not stupid enough to elect 45. They were and they are.

I might take a social media vacation. I am worn down with worry and enraged by the constant firehouse of bullshit coming from TFG.

It’s more than I can deal with honestly. I hate irrationality. Just hate it.

/rant over

How are you feeling today?

H2O Man

(73,997 posts)
16. At this point,
Wed Aug 17, 2022, 01:31 PM
Aug 2022

I think DeSantis will be the republican nominee. And yes, they will try to steal the election.

I am feeling pretty darned okay, thanks. You?

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