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Thu Jul 14, 2022, 11:33 AM Jul 2022

Can you see the difference

Last Night Lawrence O’Donnell could barley contain his emotions, had to stop talking and put his head down to not cry on set, trying to report and say, “children's screaming” in the newly released TEXAS school mass slaughter had to be muted. Now remember the, “Sick Son Of A Bitch” BuyBull toten Christian Mayor, shouting at Pete, and now using choice words to rant at the media release of the video of Good Guys with Guns, “Standing down and Standing by”. A difference of a man that IS pro life and heartbroken at kids heads being exploded, and a TEXAS mayor intent of protecting image of officers over children’s lives. The Mayor should have that audio of those screaming kids played at his house 24/7 and so does Ted Cruz. You can’t mute the horror away and move on.
Also, at debate hearing on guns, GQP brought in lots of props to argue gun rights, including a DOOR. But not a single AR 15 brain blender was spoke of or used as a prop.
Lawrence is a Radical Left communist child assaulter in the eyes of Fox, trump cult and all 147 GQP coup ASSociates.
Thank you Lawrence for representing dems and right to life Americans. The choice of our future is obvious. No both sides bull shit.

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1. My guess is, every parent whose child died in that school, would give their permission
Thu Jul 14, 2022, 12:07 PM
Jul 2022

to use the sounds of their children's screams, if they thought it would melt the hearts of these bastards.


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2. I just happened to catch Lawrence's show last night.
Thu Jul 14, 2022, 12:47 PM
Jul 2022

I was so impressed by his presentation. You could tell this was him... his heart and soul... straight out. There was no put on. This is a good man, and he was desperately trying to convey this "story" in such a way that would convey the heart of it in the most meaningful way possible. But not in such a way that would hurt the parents more than they had been hurt by the leak of the story. And not in such a way that would leave him crying on the set. It affected me greatly.

Cory Bush also affected me greatly, and I'm glad he let her have free rein on his show. Other pundits would have interrupted her, trying to direct her answers. But he let her speak her piece, and I'm so glad he did. As a survivor of sexual violence myself, I recognize the lingering anger, questions, and even rage that came through in her talk. I cried for quite a few minutes after her section was over. I'm glad he let her have the last word. I'm from Kansas, not from Missouri, and so she is not my representative. But I'm a woman, and a neighbor, you might say. And so much, I wanted to reach out to her at that time, and say Hea... I hear you, Sister. We're out here, and together we'll beat them all. We are all One.

Besides Rachel, I think Lawrence has one of the best shows on MSNBC. The network isn't doing enough to showcase these two diamonds, AFAIC. They should do much, much more! When they allow their pundits to be true to themselves and allow that truth to come thru to their viewers, it fills the void of what we're aching for these days.


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3. Joe The Plumber: 'Your Dead Kids Don't Trump My Constitutional Rights' To Have Guns
Thu Jul 14, 2022, 02:37 PM
Jul 2022

Joe The Plumber: ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights’ To Have Guns

Ironic how he chose that verb back in 2014.
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