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Tue Jul 5, 2022, 05:05 PM

Trusted sources for abortion information. (Repost)

Reposting in response to mahatmakanejeeves post today:
People searching for abortion online must wade through misinformation


Search results and posts are often deliberate misinformation.

What to DO about Losing Roe? Actually, there's PLENTY! (an update)
calimary hits a 5-run home run.

Short version:
Random sites are not to be trusted. They can be traps.
And they get indexed on google and other search sites.

USE TRUSTED WEBSITES that encrypt your sessions.
I am collecting a list, and will update it, unless someone else wants to.
You may copy and (please) verify any info here.

Article continues below the list.

Planned Parenthood
(I add: if you visit a local office, if possible, use airplane mode on your phone (not foolproof) or other (TBD)

Here's a compilation from yourtango.

8 Vital Resources To Use If You Need An Abortion Or Want To Help Out Someone Who Does
Isaac Serna-Diez

1. INeedAnA.com

With a simple UI that looks similar to any normal Google Form, INeedAnA.com asks you 3 “non-personally-identifiable pieces of information (that we don’t collect or store),” and provides people with information about their closest abortion clinic while remaining entirely discreet.

They ask you to tell them how old you are, your zip code, and how many weeks it’s been since your last period.

“If you enter that you’re a minor in a state with parental consent laws, we show you that information too,” says the website’s “About” page.

“If you click a button asking saying ‘How am I going to afford this?,’ we show you your state’s Abortion Funds and Practical Support Networks,” they add.

INeedAnA’s goal is to make it “as easy as possible for people to find the information and resources that apply to them,” as everyone’s situation is different and might require different resources.
2. AbortionFinder.org

Similar to INeedAnA, but boasts “the most comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers in the United States.”

With a banner at the top that claims “laws may be in effect that restrict abortion access in some states” because of the SCOTUS ruling, they also inform visitors that it is still legal to travel across state lines to states with legal abortion access.

AbortionFinder.org provides visitors with a state-by-state guide that will assist anyone with ways to acquire access to an abortion, while also explaining the laws that may have gone into effect.

The website also features a search directory similar to the one found on INeedAnA.com and resources for financial assistance.

3. The Auntie Network on Reddit.

On Reddit.com, there exists a subreddit called “r/AuntieNetwork” that provides assistance to those who are in need of an abortion procedure or funds going toward access to an abortion.

Members of the Auntie Network are urged to donate funds that will go towards “nieces/nephews/siblings” who require assistance.

They provide creative ways for those who want to lend a hand to be able to assist others in need, while also providing those vulnerable groups with resources.

4. The National Abortion Federation Hotline.

If posting your information online or using a shared device such as a computer isn’t possible, then the National Abortion Federation provides the option for a phone call in order to get you the resources necessary for your situation at ProChoice.org.

The “NAF Hotline” at 1-800-772-9100, provides people with options for those who require financial assistance, or access to their referral hotline.

If you want to be referred to providers of quality abortion care, use the direct “NAF Referral Line” at 1-877-257-0012.

The National Abortion Federation has a list of vetted providers on its site.

5. Planned Parenthood.

With the emphasis that they are easily capable of helping minors despite parental consent laws, Planned Parenthood remains one of the best options for finding the necessary resources for those in need.

They provide you with information on where you need to go, whatever providers are in your area, access to financial resources, a state-by-state guide, and valuable information on the different kinds of abortions and what you can expect from them.

Their website (PlannedParenthood.org) also provides a chat system where you can talk to “trained sexual health educators or chatbot,” ensuring a free and private dialogue.

6. PlanCPills.org

At-home abortion pills have become much more popular in recent years, especially in light of the pandemic.

Dubbed “Plan C,” abortion pills are accessible and can be mailed to your residence to save you the trouble of needing to leave your home to find an abortion provider.

They even provide guides for those who live in states where abortion is restricted because of the recent ruling, informing visitors that they may be at risk of legal consequences if they decide to follow through with their decision.

7. ReproLegalHelpline.org

The Repro Legal Helpline provides people with the legal information surrounding abortions and access to procedures on a state-to-state basis, if you don’t want your parents to know, the laws surrounding self-managed abortions (Plan C), or most importantly if you’re a minor.

Through a system called “judicial bypass,” it’s entirely possible to follow through with an abortion procedure without involving your parents in the process, and they help you understand what that process is and how to get it started.

They offer referrals to legal assistance, have a hotline that you can call for information if you can’t use your home computer, and believe that “everyone should be able to access abortion care if they want or need it.”

8. If you want to help, donate to local abortion funds.

If you aren’t in need of abortion but wish to donate to the cause and help people get across state lines in order to access abortion providers, click the link here to donate.

ActBlue.com has compiled a list of more than 92 abortion funds that you can choose to donate to individually, or split your donation amongst.

“Abortion is essential,” they write in the tagline, adding that one of the most pivotal things you can do at the moment as an ally is to donate so that others can access the funds necessary to get them across state lines to get to an abortion provider or to afford the abortion procedure.

The time to stand up and act is now, and if you don’t want to join the people in the streets protesting the SCOTUS ruling, then you can help at home by spreading the word about the resources available to those in need or donating to those resources yourself.

BREAKING: Lars39 via Botany just posted these.




The Supreme Court Just Overturned Roe V. Wade. Now What?

“All abortion providers across the country, whether it be Planned Parenthood or independent providers, are prepared for this.”

Abortion is still legal in at least 16 states and the District of Columbia, and medication abortions, which have grown to account for more than half of all abortions in the US, also continue to be an option early in pregnancy. But with anti-abortion lawmakers passing or contemplating even more restrictions and penalties for traveling out of state or using mail-order pills to end a pregnancy, it may be confusing to know whether you could face any legal risks for having an abortion.

BuzzFeed News talked to five legal experts and reproductive rights advocates about how to get an abortion in a post–Roe world and what you should know about the potential legal risks of ending a pregnancy in a state where the procedure is outlawed or severely restricted. (more ... )


Research has made clear that much of the content people find online about abortion is not reliable, and commonly includes disinformation that seeks to misinform and thwart abortion access. ... Antichoice websites regularly publish intentionally misleading or false information about abortion in a manner that presents as objective in an effort to mask the fact that it’s antiscience. And depending on several factors, search engines sometimes push these sites to the top of result pages over more evidence-based ones.

So use trusted organizations and sites with encrypted sessons ( 🔓 ) rather than search.


Also, use safe browsing. Delete cookies and history.

CousinIT posts:
Seeking an abortion? Here's how to avoid leaving a digital trail. PASS ON. SHARE WIDELY.
Everything you should do to keep your information safe, from incognito browsing to turning off location tracking
Very short summary:

Limit who you tell
Chat on a secure, encrypted messaging app
Protect your devices
Browse the internet securely

Lots more at CousinIT's post and here:

Digital Security and Privacy Tips for Those Involved in Abortion Access
I am sure that any questions can be answered in the computer support group (not speaking for the group)


See also my GOTV page:
https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216868660 (updated July 4, 2022)
and Ukraine Relief page.

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