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Wed Jun 8, 2022, 08:16 PM Jun 2022

Every Accusation is a Confession. How's this for a message?

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Permission is granted to reuse, repost, preferably on BILLBOARDS.

Accusation: "It's all about freedom. They want to take away my freedom"
Confession: Shit, yeah, it's all about racism.

Accusation: "Others" are gaming the system to advantage over White/Christian/European "stock"
Confession: White European Christians have historically held back, vilified, demonized, enslaved, and murdered others for the "sin" of being different and living without the advantage of "guns, germs and steel". I fear karmic or divine payback. But what my ancestors did doesn't count.

Accusation: What my ancestors, the founders of the country said counts. And it counts literally.
Confession: I get to cherry-pick what to honor from the past and what to hide in the closet.

Accusation: The rich are blessed, and the poor are sinful.
Confession: If I had a few bucks, I'd get more of those seven "rewards", like sloth, gluttony .... you know.

Accusation: Commandments are absolute. Laws need to be obeyed.
Confession: Well, we found some fine print, amendments and exceptions ...

Accusation: Jesus has dominion over the U.S. and loves us like we were his children.
Confession: I think that "Dominion" is all about beating up or killing weaker people. I couldn't handle a fair fight, or see my gifts as helping others. My Dad beat the living snot out of me, so it's OK. I turned out just fine.

Accusation: "I'm being robbed and persecuted" by libs.
Confession: "I'd rob and persecute if I could. My predecessors in church and state did in the past, and things are still OK now."

Accusation: Things are not OK. They've gone to hell.
Confession: I learned that from TV, radio and pulpit. I've actually got a fortune in Trump Bucks.

Accusation: Those damn immigrants and colored people are taking away what little there is.
Confession: I was told so by rich folks with 99% of the wealth, and Pastor "Groper". After all, piety earned them wealth and the right to a little hanky-panky.

Accusation: The Dems stole the election.
Confession: We tried every trick in the book, and invented a few more to steal it, and failed.

Accusation: The government wants to control me. "My body, my choice"
Confession: I'd like the government to control everyone else, particularly, their reading and sex lives.

Accusation: "libs" are soft on child abuse.
Confession: Republicans, especially people in power, are "hard" on child porn and take authority as a license to abuse.
Sorry to cut this short, but I don't have weeks to list them all.

Accusation: "Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with the crime, the abomination of homosexuality"
Confession: Maybe it's neither a crime nor a sin, but Pastor Pat McGroin says so.

Accusation: Citizens need to take up arms against tyranny.
Confession: Tyranny is whatever pisses off me or Tucker. So there.

Accusation: "It's all damned lies"
Confession: "Because it makes me feel bad."

Accusation: "But WHAT ABOUT ________"?
Confession: "I could only find one damned counter example, and didn't check it, but that's enough to damn everyone."

Accusation: "Those people" work too hard."
Confession: "Just to make me look bad."

Accusation: Dems are bad for the economy.
Confession: Yeah, the rich make out no matter who is in power. I just hate when people with the wrong color get a piece of the pie.

Accusation: Libs are cop-killers.
Confession: I have never seen that, but it's what I'm told. Ignore the convictions of posers, like the ones who killed an Oakland cop.

Accusation: Discipline is not abuse.
Confession: Abuse is not discipline. My Dad beat the daylights out of me.

Accusation: Libs want to take away our guns, which are our only protection.
Confession: Well, that's the case when cops stand around while kids are slaughtered.
No uniforms were wrinkled in this massacre.

Accusation: Libs don't care about school kids being killed.
Confession: I was told that freedom is not free, and someone innocent has to be sacrificed. So long as it's not me., that's OK.

Accusation: Guns are "value free" and mean nothing compared to the mind of the user.
Confession: Hey, the gun substitutes for my tiny limp dick. It's hard, it's powerful. It's a thrill to fondle it and discharge on the weak and unwilling.

Accusation: Libs are perverts.
Confession: See all the above.

Accusation: "We're for something grand"
Confession: "We're for NOTHING. We're a party of NOTHING." If you're for it, I'm against it. WHATEVER.

Expanding on that a bit:
The great something is a myth. The America that people want to return to never existed except in movies and sick theories like "eugenics" which put a phony lab coat on racism, and all of which has been thoroughly disproven.

The belief in "white replacement"
is a cult of blaming one's inadequacy on others, and is held together with the addictive forces of greed, hatred and delusion. As such, the cult shows many of the same behavior patterns of addiction. Hitler was literally and figuratively high on it. History Channel "High Hitler"

For a look into the crooked minds of the perpetrators, read
The Psychology of Genocide by Steven K. Baum. (2008)
He groups people into three categories: Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Rescuers.

Cult members and "bystanders" get hypnotized by the myth and its constant repetition in media and groups that exclude factual contradictory information.

Additional helpful material.
5 Bad Reasons for Believing that Homosexuality Is a Sin
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Every Accusation is a Confession. How's this for a message? (Original Post) usonian Jun 2022 OP
OUTSTANDING stuff! I'm keeping this! calimary Nov 2022 #1
You're welcome. Unfortunately, it never gets old. usonian Nov 2022 #2


(10,078 posts)
2. You're welcome. Unfortunately, it never gets old.
Sun Nov 27, 2022, 07:07 PM
Nov 2022

"Projection" is a big flaw in cult behavior.

This is from a recent post.
I learned a lot from books by Anne Wilson Schaef.
-- The Addictive Organization
-- When Society Becomes and Addict
Her books

There is a pdf of "Addictive Systems", an excerpt of her work.

The behaviors described are *very* similar to the cult behavior exhibited by the GQP, notable mainly for "projection". casting aspersions on others which are the very fears and inadequacies experienced by the accuser. "Every Accusation is a Confession", and blame, blame, blame.

Powerful stuff.

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