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Wed May 25, 2022, 04:31 PM May 2022

Blue or red, that's all she said.

This year’s election and 2024 are not for any one single issue, but winner takes all; with gerrymandering being a hump that must be overcome.

This isn’t singularly about abortion or guns or the corporate takeover of housing and rental properties, climate change, health care, immigration, the pandemic or anything else. It is about all of it.

I know there are voters out there that may agree with blue on many things, but not on gun control and perhaps the lawlessness of open stealing out of stores in some liberal areas is putting you off as well. Maybe you agree on guns, but not on some other issue. The next two elections are about way more than your personal issue.

One side wants to end democracy, install an idiot autocrat and return to landowner days with few rights for anyone not a white, Christian male. The other side would like the American experiment to continue.

Maybe we’re already too far down the rabbit hole, but not voting or voting independent in November will seal the deal on being beyond the point-of-no-return.

And I do seriously wonder, because of the nature of the past couple of mass shootings, if the next civil war has already begun and these incels will be targeting large groups of minorities.

Certainly the pent up rage from how life is going isn’t helping interactions. We still have a lot more of the year left for gas to go higher, groceries to go higher, more people to pick which bill to pay, more to homeless and more general rage at how much the world sucks right now.

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