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David Zephyr

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Sat Oct 20, 2012, 05:24 PM Oct 2012

The economy surges and the GOP switches their message to "terror" again.

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Hmmm. Any pattern here?

During Bush's term it was "terror!" 24/7 by the GOP, Fox News and the right-wing. "Red Alert! Orange Alert! Get your fucking duct tape or die!"

And then GOP started two wars leaving 1 million dead and trillions in debt for the U.S. taxpayers, and all the while screamed that Democrats were "soft on terror".

Meanwhile Bush destroyed the enitre American economy with the economic meltdown and the Great Recession costing over 5 million American jobs and millions losing their homes. And still never found Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan or a single "weapon of mass destruction" in Iraq.

So, President Obama gets elected with a margin of 9 million votes and then proceeds to kill Usama bin Laden and drop his corpse to the bottom of the ocean, kills Mohammar Qaddafi, strangles Al-Quada...and no more red or orange alerts. Oh, and duct tape sales plummet.

But because President Obama's great success as Commander and Chief apparent to all Americans, the GOP and Fox create the "tea party" and change the instant message to a scream "fix the economy!" Also, Fox discreetly eliminates all of their 24/7 waving of American flags across their television screens.

To top it all off, President Obama in less than 4 years has mended the American financial ship and the economy is really now coming back, Wall Street is twice as high as where it was four years ago, and we have nearly 40 months of job creation with unemployment plummeting. And the American automobile industry is leading the world.

So, guess fucking what? Now the GOP has flipped their record over back to "terror!" all over again.

Romnesia is without a doubt a bacterial infection of the brain causing delusion spread by the Republican Party. Tell your friends and loved ones.

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