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Sun Sep 26, 2021, 06:31 PM Sep 2021

Steve Schmidt: "Where are Susan Collins and Mitt Romney?"

This morning, Steve Schmidt was on Jonathon Capehart's show and he asked why a couple of (supposedly sane) Republicans won't join with Democratic senators to stop the fascism that is taking over America.

Yesterday, I did a post about Schmidt and Rachel Maddow discussing the imminent fascist/Nazi threat to democracy. Link: https://democraticunderground.com/100215893960

Today, Schmidt stated the perfect question regarding people like Collins and Romney. To paraphrase him, "What the Fuck is wrong with these people?"

Millions of Americans also "get it." Why is it that the only answer we can come up with is "Get Out The Vote." Getting out the vote doesn't mean shit when red states are passing laws where the Republican legislature decides which candidate "won." And it's exactly laws like that which are being passed in red states. (Georgia has already done it.)

So even though supposed Dems like Manchin and Sinema won't do the right thing, let's go back to Schmidt's question of "Where are Collins and Romney?" Are they total captives of their party's insanity? Do they fear the consequences? Where are their values? Where are their consciences? Where is their dedication to democracy?

I guess we could ask Manchin and Sinema these same questions, but their owners (Koch, big oil, big pharma, etc.) wouldn't allow them to reply

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Steve Schmidt: "Where are Susan Collins and Mitt Romney?" (Original Post) Cyrano Sep 2021 OP
Where are Collins and Romney? leftieNanner Sep 2021 #1
Okay, I get it. But what about the survival of that democracy thing? Cyrano Sep 2021 #2
Precisely! leftieNanner Sep 2021 #6
Slithering around in spineless cowardice, I think. ananda Sep 2021 #3
they are bending over for TFG nt msongs Sep 2021 #4
Because they have no objection to it (nt) NQAS Sep 2021 #5
Wll if Trump would bend over you might find them. nt joetheman Sep 2021 #7
Being "concerned" ..... Lovie777 Sep 2021 #8
That will be her epitaph! Tadpole Raisin Sep 2021 #9
Midnight tombstone change rpannier Sep 2021 #13
Today's Hindenburgs peppertree Sep 2021 #10
They're still Republicans, so they can't be too... Buckeye_Democrat Sep 2021 #11
Collins is supportin Le Fool for Gov in ME rpannier Sep 2021 #12
What are we going to do... Snackshack Sep 2021 #14
This is what we're going to have to figure out here. The Unmitigated Gall Sep 2021 #15
Sold their souls for a tidy sum years ago. It's the GOP way. There is nothing left except a shell. Evolve Dammit Sep 2021 #16
Probably The Death Threats DanieRains Sep 2021 #17
Great post, Cyrano Sucha NastyWoman Sep 2021 #18
And Lisa Murkowski. Haven't heard much about her lately. n/t pnwmom Sep 2021 #19


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1. Where are Collins and Romney?
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 06:37 PM
Sep 2021

A very good question. Collins just won reelection, so she has six more years to fuck things up and pretend she's a moderate. Romney is practically a deity in Utah, so he doesn't have to worry about being reelected.

Murkowski does have to run in 2022, so I guess she needs to tread carefully.

I do find it difficult to understand that zero out of fifty Republican Senators will stand up and be counted.


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2. Okay, I get it. But what about the survival of that democracy thing?
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 06:41 PM
Sep 2021

Holding onto their (illusion of) power won't mean a damn thing with a madman and his street thugs running the country.


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6. Precisely!
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 06:53 PM
Sep 2021

It's kind of like when you tell a lie and then have to double down to keep from admitting that you lied.

They have pretended to be the serious adults in the room and with Mitch McConnell whispering in their ears, they have crossed the threshold into the cult. I guess it's difficult to pull back from that.

Plus their illusion of power. I'm sure they have convinced themselves that they will be fine. They're all wealthy, so they're probably right.

I don't understand it either, Cyrano.


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10. Today's Hindenburgs
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 07:55 PM
Sep 2021

The "old-line conservative" German leader who knew what Hitler was capable of - but chose to look the other way, and what's more facilitate, Hitler's rise to power.

Because "ze alternative was socialism."


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11. They're still Republicans, so they can't be too...
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 08:01 PM
Sep 2021

... upset about the fascist tendencies of the GOP.

They're more like abused spouses, who later tell any concerned third parties to leave them and their "misunderstood" spouses alone after they've "made up" with each other.


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14. What are we going to do...
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 08:24 PM
Sep 2021

When what Schmidt said actually happens? Say DT runs in 2024 does not win the popular vote but red swing state who have put their people in as SOS decide to give DT the electoral votes even thought he did not win the state?



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17. Probably The Death Threats
Sun Sep 26, 2021, 08:50 PM
Sep 2021

Republicans and their brownshirts versus democracy.

The law means nothing.

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