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Trump's sons' high school nicknames were "stank" and "choad". (Original Post) ItsjustMe Dec 2020 OP
Oh my PatSeg Dec 2020 #1
LOLOLOLOLOL ... mr_lebowski Dec 2020 #2
Cute Haircut, Stank! MineralMan Dec 2020 #3
Reminds me of the flute player (flautist) in American Pie 2. 3Hotdogs Dec 2020 #12
What happens at band camp stays at band camp. MineralMan Dec 2020 #14
We didn't have no band camp in '60 when I graduated. 3Hotdogs Dec 2020 #16
Ah, yup...good times... dhill926 Dec 2020 #24
I was in the band from grade 7 to 12. I was terrible at it. Anyways, Thursdays were assembly days. 3Hotdogs Dec 2020 #42
Reminds me of Prince Valiant... Grins Dec 2020 #35
These are their Drama Club pictures SCantiGOP Dec 2020 #4
that's hilarious. mopinko Dec 2020 #5
Pretty bad when Eric looks (marginally) less ridiculous hlthe2b Dec 2020 #6
Fitting. Wonder what daddy trump's nickname was? Hoyt Dec 2020 #7
"Tick" MineralMan Dec 2020 #8
Also fitting. Hoyt Dec 2020 #19
Also a blood-sucker and vector of numerous diseases. GoCubsGo Dec 2020 #41
Jesus, they look like extras from a comedy about prep school douchebags n/t Azathoth Dec 2020 #9
I'm trying to figure out which is worse malaise Dec 2020 #10
And the fact they actually put them in the yearbook kcr Dec 2020 #27
I had to look up "choad" nuxvomica Dec 2020 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author PTWB Dec 2020 #13
makes one wonder VA_Jill Dec 2020 #18
:-) CentralMass Dec 2020 #25
Most definitions I find mean it's wider than it is longer. Takes after his father, I guess. 🍄 TheBlackAdder Dec 2020 #28
Stank looks like eraser head lillypaddle Dec 2020 #15
Hey Stank, pass the jank Blue Owl Dec 2020 #17
My goodness. That's all so very unfortunate. Solly Mack Dec 2020 #20
Dumb and dumber. But can't tell which is which. Butterflylady Dec 2020 #21
Trump men seem to have hairstyle problems ... CatMor Dec 2020 #22
Stank looks like he is a Flow-bee abuser. With that homes hair cut. Captain Zero Dec 2020 #45
He sure does ... CatMor Dec 2020 #47
Stank was out there looking like a big toe. 😂 DangerousRhythm Dec 2020 #23
These kids are gold RANDYWILDMAN Dec 2020 #26
Look how far they got by fakiing it. dixiegrrrrl Dec 2020 #32
Oh, you know they do.... RANDYWILDMAN Dec 2020 #34
Junior's eyes look lost, which is sad. Eric -- wow, that school photog didn't have an airbrush? Hekate Dec 2020 #29
so...when was the Dutch Boy Paint haircut all the rage? Javaman Dec 2020 #30
They both have one nostril noticeably larger Totally Tunsie Dec 2020 #31
Look at how they've grown into Uday and Qusay! Hugin Dec 2020 #33
Junior should have been called skank. Mc Mike Dec 2020 #36
Lol Demovictory9 Dec 2020 #37
That's worse than my imagination. Brainfodder Dec 2020 #38
So Junior was the lovechild of Emo Philips. Denzil_DC Dec 2020 #39
Funny enough, these will also be their prison names. Johonny Dec 2020 #40
They look more like a Skank and Scabie. WyattKansas Dec 2020 #43
I wasn't aware of their middle names. alphafemale Dec 2020 #44
Oh, that is hilarious! Mad_Dem_X Dec 2020 #46
Add in Ivanka Mendocino Dec 2020 #48


(146,539 posts)
3. Cute Haircut, Stank!
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 12:32 PM
Dec 2020

There was a really cute flute player in my high school band who had a hairstyle just like that. I used to flirt with her daily.


(12,791 posts)
12. Reminds me of the flute player (flautist) in American Pie 2.
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 12:44 PM
Dec 2020

I wish we had band camp when I was in high school.


(16,504 posts)
24. Ah, yup...good times...
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 02:14 PM
Dec 2020

when I was a band director, I used to bust kids regularly for doing what kids do. How did you know, they would ask. Because I did the same thing I would answer...


(12,791 posts)
42. I was in the band from grade 7 to 12. I was terrible at it. Anyways, Thursdays were assembly days.
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 06:39 PM
Dec 2020

Kids would be marched in. Jesus would be honored. Trumpet would play a call to arms or whatever it was called. -- come to think on it, it was "Call to the Colors." Flag would be placed in the holder and the lights would go out for a few seconds.

At that point, about 5 of us would go out the auditorium side door, to the Glenwood Sweet Shop for coffee, soda or whatever. It was certainly better than whatever program was gonna go on. We would jam paper in the door so's we could open it to get back in and "play the kids out."

This worked well for three years.

One day, one of the teachers went to the sweet shop for cigs, or whatever. Now, he wasn't
s'posed to be there either. So,

"Ya get away with it this time, but don't ever let me see you here, again."

He didn't. We kept on going back but we never saw him there again.


(13,935 posts)
4. These are their Drama Club pictures
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 12:36 PM
Dec 2020

Junior was playing Jennifer Anniston from “Friends,” and Eric was Kramer from “Seinfeld.”


(12,619 posts)
11. I had to look up "choad"
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 12:43 PM
Dec 2020

It basically means a loser or an undesirable person. It also means a short, fat "tallywhacker".

Response to nuxvomica (Reply #11)


(6,212 posts)
22. Trump men seem to have hairstyle problems ...
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 01:54 PM
Dec 2020

they should try going to a barber instead of doing it themselves.


(6,212 posts)
47. He sure does ...
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 07:36 PM
Dec 2020

I'm surprised mama Ivanna let him leave the house looking like that. Being left as wife number one maybe she didn't care just like wife number three.


(2,760 posts)
26. These kids are gold
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 02:44 PM
Dec 2020

Scary that they consider themselves legit players in the political world. Even though they only cred they have, daddy bought for them.


(92,331 posts)
29. Junior's eyes look lost, which is sad. Eric -- wow, that school photog didn't have an airbrush?
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 03:16 PM
Dec 2020

I went to a big public high school, but somehow all our senior class photos smoothed out the worst of our flaws, which was a mercy for those with acne. I mean, we didn’t look like magazine models, but still...

Once again, it looks like all the “beautifying” attention went to Ivanka. I bet she never had a zit that wasn’t professionally attended to.


(33,654 posts)
33. Look at how they've grown into Uday and Qusay!
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 04:23 PM
Dec 2020

Least likely to succeed my ass.

Good work Cuck and Gums! You've made your alma maters act like they don't know you. None of those pesky alumni newsletters for you.

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