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H2O Man

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Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:50 PM Nov 2020

Good Grief

“When someone is telling you their story over and over, they are trying to figure something out.”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The alarm clock kept ringing, which was odd since I do not have an alarm clock. Nor do I have need for one. Raising slightly from the couch and attempting to clear my mind, I recognized that it was the telephone. It can be difficult to get in a much needed nap on election day.

By the time I stood up, the ringing had stopped. Very few people understand or appreciate the difficulties that old, retired people who keep nothing that could be said to resemble a sleep schedule face. Hanging up after the phone rings a mere seventeen times could be considered rude, especially considering we are in the early afternoon hours.

Suddenly, after maintaining my balance for an extended moment, I become aware of a very sad voice coming from the television. It sounds familiar, yet distant. I know that I know who it is, but there is something different, like a person trying to process some tragic news. I look at the television, and see that it is a somewhat subdued Donald Trump, repeating the lines of his campaign, the fictional accomplishments of his presidency.

"Low Energy" Donald is trying to figure something out. He knows that he is losing the election. His on-going attempt to construct a wall of denial has faltered. The rage has carried him though the past week, when he appeared to be a coyoted in the final stages of suffering from hydrophobia, snarling at memories of past opponents, foaming at the mouth. Hillary haunts him. President Obama taunts him. The American people, in his mind, are disloyal, despite his demanding the loyalty required to view covid as a democratic hoax. Will the federalist judges he has appointed hold strong? Or join the vast conspiracy against him?

"Winning is easy," he says. "Losing is hard." As if the public no longer remembers that he was a "sore winner" after the 2016 election. Like a drunk who started a fist fight, realized his terrible mistake, and hopes that his saying, "I quit!" will save him from the ass-kicking about to be delivered his way.

Though he lacks the emotional range necessary to experience true depression, as a sociopath he is able to recognize it on the faces of those around him. He is convinced that they have failed him. Why did Rudy follow that tail into the hotel bedroom on the Borat movie? Why did Don Jr. make an ass of himself on Fox? Why did Laura Ingraham wear a mask? Why is Eric Trump alive? Why did he let that worthless putz Jarad marry his only daughter?

He sees Ivanka, with her plastic smile, her hopes of becoming the first female president diminishing with every passing minute. His legal team has been telling him for months that his sons are not the only ones at risk of being indicted in New York State in 2021. He blames Michael Cohen.

Donald Trump cannot accept what is happening.

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(22,249 posts)
1. The fact that he has been hiding in the White House
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:54 PM
Nov 2020

for much of today says it all. Wonder which one of his family he will blame first?

H2O Man

(74,042 posts)
2. Good question.
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:58 PM
Nov 2020

I suspect it will be Don Jr. It has been reported for years that he has said he doesn't trust Junior's judgement.

It certainly won't be Ivanka.


(3,710 posts)
4. I didn't see or hear him speak today
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 08:01 PM
Nov 2020

but if it’s what you say I love it.

Now I am gonna go hide under the covers until it’s over.

H2O Man

(74,042 posts)
6. He was pathetic.
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 08:03 PM
Nov 2020

He knows it's over.

Victory party here is already in high gear. I expected you two to be here by now!


(3,710 posts)
8. Well damn it's a long walk!
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 08:06 PM
Nov 2020

Wish we could be there. And bring Petey to play with your new dog.

Maybe next election. I should be retired by then.


(91,787 posts)
21. Just what I needed to read. Watching Kornacki Unleashed is making me crazy. It's barely 6:30....
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 10:37 PM
Nov 2020

...here in California.

H2O Man

(74,042 posts)
23. Very good!
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 10:50 PM
Nov 2020

I haven't been watching the news this evening/night. But I'll likely have it on at 11 pm/est.

H2O Man

(74,042 posts)
24. Thank you!
Tue Nov 3, 2020, 10:52 PM
Nov 2020

I saw a meme on the internet that noted the last time our nation was this divided, we had better music. Lots of Beatles on in this house!

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