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H2O Man

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Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:06 AM Oct 2020

Lucky Socks

“In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”
― Akira Kurosawa

I would like it if The Beatles got back together to do free "Biden-Harris" concerts across the county in the next two weeks. However, that is not possible. To think it might happen, and lead to a crushing defeat for Trump, requires magical thinking. As Q-Tip, the nonexistent, double-super-secret member of the Trump inner-circle coordinating efforts with states deep and shallow says, leave delusional thinking to the Trump cult.

We can look back at some of the lessons of our youth. I like the thought of Senator Robert F. Kennedy having John Lennon visit his home, and meet his family. I enjoyed hearing stories about it, back when RFK seemed old to me. He was listening to the voice of the younger generation. One of the people inspired by both JFK and RFK was Joe Biden.

In his "Ripple of Hope" speech in South Africs, Senator Kennedy spoke of the ultimate strength of a people united in removing an unfit "leader." That's Political Science 101 .....and we know that science is a method. Our method of removing the malignant growth unpopularly known as "Donald Trump" is by getting out in voting. And voting in large numbers in 2020 requires not only that you and I vote, but that we invest time, energy, and pleasure into getting the vote out.

In opposition to our efforts to assist our society in regaining its sanity, we have the Trump cult. It is led by an ass-clown who is currently self-destructing. His campaign has the contributions of a few who are afraid to tell him he is doing horribly, and more that view him in a religious sense. And those true believes -- the ones who reject things like science and facts -- are a superstitious lot. Their belief system is not entirely different that the kid in Little League who believes their "lucky socks" improves their bating average ..... though that kid's beliefs do not threaten anyone.

The Trump cult is superstitious enough to believe that Donald's second coming will be delivered by news "reports" on his opponent's e-mails. These people believe, with all of their might, that JFK Jr. is alive, working with Trump to destoy all evil-doers. This, I dare say, is delusional thinking in a group context. It is not significantly distinct from believing that Charlie was fixing a hole in the desert.

Is their belief system markedly different from that of the Manson family? Most would agree that some of their beliefs were influenced by the White Album. I'd point out the idiots in Michigan named their gang after the group in the 1984 flick "Red Dawn," and their planned trial of the governor was based upon the 2012 movie, "The Dark Knight Rises." While I'm unfamiliar with "Red Dawn," I feel safe in saying this militia gang got the wrong message from "The Dark Knight Rises."

We are all aware that people of this mentality are prone to pick up on what are frequently called Trump's "dog whistles." These are the types that would wear Trump brand "lucky socks" to help re-elect him, but refuse to wear a mask to help protect their community's health. Is it coincidence that this type is as attracted to Trump's every lie, as that fly was to the shit coming out of Mike Pence's head?

Yet there are more of us than them. As long as we engage in the method of getting out the vote, we'll win the election. Not easily, but handily. We know they are trying to cheat. We know Trump will say it was stolen from him. But that's okay -- not that they behave this way, but because we will beat them. We'll win on the 12th, be it a day or Amendment.

Do not get distracted. They aren't that clever. There's no time to waste engaging with zombie cult members. Can't talk to them about facts, much less the truth. Can't shame them. We need to keep our eyes on the prize for the next two weeks. I say that, recognizing that local people I know have had nails thrown in their driveways, mail boxes smashed, and/ or the lug nuts loosened on their automobiles. Be safe, be focused.

We've got this.
H2O Man

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1. They never give up cheating and that's a worry. Now the USPS has disbanded its law enforcement
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:20 AM
Oct 2020

Personnel and delivery time is still behind in places. I don't trust computer voting. I fear McConnell will get Barrett installed and SCOTUS will rehear PA... They should butt out of it, but who knows?

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
2. Unlike in the case
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:38 AM
Oct 2020

of the 2000 election, the House now has a democratic majority. I believe -- strongly -- that Nancy Pelosi has put together both the necessary legal team and plan for if some states have contested results. The USSC did not go by the Constitution in 2000, claiming an authority they were not granted. The Constitution is very clear, per Amendment 12, that if Trump contests the outcome of the election, the House will decide.

We are in a very good place, so long as everyone votes.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
5. After 2016, one cannot
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 11:41 AM
Oct 2020

take anything for granted. However, as you know, I never look at national polls as an indicator. We have 50 contests, state by state. Those polls are looking very good. More, many of the groups that were uninspired in 2016 and didn't vote are now actively participating in getting out the vote. I think it will be clear that Biden won two weeks from today. Trump will attempt to contest it, basd upon a few states were it is relatively close. But that won't work.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
10. A lot of the
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 11:51 AM
Oct 2020

good people I know are experiencing serious anxiety now. I understand that. I do. But I am confident that the Biden-Harris ticket will win by a good margin.


(3,745 posts)
12. I am afraid that voicing optimism
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:01 PM
Oct 2020

will jinx the election. I am up to trump level paranoia. I want to be wrong.

My husband took our mail in ballots to an early voting site Monday. Can’t trust the mail. I checked and they have been marked received. Not gonna be satisfied until I see they are tabulated.

I wish I could go to sleep for the next two weeks.

Beyond stressed.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
19. Every single ballot
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:26 PM
Oct 2020

is so important! So I'm glad that you & my favorite brother-in-law got your's in. And I'm hearing lots of family, friends, and associates saying they have voted, too!

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
6. Absolutely!
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 11:44 AM
Oct 2020

There was a person on DU:GD posting stuff about a "huge" story about to break, bigger than the earth itself, that would destroy Trump and the republican party. Sure. If DNA showed beyond doubt that Donald was the biological father of Ivanks's children, the scum of the Trump cult would be high-fiving one another.


(8,361 posts)
13. They are the underbelly of society and were elevated by Nixon and worse yet,
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:04 PM
Oct 2020

increased with the help of St.Reagan. Trump will get me the judges from allowing abortion, gun control, gay rights! They want all of that managed back in their likeness, which is bigotry. I despise the corporate entities that stay silent about him too. I guess they believe they can buy a home for their grandchildren that will keep them safe from climate change. Talk about delusional.

These people are similar to Beetlejuice, once you have them marginalized and disarmed of political power, never say their name 3 times.

November 3rd can't come soon enough for me.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
16. Exactly!
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:16 PM
Oct 2020

It's so important for people to understand the connections, from Nixon to Reagan and the Bush presidencies, to Sarah Palin, to Trump. For he didn't just happen, coming out of nowhere. And it wasn't just the top of the republican party -- the secondary level of their party made a major investment in appealing to the hateful white trash that defines their party today. They believed that they could control the radical right, and capitalize upon their gross ignorance. Surprise, surprise. It may have appeared that way at first, Dr. Frankenstein. But you've created a monster.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
9. Hello there!
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 11:48 AM
Oct 2020

We've been waiting to crush that jerk for four years now!

Do you think that the debate will happen tomorrow?


(272,279 posts)
11. He could still refuse to participate
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 11:53 AM
Oct 2020

I hope he shows up, melts down completely and walks out of both the debate and the election. A lady can dream.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
14. The hilarious thing is
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:07 PM
Oct 2020

that those around him that know he screwed up in the first debate dare not say it to his face. So Trump is only hearing feedback from the ass-kissers and the truly delusional, saying he "won." ("Biggest win ever in presidential debates!&quot

However, due to a drop in the internal polling of republican candidates for the House and Senate, as a direct result of his debate performance, a few of the rats are jumping of the sinking ship. They've all been advised now to say they have always supported Trump when he has acted in a manner than benefits their state, but have disagreed with him on other issues. Lying shits.

This has infuriated Trump. And we know that "furious" is how he experiences both anxiety and fear. The old boy's emotional range is very limited. So we will have a furious, steroid intoxicated loser on the stage. Hence, there is a good chance we will witness a severe melt-down Thursday evening. I am fully prepared for that eventuality!!!

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
18. We will see it
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:24 PM
Oct 2020

(assuming Trump shows up) on the third time Donald attempts to bully the moderator. He is in for a surprise, I assure you. She will nail his pale, flabby ass to the wall, and Joe Biden will happily throw darts at it.


(150,739 posts)
21. Great post, as always, my dear H20 Man!
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 12:46 PM
Oct 2020

Yes, I think we will win.

But I too am anxious, although I try to be rational about our chances. I look around and I think these are historic times and I'm alive during them! Savor the moment. Try to remember what was going on.

Thank you for your considerable wisdom.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
22. Thanks Peggy!
Wed Oct 21, 2020, 05:06 PM
Oct 2020

I am not positive, but I suspect it is among the curses of being Irish -- I've never been in a fight where I wasn't 100% sure I/my team would win. That, of course, wasn't always accurate, and thus I carry plenty of aches and pains! Ha!

I have a feeling that we are going to hand Trump a humiliating loss. That makes me happy!

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