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Fri Sep 4, 2020, 09:53 PM Sep 2020

Are some of his lies a cover for his worsening dementia? He can't remember things, so he makes up...

....ridiculous and vicious statements on the fly. The lies he remembers, he repeats over and over. Thus, the same crap being spewed at every news conference/rally. He is getting more unhinged. He has got to go.

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Are some of his lies a cover for his worsening dementia? He can't remember things, so he makes up... (Original Post) nature-lover Sep 2020 OP
Partly, probably, elleng Sep 2020 #1
He can't keep his lies straight or who he he told them to. Typical for the kind of dementia he has Thekaspervote Sep 2020 #2
oddly enuff one almost always remembers truth nt msongs Sep 2020 #3
He's always lied all the time. He just has to do bigger ones now. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2020 #4
Don't read more into this than has always been there Warpy Sep 2020 #5
Spot on. What ever he thinks will would best in the moment. Phoenix61 Sep 2020 #10
you don't have to remember shit if no one holds you accountable Skittles Sep 2020 #6
He's the same as he's always been.. stillcool Sep 2020 #7
No. He's ALWAYS been a 100% bullshit artist who tells any lie that pops into his head RockRaven Sep 2020 #8
He wouldn't need dementia to forget all his lies lame54 Sep 2020 #9
I wouldn't describe it as a cover - Ms. Toad Sep 2020 #11
No different than ever. GulfCoast66 Sep 2020 #12


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5. Don't read more into this than has always been there
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 09:58 PM
Sep 2020

He is a malignant narcissist. He will say whatever he thinks will make himself feel better at any time. He might contradict himself 5 minutes later, but that's because things have changed enough to make him want to say something else to make himself feel better. He is a liar and when things aren't going his way, he lashes out randomly, not choosing his targets wisely or even appropriately.

This is what he is and I'd far rather see him than be him.

The ones I want to throttle are his enablers who say things like "Oh, that's just his style."

Uh, no, style has nothing to do with this. He is a twisted and deeply damaged man who has no business being where he is. Ever.


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10. Spot on. What ever he thinks will would best in the moment.
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 10:31 PM
Sep 2020

There is no plan. No thought. Just now. A two year old in a man suit.


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8. No. He's ALWAYS been a 100% bullshit artist who tells any lie that pops into his head
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 10:22 PM
Sep 2020

or strikes him as convenient at any time.

This stupid fucker would always lie about how many floor Trump Tower has, even though it is a matter of public record, and he'd use a different number all the time. Finally when some reporter confronted him with all the different quotes and asked him which one was the real number he replied with something like "however many it needs at the time." He is a literally unashamed congenital liar.

Trump has a non-existent relationship with epistemology. He could not describe to you how to know whether something is true or false if his life depended on doing it successfully.

Ms. Toad

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11. I wouldn't describe it as a cover -
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 10:51 PM
Sep 2020

but I do think he is creating lies and then remembering them as if they were true.

My spouse has the same issue (and she has a diagnosed memory/executive reasoning deficiency). I watched it happen in real life - she would make wonderful, entertaining stories up - that were always based on a kernel of the truth and then conteinued to repeat them for years (one I can identify specifically dates to 1989.) - Shortly after she makes them up they become true memories, and she truly believes she is recalling them correctly and everyone else has faulty memories. Pre-diagnosis I tried to convince her of what she was doing in order to convince her to get a thorough check-up in the event there was something that could be fixed or managed - resulting in quite a few shouting matches. The 1989 false memory is of an incident that happened to me in the Soviet Union. She was not present for what is now the punchline of the story - and when I tell the story the way it actually happens, she interrupts and corrects me to the false memory version. The story grows over time - what was a little quirky in the initial lie becomes more so with every telling - but the essence of the lie was created out of whole cloth and became some sort of real memory.

What I found most fascinating was that the battery of dementia tests illustrated exactly what I was watching: Part of the test is to look at a picture, then draw it from memory. She introduced errors into the first version of the test (the initial lie) - and accurately reproduce those errors in every subsequent version of drawing it from memory. She is completely unaware she is doing this (and will deny it with her dying breath) . . . so unless someone is likely to be harmed by the lie, I just live in her world.

I recognize this in many of Trump's lies. He obviously has tons of other crap going on - but as to the clear provable lies he repeats over and over - I have almost a visceral reaction because they are so familiar (and so painful)


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12. No different than ever.
Fri Sep 4, 2020, 11:09 PM
Sep 2020

The press has realized he is more profitable showing the real Trump than projecting him as a big change.

Plus, he has threatened them.

I’m no conspiracy guy. I don’t think it is intended. But he was great for ratings in 16 just letting him talk. His collapse is even better for ratings.

This dissing our KIA is ratings gold.

But trump as just as stupid as ever. I expect him soon to get so pissed he publicly admits KIA were suckers. He can’t help it.

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