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H2O Man

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Mon Aug 3, 2020, 12:10 AM Aug 2020

Charlottesville #9

"It is not possible to be ignorant of the end of things if we know their beginning."
-- Thomas Aquinas

"If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere."
-- Groucho Marx

The sun reflects off the surface of the water, and sweat begins to roll down my forehead. I close my eyes, listening to the sounds from around my pond. Then, I imagine the Lennon song "Tomorrow Never Knows" playing in my head: "Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream...." Life is good, at least until some strange insect invites itself to land on my cheek.

It was a grasshopper. Since an interaction with an insect earlier in the warm season, I prefer to not have them on me. Plus I've seen a gang of flying grasshoppers hanging out near my garden, helping themselves to my food. Darn them! I'm glad the kittens chase them. My mind goes to locus, and from there the plague from the demon that is fucking our nation, night and day, the anti-Christ, Donald Trump.

I close my eyes, but am no longer floating down stream, relaxing. I'm on a boat in my mind, hearing Lt. William Bligh's chattering, insane voice: "I am the master of The Bounty. And I am Commander by law! I am first. Do you understand? God damn your hide ...." How did he become president?

Suddenly I am on a smaller boat, heading up a strange river. The war that was my generation's Heart of Darkness. The reprise of Jim Morrison's "The End" for 2020. Colonel Walter Kurtz voice drips from Trump's puckered mouth: "The horror ....the horror."

Each of us recognizes the beginning of this national nightmare in the unique context of their life experience. Sarah Palin? George Wallace? The Civil War? Yet we all can agree that it only can turn out one of two ways: Trump steals the election, and America goes onto the compost heap of history's empires, or Joe Biden is elected, and a very tough struggle continues. For it will take a long, concentrated effort from people from the grassroots to DC to begin to repair the damage.

I'm inside now, listening to clips of Trump on the television. Every Democrat knows that his description of America if Biden is elected is merely him projecting the reality that is "Trump's America." I've lost track of how many times he's been documented as lying since becoming president. It's easier to think "zero" -- the number of times he has told the truth. Listen, if you can stand to, while he parrots some "talking points" provided to him, that attempt to divide the Democrats. Expect Trump to take fake positions, for example, on environmental issues.

Some of the tactics the Trump campaign will use -- shit, actually are already using -- come straight from the 1972 presidential election. The Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) was doing many of the same things, though the technology of today has increased the pace. But human tapeworms such as Roger Stone and Stephen Millerare as foul of characters as any associated with any administration. So is Jared. All three have studied the tactic that Patrick Buchanan added to 1972: Lie about the opponent, in order to push him to react by moving to the left.

Trump adds some of his own flavor. As a sociopath under pressure, he will go to any depth. It's federal forces and some para-military occupying cities today. Like the Nixon CREEP, they have focused on "removing" leaders of the grass roots from future demonstrations. If Trump steals the election, we can count on the Erik Princes and Mark Furhmans to be out in force, making today's assaults on peaceful protesters and the Constitution look mild.

He had troops assault protesters so that he could have pictures of him holding a bible in front of a church. That's not an unusual step beyond the fake patriotism his ilk display. Not at all. Where we are reaching (more) dangerous ground is when he starts promoting the combination of religion and superstitious conspiracies. Alien DNA shots to prevent people from being religious, for example. Do you think there is any chance that his cult will accept a vaccine that "the government" recommends?

We've got less than one hundred days. Be prepared for voting by mail. Encourage ohers, so that they don't wait for the clock to run out. Do your best to convince others to vote not only For Joe Biden, but the Democrats in House, Senate, and state elections.Some forum member may only be in a position to get one or two votes for us. Others may be able to get dozens, perhaps a hundred or more. Each person's effort is equal, as we are on a team.

Let's stomp the shit out of Trump and the republican party in November.

H2O Man
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(150,739 posts)
2. Your wisdom speaks the truth, my dear H20 Man...
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 12:20 AM
Aug 2020

It is a pleasure to read your prose. You make sense!

I have already decided to fill out my ballot at home and deposit it in a "ballot box." These will be available at the voting centers we now use in Los Angeles County. We used the one closest to our home to vote in the primary and I'm sure it will be in the same location this fall, although of course I will check, just to make sure. I do not want to run the risk of having it not getting delivered by the USPS this election.

We ARE a team, and this team will prevail.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
11. Definitely!
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 02:00 PM
Aug 2020

My cousin calls me daily with the countdown in days. This is clearly the most important presidential election of my lifetime ....and that is going far, far back.

I want Trump to be humiliated.

Martin Eden

(13,065 posts)
4. We can do both
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 01:08 AM
Aug 2020

We can find some quiet peaceful time to enjoy life, letting our minds float downstream.

And we can stomp the shit out of Trump then continue a very tough struggle.

We HAVE to do both, because we have to live.

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
12. Exactly!
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 02:01 PM
Aug 2020

In order to take care of business, we have to take care of ourselves. That's so important. And we must crush the Trump cult.


(3,745 posts)
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 08:45 AM
Aug 2020

This election I’m reading that we should have 70% of the vote completed before Election Day to stave off unrest and to stop Mussolini from declaring fraud.


(25,816 posts)
8. I like the transition from Lennon to the Bounty to the Heart of Darkness.
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 09:17 AM
Aug 2020

My mind works that way too, one thought connecting to another. Great writing.
On the side, I mentioned in another of your posts about the poor toads, underground for two
years, with no water in the pond, unable to mate. Well last night there was a good rain that fell in the
right places toward the mountains. I went out at 5 AM to soak in the cool air, and could hear them
croaking with lusty gusto! I walked up to the pond and watched the water roil and listened to them roar.
Walking back, toward the beginning of the sunrise, I felt a happiness that will last all day.
PS--Stomp the shit out of trump!

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
16. Very good!
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 02:10 PM
Aug 2020

I keep encountering toads, almost daily. And there are a lot of frogs out in (and around) my pond. I love them all.

We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, which will be nice. Much needed, too. My rain barrels for watering the garden are very low right now. If we don't get a good rain, we'll have to make trips down the mountain to fill some 5 gallon pails. That's easy enough -- it's lugging them back up that is a chore. Luckily me boys will do that part for me. I mistook myself for young & strong a few days back, and have experienced problems in just walking for the past 48 hours. When -- if ever -- will I learn? (smile)

H2O Man

(74,320 posts)
18. There are times
Mon Aug 3, 2020, 02:26 PM
Aug 2020

when the Trump cult reminds me of the savage boys in "Lord of the Flies." Thus, I propose that we borrow two of their chants as political statements, with tongue only slightly in cheek, for November:

Chapter 4: "Kill the pig! Bash her in!"

Chapter 9: "Kill the beast! Cut its throat! Spill its blood!!"

After all, Trump and his cult are surely the evil swine of religious and esoteric writings. Just my opinion.

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